Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Unique Necklaces!

These 4 unique necklaces include fabulous handcrafted Indonesian glass beads. Each one is only $12.99 with a pretty lead free pewter clasp.


  1. Congratulations!! You won my giveaway!! Check it out!

    Please tell your friends about it! I still have 2 more draws coming.

  2. great necklaces keep it up good work

  3. nice and bit different collection but these all are very custom made i would like to know few other location where i can see some different stuff, it should be Unique yet elegant, I Have already checked few sites like ,,, etc they do have nice designs but not the one which pleased me. I want something that grabs attention of every one.

    Please suggest me few location where i can find something like this

  4. Anonymous, I would recommend trying and You will find all different styles that are unique since everything is handcrafted on those sites. Good luck!


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