Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Natural Bug Repellent!

I received this fabulous "Pester Me Not" oil spray to repel bugs from Faerie Made on Artfire. It contains the following ingredients which bugs dislike: catnip, lemon eucalyptus, lemongrass, cedarwood, lavender & peppermint. This makes for a pleasant scent!

Check out Faerie Made for a variety of natural soaps, scrubs, lip balm, body butter, perfume, facial masques and more!

I love the faerie accent on the products!


  1. Thank you Val~

    I Love soaps too. A year back we made the switch to organic vegetable soaps, and haven't looked back since :D
    Chanced upon your website today and i must say am rather impressed with your organization!! :)

  2. I must have them all. Thank you so much for pointing them out to me !!! Happy weekend

  3. Thank you, lovely idea,
    I will visit the website.
    I love your blog, I always find a lot of beautiful, useful and lovely stuffs
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. hello!
    thanks for you visit! :)
    and I love this idea!
    big hugg

  5. I'm so happy you made this post, it's mosquito season where I live and i will not use those chemical sprays.


  6. Sounds great - have you tried it out? I live in mosquito-central and would love to know how effective it is. :)

  7. Hi Christianne,
    It does work for me. It's not too buggy where I am. The spray is certainly worth a try instead of all the chemicals in the store purchased bottle!
    Val :)

  8. I love the natural oils! I make my own flea repellent for my dogs with Ecu., lemon oil, and peppermint! Works great and smells good.


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