Monday, August 23, 2010


I'm excited!!! I just received this fatastic book that I won from women-preneurs galore blog! This autobiography chronicles Pam Grier's life, the good and the bad which has created the strong persona that she still is today! I'm looking forward to reading this!!!

Check out this great blog for product reviews and giveaways! The most current giveaway ends 9/5/10. Enter to win a bar of soap from Concord Soap at Etsy!


  1. Well lucky you Miss Val! I love reading just another thing I gotta make time for...

  2. Yes congratulations on your win, the magazine looks like a great read. And the blog links are much appreciated.

    I just posted today about a giveaway a friend and fellow blogger is having, for a pair of large pearl earrings. I love giveaways even if I hardly every win any. They're fun and they're free what could be better? :)

  3. Congrats :)
    it seems interesting!


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