Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post Valentine's Day Post!

I hope eveyone had a great Valentine's Day!

I made these pretty little necklaces and mailed them to my nieces who are 4 and 8 years old. They each got their own package with a card and a box of candy conversation hearts!

My nephew, who is 6, got this adorable boyish necklace! It is not that easy to come up with a boy's necklace! I've made him heishi shell necklaces before but wanted to come up with something different. I'm sure the kids loved opening their own packages that came in the mail!

My man, Jim, gave me a beautiful mixed bouquet. He always picks out such pretty combinations.

These yellow flowers are my favorite in this bunch!

We had fun in our pottery class. I accidently created a plate! The instructor told me those are difficult to make so I found that funny! Jim accidently created a candle holder that is shaped like a dish with a cup-like holder in the center. We were both aiming to create fruit bowls!!! I will be sure to post pictures once we have completed our pieces. Next week we will begin to learn glazing!

New in my shop are 10mm gemstone earring studs. I have been making 8mm studs for a couple of years but occasionally receive requests for larger ones. 10mm was doable. The size is bold and beautiful! The aventurine and turquoise already sold so I need to make new pairs already!


  1. LOVE the new earrings. AND, I LOVE LOVE the earrings I bought from you. :) I wear them all the time. Is it ok if I blog about them and your shop?


  2. Happy Mail is the best!! I am sure your nieces and nephew loved their surprises!! I loved that boys necklace! Do you sell that in either of your stores Miss Val? Or do you make custom orders??

  3. Those are some great gifts you gave your family. Super cute earrings too! Looking forward to seeing your pottery pieces when you're done.

  4. I don't think I could ever persuade my nephews to wear a necklace! Nieces adore hearts of any shape, size, colour or material so they're easy to please! I'm sure your nieces were delighted.

  5. Thank you ladies!

    Hi Claudia. I don't usually have children's jewelry in my shop but make items upon request.

    My nephew is cute. He's all boy but still loves jewelry!

  6. Great Miss Val! I will have you in mind for my son's B-day in Sept and my nephews in August. Really really loved that boys necklace!

    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Thank you Claudia! Enjoy your weekend! ~Val

  8. I'm sure your nieces and nephew loved the necklaces!! And those earrings are soooooo pretty! No wonder your already sold the turquoise one, they are my fave ♥

  9. I love the necklaces for your nieces and nephew. They are so cute, and I am sure they loved opening their packages.

    Your new studs are really pretty.

    Have a great weekend,

  10. What a lovely and thoughtful idea! I'm in love with that boy's necklace. Even though it is intended to be masculine, it's still so beautiful, I would definitely wear something like that. Lovely work, as always, and thanks for commenting! Your dad sounds like he was a very inspiring person. :) What sorts of things did he make or like to work with?

    Pottery = so much fun! Good luck with the glazing. You're going to love it!!

  11. those lovely earrings would also suit the Alice in Wonderland theme that's big right now...

  12. Those look like such fun gifts! I'm sure they loved them :) Your ceramics class sounds fun - makes me want to try, too!

  13. Super cute earings!!I lobve them!!!



  14. Those little heart necklaces are adorable! And the flowers...makes me really want to get out and garden. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Hi Jamberry Song,
    My dad does a lot with artificial flowers creating swags, wreaths and more. He manages to find such life like flowers!


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