Saturday, August 6, 2011

Birthday Fun and More!

My niece's 5 year princess themed birthday party is coming up! I made these sweet bracelets which will go in the guests' goody bags! One is inspired by Cinderella and the other by Rapunzel! So cute!

My Rose of Sharon is starting to bloom! She was small plant when I got her a few years ago and she is doing great!

I tend to be more intersted in the bulbs just before they open rather than the flower. How neat are these?

Variegated leaves are so beautiful to me which is what attracted me to this particular one. My pink winky is doing well and it about my height (5'2)!

These blooms start off white and turn pink.

Going into the fall, the flower develop a really pretty burgundy tone. Love the budding on this plant too!!!

Here are some of my new postings this week.

These are new crackle glass beads I used for the eyeglass chains. They are really cool looking and have a bit of shimmer!

Thank you for reading! ~Val


  1. A varigated leaf Rose of Sharon oh my, as if they weren't already beautiful enough. I love varigated leaves. So many pretty pictures Val!!

  2. All the little girls at your niece's birthday party are going to be thrilled with their bracelets. I love Rose of Sharron they are so pretty and your other plants are pretty too. Those are neat crackled glass beads you are using for your eye glass holders. I have one lady that is all she orders from me is eye glass holders, I have made them in every color in her wardrobe.

  3. Ei Val! I'm sure Sophia will be very happy! Have a happy birthday party!

  4. Your garden must be beautiful. Your flowers are lovely.

    Love the cute little bracelets for your niece's birthday party.

    Everyday Inspired

  5. Those crackle beads are really cool! And, you have such lovely flowers. Such a joy. :-)

  6. Those bracelets are very cute and perfect for a birthday party! I wish I had your garden. Have a nice week!

    *I love your niece's name *wink*

  7. Lovely bracelets Val, your neice will love them.

    Your garden is looking great. Rose of Sharon is in full bloom all around my neighborhood, I so enjoy them when I see them on my daily walks.


  8. Your jewelry and your flowers are beautiful!!

  9. Adorable bracelets! Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing!

  10. The flowers and jewelry are both so pretty!
    How sweet of you to make bracelets for the girls at your niece's party :)

  11. I LOVE the Rapunzel and Cinderella Bracelets. They may have been made for little girls, but I would wear them they are lovely <3

  12. I LOVE the Rapunzel and Cinderella Bracelets. They may have been made for little girls, but I would wear them they are lovely <3

  13. love love love the Rapunzel bracelet, my daughter will be all over that!

  14. It is always such a pleasure to see your wonderful work Val! I absolutely love those party favors!

  15. Hi! Cute bracelets for girls, and so nice tags! Happy creating! (Your pretty face make me happy!!)
    Wish you a nice weekend/ Eva

  16. Lovely jewellery for the girls. My nieces always look forward to my birthday presents!!
    Gorgeous flowers too. Mine are looking a little sad after heavy rain but I'm sure they'll perk up again.

  17. Darling bracelets! And beautiful plants, Val! My Rose of Sharon were attacked by rabbits this spring. They survived but my was it heartbreaking. Got any ideas for losing the pesky critters?

  18. Oh wow, what a fabulous idea those adorable bracelets are!!! She'll be thrilled!! and your flowers and jewelry are so beautiful, my friend.


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