Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Great Relaxing Weekend!

Halloween is almost here again! So I have posted a few Halloween inspired lanyards in honor of the fun holiday! Available here.

My parents came over last night for dinner. Jim made his perfect eggplant parmesan and I made stuffed mushrooms but I forgot to get out the camera since we were having too much fun cooking!

I made an Italian herb bread and Jim marinated spices in olive oil for dipping. Mmmmm!

Jim brought over organic heirloom tomatoes which he grew. Wow, do these taste better than the genetically modified ones in the grocery store! For lunch today I cut up 3 of them and added them to the leftover pasta and dipping oil. More mmmmmm!

My hydrangeas are looking pretty with their fall color flowers!

I started composting food waste in the spring.

Each week I take what has accumulated in a bowl in the fridge and bury it in a pile in the woods. This includes coffee grounds, vegetable peels and egg shells!

It gets covered by my grass clippings as well. I do not turn it or do any work with it but am hoping that next spring I will have some nice, nutrient rich soil to work with!

My parents brought over 2 bunches of this plant that has expanded too much in their garden. The flowers have already passed but they are a real pretty pink and grow tall and strong although you can not tell from my planting job! I am confident they will look gorgeous next year!

Have a great first week of October! ~Val


  1. My mom does her own compost too...I still have a lot to learn from that woman! are lucky your man can cook :)

  2. Oh that bread and pasta and tomatoes looks so yummy. Kudos to you for composting. Hope you get some super fantastic soil.

  3. Those lanyards are cute! ...and now I am hungry!

  4. Your hydrangeas are lovely. I've never had luck with them.

  5. Ah adorable landyards I've been working on some skull bracelets also :)

  6. Your lanyards look great, and what fun for Halloween. Your meal looks wonderful, and very tasty.
    Everyday Inspired

  7. OMG you always make me so hungry with your posts!! So envy your tomatoes, mine didn't grow this year

  8. Hi honey! I really like your things are PRECIOUS,. WRISTBANDS Halloween ... PURE LOVE. I'm staying MUACKK!!!

  9. Love the lanyards, and the dinner sounds delicious! :)

  10. I love your weekend! And your foot too. Hughs Val!

  11. I love what you have been up to! cooking, fresh ingredients, enriching the earth... what's not to love? Its so good for you soul.

  12. Oh my goodness Val, that sounds like an absolutely wonderful dinner!!

    I love your Halloween lanyards!

  13. Hi Val, thanks for visiting my blog!

  14. Hi Val, I love your new halloween jewelry, just lovely. Your yard is looking great. Are those Autumn Joy's that your parents brought over, I couldn't tell from the photo. I used to have them in my yard and love them. Enjoy your beautiful fall weather.



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