Saturday, January 21, 2012

This Week's Blog Post!

The Golden Globes
I forgot the Golden Globes were going to be on last Sunday until I saw something on the internet. I did not want to miss Ricky Gervais after his roasting last year! Ever since watching the BBC Office I have been quite a fan. I love his attitude of not caring what others think of what he says which makes him a perfect host for the show. Unfortunately this year he was given too many rules to follow so he was nowhere near as harsh as last year. I cannot wait to see the episode of this new show with sexy man Johnny Depp!!!!

Anyway, how about those gowns?!?! I just wanted to share some of my favorites (I will refrain from pointing out those which I thought were hideous)!

My favorite was Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace. This gown is perfection. She made a statement with the red clutch and lipstick. Luckily she went with a neutral shoe. A red shoe would have taken away from this Versace number.

My second favorite was Claire Danes although this photo does not do the gown justice! I have loved her since My So Called Life. This dress was gorgeous with its amazing lines and the open back to the gown was so sexy!

This gown did not rate high on the fashion experts lists. However I was enthralled with it. Missi Pyle is wearing Junko Yoshioka. I am not too sure what is striking my fancy here….is it the color or the magnificent fabric over the skirt? I don’t know but I love it! It is also a great gown to pig out in since the stomach is hidden.

Madonna! Love her or hate her (I happen to love her), this Reem Acra gown is perfect for her! Both the top and the bottom are fabulous and together make for a flawless look!!!! The cross is just the right neck piece. She has that similar Ricky Gervais attitude of not caring what others think. I always admired that about her.

Lea Michele is my favorite Glee cast member so I will miss her dearly when her character graduates. This gown is extraordinary! Love the simple ring with color. The poor girl looks terribly uncomfortable and I have no idea how she walked in this slinky dress but I love her risk taking.

I usually do not get too excited about a solid black or white gowns but this Zac Posen dress on Elle MacPherson is ridiculously beautiful!

Metal Stamping

New toys are always fun! I have been wanting to try my hand at metal stamping for some time now. It opens up so many options for jewelry customization.

This kit I received comes with the alphabet and numbers as well as the “and” symbol! It also included the hammer, block and metal cutters. Now I just need to carve out some time to give this a try!!!! I did watch a tutorial on already so I feel somewhat comfortable about this craft.

40th Birthday Card
I received this card from

This website is hysterical to browse with incredibly sarcastic cards that I could never imagine giving to someone since they are that harsh! This card is for a surprise 40th birthday party this weekend. It lists many things that happen to us as we get old. The inside reads “Congratulations, you’re one step closer. And Happy Birthday.”

They also have great naughty adult cards for Valentine’s Day and more! In the package they included this magnet and generic packing slip that made me laugh. This magnet reads “Things that prove you aren’t stupid: You know the difference between there, their and they’re. You never substitute “UR” for “you are”. You don’t do crack. You know the square root of 81. You read books. You don’t watch Jersey Shore. You shop at” Apparently I am stupid but am not going to elaborate on this!!!! LOL. Their generic packing slip cracked me up!


Leaving you now with this funny image of a lizard saving his buddy from a fall! This photo was taken by Alexey Tymoshenko for Cater News.

Have a great week!!! ~Val


  1. Love this post - from the lizards (too cute!) to the gowns - those were some of my fave's too - to the stamping tools!! Those cards - holy cow those are hilarious!!

  2. I always like the golden globes because the actors seem like they are having so much fun. And agree with your dress choices ... some of the best. I also liked Homeland’s Morena Baccarin long black dress. Not many could pull that off.

  3. This is a good post!

    *I have a stamping tool set and planning to stamp something I am thinking spoons or forks!

    *I can relate to that hilarious 40th birthday card not everything though!! just some things lol!

    *that picture of the lizard saving his buddy is precious!

    Hope your weekend is going great!

  4. You made me laugh with this post! So guess those cards were not so bad idea at the end ; I think I could handle receiving it.
    I don't understand too much about jewelry making or stamping, but new tools sounds exciting!
    Oh, and those two buddies, reaching the helping hand out, so cute! :))

  5. Great post! I adore your number one gown and now thinking about buying the same tools... Cant wait to see your metal-stamping projects :)

  6. The dresses this year were so stunning! There were far more hits than misses!
    That card is great and the whole shop cracks me up!
    And what a great photo :)

  7. I love watching award shows just to see the fashion. It's one of the best parts :)

    Oh the jewellery stamping kit looks fantastic. I've always wanted to try it. Thought it would be a great skill.

  8. Ha! We were both thinking Golden because of the Hawaii born writer that took the award for best drama...with George Clooney...ahhh, but yes, the gowns!
    Those cards are a hoot..things you'd like to say, but don't dare...LOL!

  9. Oh the lizards, what a great pose and what a great photo. I am envious of your new toy, it looks like lots of fun, looking forward to seeing some of your finished work.

  10. Love all those fabulous gowns, GG and Oscars are always a huge source of inspiration to me!

    Happy Monday!

    xx Ivana

    This is the last week to enter my "Perfect nail polish" event on Facebook! Check it out here

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  11. Thanks for sharing the glimpses of the beautiful gowns! Hard to pick a fav among those gems.
    Good luck w/ the stamping :)

  12. Happy Birthday Val, and what a great card.
    Madonna's gown was most definitely my favorite from the Golden Globes. I think it is just stunning, and she looked so beautiful in it.

  13. I never watch award shows, so it was nice to see some of the gowns that were worn at the golden globes. I hope you have a good time with your metal stamps. I think stamping is a lot of fun and people love personalized items. The lizard photo is perfect!
    Everyday Inspired

  14. Beautiful looks!!!
    And I like the funny image of lizard!!
    Have a nice day!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  15. I love the Junko Yoshioka dress too. I think they get too picky sometimes about who they rate as bad. You know bad when it is coming. It hurts the eyes and bubbles the guts, LOL!

  16. Wow, wonderful photos from the Ladies. Your shot from the lizard is amazing.
    Kind regards, Synnöve

  17. Great post, Interesting and funny. I like to watch the awards shows for the fashion too. Love your gown picks. Those cards sure did put a smile on my face. And the lizard is too cute. Can't wait to see what you make with your new stamping tool.

  18. Well, I am pleased to say that according to that packet I am NOT stupid. Phew, what a relief. ;) I love Angelina, Madonna looks amazing and while Lea's dress is pretty cool, it does look impossible to move around in. And no hiding the belly on that one either... bet her dinner was a light one! ;)

  19. I must leave a note :)
    That lizard photo is so amazing ,I will steal it from you if you don't mind.

  20. Hi Val,

    awww...the lizards are sweet!

    I watched a little of the GG on television and my favorite is Angelina Jolie's dress. You are right about the shoes - thank goodness they are neutral :)

    take care,


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