Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Great Book on Natural Remedies!!!

So I wanted to give my boyfriend a cool book on herbs since he is into healthy eating and is curious about the health benefits of various foods and spices. In my search I came across this book:

It was on the Barnes and Noble website with no buyer reviews. I am all about reading reviews before buying many things! This book is titled The Illustrated Guide to Herbal Home Remedies by Jessica Houdret.

It sounded perfect so I took a chance! The book is wonderful! It contains over 750 colorful photos making it a more enjoyable read!

It explains how to grow the herbs. There is an index of 235 herbs...many I have never heard of. Since it was published in England there may be herbs that we do not have here in the states. The book talks about each herbs history, its uses, benefits and more!

The books has write ups on ailments that many of us experience and how to naturally deal with them. This includes everything from indigestion, the common cold, headaches, poor circulation, etc.

I am not at all affiliated with Barnes and Noble or the publisher, but just wanted to share this discovery with others who may be interested in such a book. My man loved it! I have since written a brief positive review on their website for future shoppers!


  1. What a wonderful gift for a man Miss Val! for a man that would read it anyways because my husband wouldn't...

    about a year ago I bought the Herb Bible by Earl Mindell which is a guide to herbal remedies but I like your because there's pictures in it!! I should read it and refer to it more often because herbal remedies do work!

  2. Hi Claudia,
    I noticed in my search a lot of the herbal books don't have pictures which is why I ended up buying this one!

  3. I hope it is a very nice and useful book!



  4. Love that book !
    Speaking of growing herbs, we recently bought some Basil and Oregano.Perfect weather for it right now.
    Wish I could send you a some sun and warmth from here. :)

  5. That book sounds great - I really need the pictures. I tried adding herbs to my garden this year and failed everything except the basil... besides the fact I was planting items that I did not know what I would do with the end product anyway :) Vicky

  6. That is a great book, I have something very much like it an really enjoy reading it.

  7. Hi the book looks great and you really do need photos don't you. There was a brilliant series on BBC 2 last year - here is the link. If you see his book buy it !


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