Sunday, June 16, 2019

Lake Murray Dam Walk

Lake Murray is a 50,000 acre lake with shoreline in our town.
It shoreline is approximately 500 miles.
There are places to hangout and picnic.
You can also bring your boat, kayak and more to set out onto the lake.
The lake is fed by the Saluda River. It began providing hydroelectric power to the area back in 1920. Its dam (Dreher Shoals Dam) was completed in 1930 and at the time was the largest man made reservoir in the world.
What is great here is that a dam walk was built for residents to enjoy. There are always people walking or jogging across the bridge.

The length is 1.7 miles (3.4 miles round trip).

We only walked this once during the winter. Not our cup of tea. Why? It is very loud as you are walking along with the traffic on the bridge. We also did not care for breathing in auto fumes or that there is no shelter from the sun.

However others enjoy it. It is smooth, safe and has a great view of the lake. On a beautiful day you can gaze out at sailboats, water skiers, fishing boats and more.
The city of Columbia is visible on the traffic side as it is 11 miles away.

It is not Paris, but there is a love lock fence. It is typically very windy here from our experience as you can see from my wild hair.  Our little vintage heart lock was an ebay find.
We have one of the smallest locks and below is the largest here.
I wanted one of these rusty vintage hearts in the center below but they are expensive to score online.
I am not sure why this symbol of South Carolina is in the shape of Texas. There must be a story behind this one.
This one below appears to be a tribute to a loved one.
Someone found a gorgeous owl padlock to hang.
If you go
1832 North Lake Drive (Highway 6)
Lexington, SC 29072 

Parking is free for walkers on the Lexington side in the small lot by the love lock fence. 

There is a park next to this lot with a $3 per car fee for locals. Here you can enjoy the beach, swim and picnic.

The other end of the bridge (Irmo side) has boat launches and fishing docks. Parking is $3 on this side as well. 

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The South Carolina Festival of Flowers - Part 2

More topiary trees!

Here is Harley the Labrador.
Milkshake the cow.

The mermaid, Lindsay, is one of my favorites. She stands quite tall and impressive.
King Kong is here too.
The lion (Ari) is handsome with the baby (Jibari) off to the side.
Gertie and Gidget.
A family of panda bears.
Barbie-Q the pig.
Ali the alligator is a bit camouflaged.
The frog, Pink Princess, is a fountain.
Baron, the Stately Horse.

The dolphins below are a little camouflaged with the foliage.
A centennial celebration cake.

Of course a display like this would not be complete without a "smile" creation for photo ops.
Being an annual event, I am sure we will come back next year. 

The uptown of Greenwood is was beautifully planned out, filled with businesses, shops and eateries. A great town to visit.

Each piece is sponsored. The topiaries and flowers are maintained by the City of Greenwood, Public Works Department and Horticulture Department.

If you go:
Uptown Greenwood South Carolina
Open daily, free of charge throughout the month of June. 

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

The South Carolina Festival of Flowers - Part 1

The South Carolina Festival of Flowers takes place annually for the entire month of June in Greenwood.

Milak is the mother elephant.
Her baby is Horton.

We were very impressed with the topiary display which is currently throughout Greenwood's uptown area.

Here is Dino Dude the T-Rex.

The side of him was quite impressive with a wide variety of plants.
The festival includes a whimsical display of topiary trees dotting the town.

Sweet Caroline the butterfly.
This college town is home to Lander University. Below is their mascot, a bearcat. I guess that is a cross between a bear and a cat?!
The Gamecock is the mascot of the University of South Carolina.

My favorite is the Jeep.
 Wouldn't it be fun to hop into this vehicle?

Here is Emmett the Citadel Bulldog.
A duck and turtle habitat.

Flora the flamingo.

The monkey faces are priceless!
Stanley the Stork.
Kasasa the tiger.

Bubbles the seahorse.

The printable map provides the names as well as further information on what each topiary is composed of.

Each piece is sponsored. The topiaries and flowers are maintained by the City of Greenwood, Public Works Department and Horticulture Department.

If you go:
Uptown Greenwood South Carolina
Open daily, free of charge throughout the month of June.

More to follow in my next post.

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Around The Yard

Around the yard update.

We have 2 evergreen dogwoods called the Empress of China. These young trees are flowering. A very good sign that they are happy.
Gorgeous Asiatic Lilies came and went. These darlings leave behind a lush green plant that stands tall.
Our mature, fragrant gardenia has been covered in blooms.
Our newly planted Kleim's Hardy Gardenia is flowering for us too. These smaller flowers are really sweet and quite different from our other shrub.
Of course I have to show a lizard strutting his stuff. 

This pretty plant, jewel of the desert, started from a tiny cutting a couple of months ago. It needs to be planted soon to continue thriving.
Our young fig trees are doing really well. These grow like crazy down here so we wanted to keep them in a pot for control. However they started to dislike the constriction so in the ground they have gone. 
We have been harvesting bell peppers.
Perfect for homemade pizza along with our deck basil.
We have also been harvesting potatoes. 

This was not a plan but we had some potatoes that were budding. Jim cut off the buds, put in water and they began to sprout very quickly. 

The larger potatoes grew in a pot. The ground produced tiny ones so we will continue with the container method.
These were the best roasted potatoes we have ever tasted! I suppose this is all in our head just because we grew them.
Our carnivores plant collection gets a lot of visitors due to the sitting water. Below is a camouflaged tree frog (top left corner of pot). This Venus Fly Trap was a clearance score for $1. It was once sad but since they are native to the Carolinas, the plant is now quite content.
Our lantana is doing really well.
Some flowers I enjoy in all phases, including past, like these daisies.  It is neat how the yellow center dissipates.
Our ornamental peach tree transitioned from purple to green.
The sturdy banana tree stalk.
That is it for now. It is looking like we will have lots of tomatoes this year. Fingers crossed! 

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