Saturday, August 1, 2015

Up to Lately

An Anklet
This custom order was for an earthy brown gemstone anklet. I used tigerskin jasper and chrysanthemum stone finished off with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.
A Gemstone Lanyard
This request was for a multi gemstone lanyard in a long 40 inch length to accommodate height. A breakaway magnetic clasp was added at the bottom by the link by request. 
In certain work environments, a breakaway clasp is important since the lanyard can get caught on something. This way is comes off easily without injury.

So I have worked with resin for the first time in my life! I had some of my photos printed up in wallet sizes to make them easier to work with.

Each was cut and sealed with packing tape.
So far I have only done 5 as an experiment to get comfortable. You can't see by the photo but some are not filled with enough resin....lesson learned! The resin is very shiny which makes the finish beautiful in person. 

I was concerned there would be an issue with air bubbles. Many use a heat torch to remove bubbles but I read somewhere that simply blowing lightly on the resin will do the trick. It did! I imagine on larger pieces a torch would be needed.
I'm not happy with the composition on this one. I was going for shabby chic.
I will be trying again with a different part of the photo. The subject is a patio umbrella base with a little rustiness. 

The project is on the back burner until I have more time to work on them when it is not super hot and humid outside! 

Thank you for stopping by! Have a creative, fun week ahead! ~Val

Saturday, July 25, 2015

DeCordova Museum Sculpture Park - Part 2

The DeCordova Museum has wonderful architecture. The 3 leaf pieces you see in the foreground are The Endangered Species of New England by Alan Sonfist created in 2011.
The view are stunning from its 6th floor terrace. I wish I got a better photo of the whimsical white column with the rabbit ears to the right. It is titled Children of the Corn by Terence Koh created in 2011. This artist is very inspired by the writings of Stephen King.
Flints pond is next door.
The roof is full of charm.
These hearts in the distance were created in 1985 by Jim Dine title Two Big Black Hearts
Up close they are massive and you will find all sorts of objects cast into its bronze.
Below is Vision created by Blane de St. Croix in 2003. It is a bleached and stained Australian pine tree covered in glass eyes for as far up as you can see! 
A few more sculptures I enjoyed.
Eve Celebrant by Marianna Pineda created 1991
This one was in a beautiful wooded area.
Maiden's Dream by Isaac Witkin created 1996
This rock garden includes a tranquil water feature!
Rain Gates by Ron Rudnicki created 2000
I hope you have enjoyed this tour of the DeCordova Museum sculpture park. I have only showed about half the pieces. I didn't have time to tour the inside of the museum but I'm sure that would be a treat too!

Thank you for stopping by! ~Val

Saturday, July 18, 2015

DeCordova Museum Sculpture Park - Part 1

The DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum is located in Lincoln, MA. This place is family friendly and perfect for exposing children to art.
My favorite part is the garden with sculptures throughout.
Eternal Presence by John Wilson created 1987
This head sculpture was one of my favorites! There it is off in the distance.
I did think Mad Hatter when I saw this one.
A Mile From Any Neighbor From Walden by Christopher Frost created 1999
This one looks like she is hiding in the grass.
Figure From the Sea by Elliot Offner created 1964
Feral Goose by  Kitty Wales created 2005
This sculpture stands tall and proud!
Venusvine by Richard Rosenblum created 1990

Time at the Museum by Robert Schelling created 2002
I'll be back with part 2 next week! This gem of a museum is 1 town away from where Walden Pond and the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery are located.

Thank you for stopping by! ~Val

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sitting Outside

We have had some beautiful days to enjoy sitting outside watching the birds and other wildlife.

This little girl is always hopping around! She has babies but I have only seen 1 so far.
We watched a hornet gather wood from the fence for its nest.
We saw babies being fed.
The most colorful birds we see are the bluejays and cardinals.
A young bluejay.
Once I get that camera lens attachment, these photos should be crystal clear!
This grackle cracked me up thinking he's hiding.
Mmmm! popcorn!
This guy looks a little angry.
While outside we love our watermelon and red wine. They go quite well together!
I hope you enjoyed our aviary friends! We have been treating them to popcorn, bread and tortilla chips. Thank you for stopping by! ~Val

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Parker River Wildlife Refuge

The Parker River Wildlife Refuge is located on Plum Island, Massachusetts by the Atlantic Ocean. Jim and I were here a few of years ago during the summer when all the trees and plants were lush. This year however, we went in the Spring before everything was grown in. It was still a treat!
It has a delightful boardwalk stroll through the woods. 
Being a refuge, this place is quite popular with the bird watchers. The day we went was windy and cold so although we heard the birds, we only saw a handful!
This time we checked out a marsh walk. This was entertaining since it felt like a lot of the boards were in need of replacing! We remained in the center which seemed like the safer thing to do.
We located a sunbather in the marshes.
We walked out to the sand dunes along the ocean.
There is the Atlantic off in the distance.
The dunes have amazing scenery along its boardwalk.

We saw these silly guys walking along the road on the way back.
Typically wild turkeys in our area get into the middle of traffic intersections and even on the freeway! So I found it funny that these guys were walking in an orderly fashion outside the traffic line.

I hope you enjoyed this peak of nature along the Atlantic. It is a place to visit for sure! Thank you for stopping by. ~Val

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Appleton Farms

Appleton Farms is close to 1000 acres of New England at its finest. Located in Ipswich and Hamilton, MA it is perfect place for happy cattle. 
The land was stunning! The farm was started back in 1636 by Samuel Appleton and it probably looks almost the same as it did back then. There are some old crumbled foundations on the property that must be centuries old. 
The land was deeded to the Trustees of Reservations in 1998 by the Appleton family and can now be enjoyed by everyone. It has been kept a working farm and even has a store for its beef, cheese and yogurt.
There were plenty of happy cows.
I don't think this guy was happy to see us!
The wildflowers were beautiful.

Birds. I hand the camera over to Jim when there are birds since I usually can't make them out in the trees!
Eventually I will invest in the camera lens attachment for better bird watching photos.
Do you see some serious camouflage in the center of the photo?
Then a red winged blackbird decided to kick the crane out of its territory!
This walk was absolutely beautiful.We only explored a small part of it. This is another one of those places that would be an amazing autumn walk!

I hope you enjoyed this nature trip with us. Thank you for stopping by! ~Val