Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Churchyard of Trinity Cathedral

Trinity Cathedral is adjacent to the state house in Columbia, SC. 
Incorporated in 1813 there is much history in its churchyard.
Here rests notables of the city. 
Many buried in the 1800s.
As creepy as it is, I have always enjoyed old, ornate cemeteries.
Particularly the fancy headstones.
I personally do not want to end up in the ground, but if I did I would want a beautiful spot with an elegant headstone.
The church is stunning too.
 This annex building is equally gorgeous.
If you go, the cathedral is located at 110 Sumter Street.

I hope you enjoyed this stroll.

Thank you for stopping by! ~Val

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Mimi Kato: Ordinary Sagas Exhibit

Mimi Kato's Ordinary Sagas is currently on exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art in South Carolina.

Her photomontage work depicts ordinary life scenes in a fantastic, humorous way. One of the unique aspects of this work is that all the ladies are Kato herself dressed in various costumes, photographed, then inserted into the work.

I cropped some of the piece here so it is easier to see the details.
Wild Corporation: Executive Lounge

Wild Corporation: Daily Operation
If you have had any sort of job with co-workers, bosses, etc. you will probably relate to some of the scenes in the Wild Corporation series.
Wild Corporation: Risk Management
Wild Corporation: First Orientation
Wild Corporation: Strategies for Conflict Resolution
Landscape Retreat: High Noon
Landscape Retreat: Breezy Afternoon

My favorite is a multi panel piece titled One Ordinary Day of an Ordinary Town. 
It is a take on the 17th century multi panel painting "Scenes in and Around the Capital", of Kyoto as well as its suburbs.
Kato's amusing work does not stop there. How about fashion composed of office supplies?
Why not, right?
Such a whimsical exhibit this is. Life can be so serious and I really love Kato's take on the challenging aspects of it. If we can laugh at it, it becomes a little bit easier!

I hope you had some laughs with this one.

If you go, this exhibit is running through September 8, 2019.

Museum is open daily 10am - 5pm (closed Mondays). I recommend going during the Soda City Market on Saturdays when museum admission is only $5.

1515 Main Street
Columbia, SC


Thank you for stopping by! ~Val

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A Little Zoo Fun

Here is a special visit to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC.
We witnessed these little ladies hanging out together! 
They just want to touch and taste everything.
Of course one of the moms is nearby to check on their safety.
These are the internet stars in the viral video of gorillas not wanting to get wet in the rain. 

I love the thinker pose in the background below. Dad simply chills out all day in the shade entertaining the humans with his funny poses.
We also witnessed a seal and sea lion feeding for the first time.
This little guy did some tricks.
For some reason onlookers are not standing on this side of the habitat so Jim and I experienced front row viewing.
This zoo has a wonderful aquarium too. Photos come out terrible due to reflections and dim lighting. These eel things poking out of the sand were photogenic though!
My favorite aspect of the aquarium is the living coral. It is stunning with its endless colors and shapes!
We also saw one of the gibbons walking the tight rope with great dexterity.
I hope these photos made you smile today!

On the business front, here is a custom order I just filled for a teacher. She requested 5 ID lanyards in the school colors to surprise her co-workers with.

After viewing the school website the combination of leopardskin jasper, silver leaf jasper, white howlite and black obisidian captures the theme perfectly!
Thank you for stopping by! ~Val

Saturday, July 13, 2019

University of South Carolina Campus

Jim and I headed to the University of South Carolina to check out the McKissick Museum on campus. 
However it was closed being the week of the 4th. Oops. All was not lost though. We discovered a wonderful place for a summer morning stroll full of shade!
The campus features beautiful trees including live oaks.
Lovely pathways guide the students from one building to the next.
This huge area, called the Horseshoe, surely is a place to hang out under nature's canopy. Dormitories and classrooms border this campus section.
Beautiful 19th century buildings dot the campus along with some younger structures.
The school was established in 1801 (originally South Carolina College). 
I love how the trees are showcased by the buildings.
This is Cocky, the football team mascot.
There are gorgeous nooks throughout.
Plenty of places to relax from the stresses of college.

This pool is a soothing place to read a book while tuning into the sounds of the fountains.
The Torch Bearer, by sculptress Anna Hyatt Huntington, was installed outside the gymnasium in 1965.
Perhaps the most important building on campus. This modern one below that houses Starbucks and Barnes and Noble. Definitely where I would have spent a lot of time in college!

I hope you enjoyed our campus stroll. We will be back here again soon when the museum is actually open!

Thank you for stopping by! ~Val