Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Wonderland!!!

So I woke up to tons of snow least a foot. It is supposed to snow all day. We had a smaller blizzard in December but this one is a a crazy one!

Here's my backyard. Right now, looking out the window, is what would be categorized at whiteout conditions! The wind is blowing wildy and the snow is falling heavily!!!

This makes me nervous. The sticky snow like this is what causes the power lines to go down. No electricity means no heat!!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

This is my buddy Emmett. He is completely and utterly fascinated with the kitchen sink. Why? I have no clue!!!

Here he is looking back at the sink in fear that he has missed out on something exciting.

I'm looking forward to some super fun shoveling today!!!! Hear my sarcasm? Wish me luck!


  1. Stay safe Miss Val! We don't get snow here in Hemet, CA only the top of some Mountains very close to us! I've gone snowboarding before and I do enjoy it, but snow once a year is good enough for me!

  2. WOW!! We got 3-4 inches over night but as predicted it's melting very quickly. Wad kind of hoping to be able to stay home from work, my mind was whirling with possible fun stuff I could do. But...looks like I'm going! Be safe and warm!

  3. Wow never saw snow in my life, I find it fascinating, but i sure understand the complications of it. Stay safe and I hope the power will stay!!

  4. Your snow looks lovely!! The snow that hit us so badly before Christmas has least from the coast where we live. It has left behind horrible dull and wet weather with lots of mud!! Photographing snow is so much nicer than photographing mud and muck!!! Stay warm!!

  5. Hi Val,
    That snow does look beautiful though... Shoveling must be a pain.
    The cat is adorable. I hope the power doesn't cut out!!

  6. Being trapped in because of snow isn't that bad when you have electricity, water, heat, food, etc. Then you can craft without too much guilt. lol

    We didn't get that much, but the ice came after the snow, mixed in with the snow and it's just starting to melt some today. We've been in for 3 days. My car has icicles hanging from it and the top half is still covered.

    Be safe!

  7. Ah, yes...that snow looks quite familiar! LOL!

  8. Thanks guys! There must have been 18" out there when I started shovelling. Talk about back pain today!!! I'm happy it's over....until the next one...


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