Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthday Fun!

My niece celebrated her 9th birthday party this weekend! There was a basketball theme which meant the Boston Celtics!

My sister in law asked me if I could make bracelets for all the girls attending. How cute are these? Yes the Celtics colors are green and white but they have incorporated black in some of the merchandise. Black is cooler than white at this age anyway!

The birthday girl got bonus pieces! She also received a matching necklace, earrings and bookmark!

The prior weekend I celebrated mine! It was a great weekend spending it with friends on Saturday night and family on Sunday. Jim gave me the most beautiful bouquet yet!

He also got me a 3 sexy little dresses which I joke are more for him than me! Here is one of them.

I can't wait to wear these!

More flowers are blooming this week in my garden!

I'm looking forward to my tulips blooming!!! Some of the bulbs look close to opening! Until next week! Thank you for reading. ~Val


  1. I love this celebrating post Miss Val!

    *First of that bookmark for your niece is lovely! and you are so right black is so much fun than white! Happy Birthday to her!

    *Happy Birthday to you! those flowers are gorgeous and the dress is beautiful, I want to wear dresses this spring and summer season!!

    Your garden is looking good! :)

    Hugs your way...

  2. what creative jewelry! and love the flowers....springtime always makes me want to get outside and take pictures of the first blooms...

  3. Love the Boston Celtics pieces! That first one is my favorite. :D Also like your dress. Looks so fun to wear! And your flowers made me smile today. ^__^ It's still snowing here, but flowers soon, hopefully. I feel a little sad for the daffodils that bloomed early. The cold is not being kind to them.

    Happy belated birthday! <3

  4. Beautiful flowers,a very nice dress and the jewelry is S-T-U-N-I-N-G!!!



  5. Happy belated Birthday!!! Love the green dress, you should take a picture with you in it!

    I'm sure you niece and her friends loved the jewelry you made them, they are cool!!!

  6. A great read, also love the idea of adding a matching bookmark to that set of very cute the dress and flowers too!

  7. Hi Val, Happy Birthday for last weekend!! Love the bracelets and the flowers they are beautiful, how nice that your hubby bought you some dresses, such a sweet thing to do! Your garden sounds like it's going to be lovely when all the bulbs start sprouting, it's exciting when it all starts to appear isn't it. Enjoy the rest of your week, Sarah x

  8. Happy Birthday! Love the flowers and the dress! I think your niece is a very lucky girl... those Celtic bracelets are very cool!

  9. happy belated birthday to you and your niece! Cute bracelets I bet the girls loved them.

  10. Happy Birthday!

    You must have had such fun making those bracelets :) My friend's daughter just turned 10 and the excitment I get when she gets a piece of jewelry given to her makes me want to bring her something every day :)

    I hope many more beautiful flowers are popping up :)


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