Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Week in Review!

This week was not too exciting which is good sometimes!

I made these pretty carnelian and sterling silver dangle earrings. This is such a great fall gemstone! Available at Miss Val's Creations.

I started working on an order of 10 pink awareness ribbon lanyards for a fundraiser put on by The Cancer Society in Atlanta, GA. It feels good to make items with meaning that can be used to raise money! I do carry these as regular inventory here.

This sweet plant is blooming. My parents gave me 3 batches of this from their yard which we planted last October or November. This is the only batch that survived!

They said it is lavendar although it does not look like lavendar. It is pretty!!!

I got a kick out of this frog who was hanging out on the outside of my kitchen screen door!!!

When scrolling through the Snapshots of The Week on Yahoo I fell in love with this one! It was taken by David Cerny at the Vltava River in front of Prague Castle on August 31st. This is one of the many place I would love to visit someday.

My buddy Emmett loves to bask in the sunshine! I always want to rub that white tummy of his but he gets too playful and his claws are razor sharp. Clipping his nails is next to impossible since he has a need to bite the scissors when I am attempting to do so!!!

Pretty girl Alice stayed still long enough for me to snap a photo!

Have a great week!!!! ~Val


  1. That shot of that frog is amazing! We have a pond next to our community and we have tons of frogs as our croaking neighbors! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  2. Hi Val,

    Alice and Emmmitt are beautiful by the way....also love your new work. Good luck, hope you are able to raise a lot of money.

    I know, sometimes a less exciting week means a more productive work week for me as well. If I'm running around too much, I have a lot of trouble getting any painting done.

    Enjoy your creative week.


  3. wow lovely images! Love the cat, the frog, the flowers and the jewelery. all beautiful!
    big kiss from Portugal! :)

  4. Beautiful earrings! The frog kind of freaks me out, but it's a great shot.
    Everyday Inspired

  5. Your kitties are so cute!! I have two of my own. :)

  6. Hi Val,
    Oh that is fantastic that you made the beautiful creations for Cancer Awareness. And oh your earrings are gorgeous too!!!

  7. Not too exciting is VERY good sometimes :-)
    These are great shots Val. I absolutely love the photograph of Alice.

  8. interesting week, jewelry, cat and frog:)

  9. Hi Val~
    I hope you're having a great day!!!

  10. that frog..... and I'm amazed the cat doesn't do something unspeakable to it. I know mine would!


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