Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Holiday Season!

Festival of Trees

The building I work in is home to the Methuen Festival of Trees. This Festival works as a fundraiser for our historical society and has expanded to nearby towns. This is open to the public at nights and on weekends. The trees get all lit up and the Christmas carols play!

Businesses and members of the community have the opportunity to donate a “Christmas tree” to be raffled off. I put this in quotation marks because they are not always Christmas related and sometimes not even a tree! Such as these Halloween themed pieces:

If you win a tree you get everything with it. Many trees also offer gift cards and more that also go to the recipient. The creativity for themes is endless like Betty Boop.


Adorable polar bear.

I love this one….mischievous elves.

This is beautiful with all the flowers. Notice the tree topper is a watering can! There are categories for awards and this one won best tree topper.

This science theme is tons of fun!

The harvest theme is gorgeous!

This peacock one is a favorite of mine, although the picture does not do it justice.

As a wine lover, I was quite attracted to this wine themed tree. It is a wire tree which does not photograph well but here is the topper….Santa with his wine glass!

My boss and I also do one for our office. The tree is nothing special which is why I have not included a photo. However we receive donations from other offices in our organization to fund ours and this year we received almost $1,200! I was shocked since none of our offices are exactly rolling in the dough. With this money we decided to purchase a $450 gift card to Target and a $450 gift card to Stop & Shop (grocery store). So the individual who wins our tree will receive $900 in gift cards along with our tree and a handcrafted wood mudroom bench!!!!

This lanyard was made using these cool plastic beads from some old jewelry that belonged to my great aunt. They vary in color and markings and some of them look like agate! I used green aventurine in between them which is a customer favorite. The result is elegant and beautiful!!!! This is available at Miss Val's Creations.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Thank you for stopping by! ~Val


  1. The Festival of Trees sounds really interesting. I really like the science tree. I know whomever receives your tree will be happy with those gift cards!

    Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely. :-)

  2. Val, this is a nice way to raise money it is a win win situation. I hope a person in real need gets your tree.

  3. such beautiful trees. and I love your laynard. Old plastic beads can be sooo nice!
    - ourhometoyours

  4. OH wow! such creativity! I like the Betty Boop one! How fun to win one of those trees!!

  5. What a lovely festival! Thank you for sharing - and I love your new lanyard.

  6. Hi Val, hope your turkey day was wonderful...I love your tree photos, they are beautiful, must be a lovely office building at this time of the year.

    Your lanyard is lovely as well.


  7. What a fantastic way to raise money. The trees in your photos are great. I especially like the elf and Betty Boop trees.

  8. The peacock tree and wine tree are definitely my favorites :) And what great winnings from your office's tree!

  9. What a sigh this must be Val!
    So much Christmas, all in one place.
    Thank you so much for sharing it here!

  10. The Festival of Trees sounds like such a fun event. What an amazing collection of trees. I love the Santa with his wine glass.

    You necklace is lovely, I not have guessed those beads were plastic, they look great.

    Everyday Inspired

  11. those trees are spectacular!! and lucky who wins the one from your office!!

  12. Uau!!!! Christmas is here! Yesterday... Barcelona city opened its Christmas lights !!!

  13. lovely idea, creative and giving. The santa with the wine glass looked great.


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