Saturday, January 7, 2012

This Week's Blog Post

Elegant Lanyard

This pretty lanyard is made up of beige and pewter colored glass pearls and accented in gold for a chic lanyard that will dress up any outfit! Available at Miss Val’s Creations.

eBay Purchase
I love when I find a great piece of used clothing. So much pollution goes into 1 garment of clothing during production and shipment so it makes me feel good to make this type of green purchase. I know used clothing creeps some people out, but not me! My work wardrobe typically includes a little jacket. These staples are great with pants, skirts and jeans so I always get my money’s worth.

I found this sweet green jacket on eBay. It’s label is Kay Unger which I had never heard of. So when doing my research I discovered this is a somewhat luxurious label. Her jackets are sold in the stores I can not afford like Saks, Neimans, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, etc. The lining is 100% silk! I have never owed a garment with such lining….it is heavenly! It had elegant touches too!

Vintage Cutting Board
Here is another green purchase I recently made. I purchased this cutting board as an after thought for Jim’s birthday (a gift that included wine and cheese)! This is from Dave of handmadebydave on Etsy.

Dave carved this cheese board from oak of an old barn in his home state of Virginia. What I love most is that the wood has been reused to create a timeless, useful item!

His newest handmade additions are K-Cup holders!

Dave also carries wine stoppers featuring handblown glass.

The shop also includes great other items like this Arabian coffee pot.

Or these amazing mother of pearl butter knives.

Stop by Dave's shop for unique handmade and vintage items!

I hope you all had a great first week of 2012 and wish you many more!!! As always, thank you for stopping by. ~Val


  1. Love the jacket and especially love the colors in the lanyard.
    I love vintage things. One of my secret obsessions is vintage kitchen things. Some passed down and some purchased either locally or online. One of the skillets that I use almost daily is a cast iron one that originally belonged to my great-great grandmother. It has been passed down from mother to daughter. Each one of us using it. ♥

  2. Beautiful!!!
    Thank you for your visit!!!
    I am very happy to be your follower!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  3. I have jacket envy...

  4. I am honored to be included in your blog. Happy New Year and best of success this year. Dave at

  5. Living green is important. I love your green jacket. Your necklace is also really pretty. You are very talented, Miss Val!

  6. That lanyard would be great for an office setting!
    And that cutting board is awesome! His whole shop is awesome!

  7. I have no problem wearing used clothes. I love thrifting and consignment shopping. And if it doesn't quite work out, I just bag it up and send it to another thrift shop or anyone who takes donations.

  8. Val, The lanyard is very pretty and would dress up any work outfit. I love the jacket you found and it looks very nice on you. Dave has some neat things in his shop too.

  9. Loving the pearls - wonderful combination!

  10. Good to know you love thrift and recycling too. I love the smooth patina that wooden kitchen implements get, and think of all the hands that have used them. Our most recent vintage thing is a fire engine red hand meat mincer. All mounted on the butchers block in the kitchen it has yet to see action with us, but it looks just great. You have reminded we must must make use of it, thank you !

  11. I love the color on the jacket and I am not afraid of green purchases ;)

    In fact I enjoy them!

  12. I love "used" or vintage clothing! that jacket is great, enjoy it. and those knives are wonderful.

  13. Happy New Year and new jacket! It's almost symbolic that the color is green :)) And the pearls are beautiful, admire your style!

  14. I love the colors in that lanyard - so soft and sweet!!

  15. Awww, that necklace is so beautiful!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  16. The lanyard is so pretty! As far as vintage goes, there are lucky finds and you scored. The details and finish are beautiful. Great gifts from Dave's shop.

    P.S. I did get to see Once Upon a Time, thanks for mentioning the marathon.

  17. The jacket is beautiful Val, I think you got a great deal/find. I personally wouldn't be bothered by a used jacket. I wouldn't buy used underwear but that is an altogether different story right? : )

    Your latest creation is lovely as well. Have a great week.


  18. You know, I've never shopped at the Salvation Army store before but last week my acupuncturist showed me a beautiful purse that she bought there. I was blown away. I told myself after that, I would definatley take a look, I keep hearing about the awesome finds people come across there.


  19. Love the new necklace you created! Beautiful Ebay find, what a fun jacket. Dave has some fun items in his shop thanks for sharing!
    Everyday Inspired

  20. The jacket is a great piece. I think it wonderful it's a wonderful find. I wish I was better at finding vintage and second hand clothes.

    P.S. I use Gracie a lot because it's easier :)

  21. Love the jacket and the necklace!!! Happy new year to you too!!

  22. I loooooooooove the jacket! I always have my eye out for vintage finds. I love the sharp colors and unique design.

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  24. very cool stuff, def going to check it out!

  25. Hi Val!

    Love the jacket - it suits you perfectly! I buy lots of second hand and vintage clothing.
    Dave has wonderful items!!

    take care,

  26. Hello Val, I love your blog and have featured you today on my blog at for Friendship Friday. Please have a good weekend.

  27. Val, what a find that jacket is!
    Kay Unger was a very popular and sought after designer in her time. Lucky you. It's beautiful!

    I love your lanyard also. Such a beautiful color combination.

    Have a great weekend!

  28. Oh, I Love the coffee pot :)
    Greetings from Poland

  29. I like everything you have pictured here!! Green is the way to go. :)


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