Saturday, March 3, 2012

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Green Aventurine
This necklace has nuggets of unakite and autumn jasper, stones that I typically associate with fall.

Pairing them with green aventurine is making me think spring! This piece is available at Miss Val’s Creations.

Let me just say that snow is not my friend. I do not care for it much. However this winter has been so strange that I actually got excited that we had some snow to take pictures of. I do love how it looks just after it has fallen and sticks to trees, shrubs, plants, etc!

For those of you who are not from a snow infested area, this was the good stuff. The good snow is perfect for snowball fights and snowman making.

It is also the stuff that sticks to the trees and plants making them look so pretty! On the other hand, it is the evil stuff. Try shoveling cement!!! Not fun.

Even though I got slightly excited, I still look forward to my future retirement with Jim in sunny Florida.

I did not get too excited about any Oscar gowns this year except for Michelle Williams who was wearing Octavia Spencer. If I could have a love affair with a dress, this would be the one!

It actually looked red on my old fashioned television so I was blown away even more when I saw it online the next day! The coral color is so beautiful and I adore the pairing with a pink clutch and pink lipstick. Perfection. She was working it too. Subtly though, not like Angelina Jolie and her strange leg movements. What was that all about?

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Speaking of Oscars, this section ties in with the annual awards show.

Yes, the title sounds silly! My mom gave me this book to read since we have roots from the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. This novel is unique because the content is entirely letters to and from different people that create the story! This really brought the characters to life!

The storyline sounds depressing. It is about a writer who goes to Guernsey after World War II to learn of the Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society that was formed during the island’s German occupation during the war to cope with the times. However it is written with lots of humor!

It was the only novel from Mary Ann Shaffer and was completed by her niece, Annie Barrows when Mary fell ill. Mary has since passed but I find it so inspirational since she had been quoted saying that “all I wanted was to write a book that someone would like to publish”. Apparently many publishers wanted to get their hands on this one!!!! We can do anything we put our minds to!

How does this tie into the Oscars you ask? Well I was ecstatic to learn that this novel is being brought to the big screen starring Kate Winslet and directed by Kenneth Branagh!

So it is safe to assume that this will be an Academy Award nominated film. It is due to start filming soon and will be released in 2013. It will be interesting to see this compilation of letters be put to film!!!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful week! ~Val


  1. That necklace actually makes me think of the sea on a lovely winter's day :)

  2. Those colors do remind me of spring, that soft green. We had some snow too and it was magical. Before it changed to rain it covered the trees and yard in a beautiful blanket of white, so lovely. By the next morning it was so heavy to shovel off my deck ~ I can understand how it would give people heart attacks! :P I love Kate Winslet, she is one of my most favorite actresses, if she's in it, it's sure to be a hit. Sounds like an interesting book, I'll have to add it to my ever-growing list...:)

  3. Wonderful necklace ... absolutely love the color selection! Green is my favorite color, and like how 'moody' you've made the mix of stones which does remind me of the sea! Luckily I missed the last blast of winter snow ... was traveling down in New Zealand :), which I'll be sure to post some of the beads I picked up! And yes, what was that weird leg thing going on with Jolie? So strange to watch the Oscar Monday afternoon, but that is when it is live down under.

  4. The colors on the necklace are lovely Val, I think, wonderful for any time of year.

    Boy do I hear ya on the snow, horrible stuff. Pretty at first, then just a giant mess. We got lucky in NY and didn't really get anything but a dusting, then of course it rained . Yuck.

    Yep, florida, here we all come.


  5. YAY on your snow! I was just telling Melinda about our freak after summer weather blizzard. I guess that's what has started our tornado weather so soon. Scary!

  6. That book sounds interesting, I remember a Masterpiece series (forget the name) and it was taking place on the island during the occupation, too. Fascinating time. Your necklace is luscious in green. Snow like "shovelling cement" funny, but oh so true!

  7. The soft green in your new necklace is perfect for spring...and will carry over to fall nicely with the other fall colors!
    I loved Michelle Williams' dress as well! The color and design were both great!

  8. Val,
    Beautiful necklace I love Aventurine.
    I live in Alabama so I can say I like to look at pictures of snow covered plants and trees (so beautiful) but I am so glad we hardly get snow here.
    Michelle was very pretty in the dress and I thought it was orange, but coral is close to orange. Angelina also looked like a walking skeleton to me. Did no one else see that? I wonder if the book is available for Kindle I'm defiantly going to look.

  9. Oh you're gonna hate me, today it's a beautiful 85 degrees outside...Florida will come soon so that you and Jim can enjoy it!! Hugs.

  10. Aventurine is one of my favorite stones, so this necklace would be perfect for me :) I read the book a few months ago, and I loved it, it was so fun and optimistic! I think I might pull it out and read it again :)
    Thank so much for being such an amazing blog friend!


    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  11. I'm not really a fan of snow either- but I agree, it sure is pretty when it's snowing! And that necklace definitely reminds me of spring. Lovely pairing!

  12. I love your jewelry creations and I love green stones. So beautiful. I send you warm sunshine into the snow.
    Kind regards, Synnöve

  13. Beautiful necklace!!! I like the photos!!
    very true about Angelina Jolie jajaja!!!
    Have a good week!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  14. This has been such a mild winter for my area. I typically don't love the snow, but we haven't had much this year, so I actually missed it!

  15. Necklace is great! :)
    Follow my blog ;*

  16. The colors are soft, but I wonder if it's heavy?
    And how much I agree about perfect dress (for you, not for me!!!)
    And again, I wonder, how Florida can fit in all America??? By the way, my place is kinda like that, the rest home for Scandinavia ;)

  17. I love this necklace Val!
    So perfect for spring, I picture it with something yellow.
    This book sounds wonderful, and I am actually off to Google it now! Thank you for the info.

    Sending you wishes for a beautiful week ahead!

    lisa. xo

  18. Your photos of the snow are beautiful. I too am not a fan of snow, but it does make for pretty pictures. Your necklace is a nice combination of colors and perfect for spring!
    Everyday Inspired

  19. I LOVED that Guernsey book! The snow looks lovely. We recently had some in Jerusalem - a rarity - and the kids were thrilled!

  20. Ohh I've just read that book about a month ago and I really enjoyed it. I like that it was written as correspondence between characters because it brought the characters to life. Plus I love anything letter and mail related.


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