Saturday, March 17, 2012

This Week's Blog Post!

Celtic Necklace
In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I have created this Celtic knot necklace!

Celtic knots have various meaning so they can be interpreted in different ways. I prefer to view a Celtic knot as a symbol of eternity and the cycles of life continuing on. Available at Miss Val's Creations.

So I have not been to the gym in quite a while since I have a day job and come home heading straight into my home office to work on my jewelry business! But a couple of weeks ago I was struggling with the groceries. This was a wake up call!!!! Since going to the gym eats up extra time I am now squeezing in a yoga workout after work via youtube.

I came across these Power Yoga segments which are fantastic and challenging. There are three 30 minute Power Yoga segments I have been practicing. A lot of swears come out of my mouth while attempting the stand on 1 leg and contort your body positions! I certainly can not manage the position shown here from the video clip. My hands can not touch this way! However I now have a new goal of mastering these positions and becoming strong again!!!! This is the first time since my teen years that I have done a backbend. It feels completely unnatural and like my body could break at any moment!

I have always been a weight lifter and really miss the arms I had last summer. But yoga is a smarter way to take care of the body so it will be interesting to see what my arms will look like by this summer! I just do not want them to end up jacked like Madonna’s arms which are a bit too much for my frame.

Inversion Therapy
I have always wanted an inversion therapy bench, particularly now since I am sitting 95% of my waking hours! This is a cool piece of equipment that you hang upside down on. It is a holistic way of reducing back pain, stress, tension, stretching your spine, improving posture, improving circulation and more!

It is recommended to hang upside down for 10 minutes a day but it does hurt my feet and ankles since they are basically holding my entire body weight. So I try to do this a couple of times a day until my ankles can no longer bear it. It feels fantastic and paired with yoga will help me reduce stress and muscle tension that I experience!

I am shocked my crocuses popped up before St. Patrick’s Day!

Mother Nature is acting very erratic this year. She could use a dose of Prozac. I even had all the windows in my house open after work 2 days this week and I live in Massachusetts!

New Bali Findings
I received a large shipment of Bali sterling silver findings which I have finally finished posting! These ear wires and toggles are new inventory in my shop.

However these beautiful ear wires sold out right away! Next order I will need to order many more of this style. They are unique and super shiny.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful, hopefully Spring like week!


  1. I love the celtic symbols. Your jewelry is beautiful !
    Have a nice weekend. Kind regards, Synnöve

  2. Miss Val ~ so this is what you look like! I pictured you in my head as sooooo totally different! lol Very pretty photo.

    I love your earwires...I'll have to keep checking back. I bet they did sell out quick - they're awesome.

  3. o, how lovely! one of my favourite rings is a Celtic cross. the stars are a beautiful, mystical addition. and boy, you must be super healthy!!

  4. Great post ... where to start! Love the celtic symbol and meaning - beautiful piece. Great idea on the yoga! will have to check out the videos.

    My crocus came up in Feb! I'm a little south of you in CT, but still ... wow that is early. Your's are lovely!

    And really like those earwires. Fantastic shape!

  5. Your new jewelry creations are beautiful. I've never really tried yoga and that inversion equipment sounds really interesting. I think we could all use a break from muscle tension and stress!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend. :-)

  6. Nice piece of earring you got there :)

  7. Your new necklace is terrific, celtic symbols are very appealing. I've been looking online for a yoga dvd, a beginners one, I sold all my aerobic high impact tapes for something less jarring on my joints. I don't ever plan to make that move you showed- congrats on getting started. My windows are open, too- hope this doesn't mean that summer will be super hot. Enjoying the breeze and all the birds singing today. Have a great week!

  8. My poor body could use some yoga and inversion therapy too! My night job is very physical and then I come home and sit in my studio the rest of the time. I have been jogging on my treadmill again, but my knees aren't too fond of that anymore...ugh!
    Our crocus have popped up this week too!

  9. Maybe I should find some you tube lessons on yoga or zumba I myself haven't got the will to go register at my local recreation park. Remember my love handles?? they're still around! :( I haven't exercised since High School and even then I wasn't much of a sports girl.

  10. Your new necklace and earrings are beautiful! Love the celtic feel ;o) My sister-in-law is a yoga master. Something I just can't do! But, I love hanging upside down everyday! I feel so good! It's really hot here and everything is coming out! Not good! No Spring, just Summer! Take Care ;o)

  11. I quite like celtic symbols. I like celtic crosses. They are quite pretty.

    I hope the yoga is helping you. I've never seen an inversion therapy bench but now I'm going to research it more :)

  12. I love yoga! Although I haven't been to a gym or studio in years for yoga - I ended up investing in a lot of DVDs and try to rotate through them almost daily. I think I'm going to check ou what is online so that I can get a little more variety.

    I was looking at how much I was sitting per day, also, about 6 months ago, so I ended up making my jewelry creating table standing height. So except for sawing, I try to do all jewelry making while standing - so far, it has worked and I find I am not hunched over as often as I used to.

  13. I am just getting into working out again. I did 2 sets of 30 day shred and ripped in 30 last year. I was in amazing shape, then got tired over winter. I am such a hibernator. It's time for me to get started again...sigh. Why can't we all just be perfect and feel great while laying around.

  14. I just love yoga, and it really does make such a difference in your body and the way you feel. I was almost able to get into this position here!! You had to know I just had to try!!! I think the inversion therapy would be cool. What a way to unwind after a long day.

    Love this necklace. Beautiful color choice in the beads.

  15. Hi Val,

    I love yoga. I discovered it years ago when a friend of mine turned me on to it. I try to do yoga twice a week, inbetween walking for excercise (which I love), seems to help my body recover from achy, muscles from my walks.

    I started doing my own routines in the last year or so , in order to concentrate on poses that can help my body most. That is what I love about yoga, it helped me pick out the weak areas on my body and work to make them stronger.

    I'm so glad you are enjoying it, I know you will love it in the long run. I don't know the official name of that pose but I call it "pretzel" LOL, I really dislike it, it hits one of my really weak areas. : )

    Your celtic necklace is lovely...I hope you had a wonderful weekend and St. Patties day too.

    Enjoy your bags look out, you'll be ready for them next time.


  16. Hi there,
    left you a little present on my blog


  17. Hi Val, I even tried looking that pose up last night in my hatha yoga book and couldn't find it. They should really consider renaming it tho...whatever it really is, to pretzel.

    Enjoy your yoga and thanks for sharing that video as well.


  18. You necklace and earrings are lovely. Yoga always look so hard to me, but I have heard it can be really good for you. The inversion therapy on the other hand looks scary, I don't think I could do that one. Your crocuses are beautiful, and I agree the weather is really strange. In the Chicagoland area we have broken the high temp record everyday for the last 2 weeks. Our last day of winter it was 83 degrees.
    Everyday Inspired

  19. Hi Val,
    Love the Celtic inspired necklace! Their designs always put me in awe.
    Good for you with the healthy exercise. I've been enjoying getting out walking without a parka on! So glad that winter has finally left us. No lovely flowers here yet, so I'm soaking up the beauty of yours :)
    Wonderful form/design on those ear wires. I'll have to think about getting some of those....
    Have a super week!

  20. i love the stars!!that's lovely cute!!

  21. I like the celtic symbols of necklace!!!
    I love the Yoga... I practice 2 times a week
    Have a good week!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  22. Power yoga! It sounds intense, but really good for you. Keep up the momentum!!!

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comment.

  24. Wasn't the weather crazy beautiful this past week? It's the reason I've fallen behind on my blog reading... ;) Your jewelry is gorgeous, as usual. I can see that it seems to be a great creative outlet for your, each piece is unique. :) I did yoga years ago, and expect that I'll get back to it again one day. For right now daily walks around my quiet neighborhood is what keeps my body moving. I wasn't as surprised to see my crocuses as I was my daffodils in bloom ~ crazy! :)

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  26. I do inversion therapy for my posture. I’ve read some testimonials that inversion therapy encourages good posture. When inverted, your body is aligned with gravity. So, a regular program of inversion can help you maintain your proper posture and keep your body in balance.

    Shaunna Schumacher


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