Saturday, April 7, 2012

This Week's Blog Post

New Earrings

It has been another hectic week so I have been busy making all sorts of new items including these earrings.  I love these magenta colored pearls! Available at Miss Val’s Creations.
New Handbags
It was time to update my spring/summer handbag collection. I found 2 great pre-owned, but in perfect condition Kathy Van Zeeland handbags on eBay!
This one is great in that it can be worn cross body or as a clutch. Both straps are removeable!
Then this little bag is so me! I love buying used since it is a green thing to do! Of course it is much less expensive too...bonus.
Southern Magnolia Minerals
Years ago I discovered SouthernMagnolia Minerals on eBay. This was at a time after intently watching mineral makeup infomercials with utter fascination and finally deciding to give it a try!
I use a primer, then a foundation and finish with the primer as the veil. I love that primers and veils can be used interchangeably since it is one less product needed.
Some of the reasons I am in love with this makeup are that:
  • It looks great on the skin
  • It is totally lightweight on the skin
  • is natural
  • cruelty free
  • acts as a sunscreen protecting the skin
  • made in the USA
  • the product lasts a super long time
  • it is much less costly than the national brands
Refills can be purchased instead of purchasing another filled plastic container. I simply purchase the refill and add them to containers I own! A little green thing I feel good about.
It is also wonderful to be able to contact the owner, Barb, directly! This cannot be done with Bare Minerals or Revlon or any other large manufacturer. It feels great to support a family owned business in the States.
I love this blush aptly named “magnolia”. It is perfect for my light Irish/Scottish skin!
If you use mineral makeup or have been thinking about it, check out SMM Cosmetics for your next purchase! Other product items include eye shadow, correctors, tools and more.
More Tasty Wines
Jim and I tasted these 2 wines at our favorite wine store, the Wine Connextion and decided to pick up a bottle of each. I should have taken the photo before opening the bottles. The purple wine stain is not part of the label!
The Uppercut Cabernet (2009 from Napa Valley) is absolutely delicious, however at $18.99 we have other wines we like just as much that cost significantly less so we likely will not purchase this one again. However we love a change from time to time.
The Zenato Valpolicella (2009) is fabulous at $11.99. This Italian wine is aged in a stainless steel tank for 6 months, then moved to an oak barrel for 6 to 8 months…interesting. This makes for a mouth watering wine full of wild berries, black cherry, spice and chocolate! I would buy this one again. It is a terrific bottle to bring to a host/hostess.
Pretty Spring Tree
This tree is on my neighbors property but hovers over mine, covering my driveway with its fuchsia pink flowers in the spring!
Have a wonderful week everyone! Enjoy Easter Sunday if you are celebrating. :)


  1. I love supporting small businesses as well. You've created beautiful pairs of earrings. :-)

  2. woow the earrings are amazing!!!
    thanks for ur sweet coment on my blog

  3. Love the earrings! That makeup looks interesting. I also do a lot of second hand shopping... often times I find unused items that work for me just fine! It is kind of like a treasure hunt. Happy Easter to you too!

    1. I love when I find brand new items second hand!

  4. Those white earrings are my favorite. :) It's it great that despite your crazy, busy week you still manage to fit time in to create something new? Probably helps to keep you sane... ;) I love Ebay and all of the treasures you can find there! My mom is an avid yard-saler and can find most anything we ask her for... and often the price tag is a mere dollar or two! Gotta love that outlet for living green! ;)

    1. Yes, keeping incredibly busy somehow keeps my sane! I would not know what to do otherwise! LOL. Yard sales are so fun. You never know what you will find!!!

  5. Hey there, Loving all the earrings. Thanks for sharing the mineral make up. Gonna have to check it out. Loving that 1st bag you bought, even better that it's second hand.

  6. Those magenta pearl earrings are awesome!!!
    I think the wine stain looks fun on the label :) And that second wine sounds SO good!

  7. Happy Easter ;o) Love the new earrings ;o) Very pretty ;o) I think it's fantastic that you have found and that you are supporting a family owned business in the United States! Good for you! The makeup sounds great! Looks like you enjoyed the wine! LOL! Love the tree, gorgeous ;o) All the best ;o)

  8. I forgot to say, the purses are adorable!

  9. Mineral makeup sounds interesting. I subscribed to their newsletter to start learning about the products.

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter!

  10. Love your new earrings!

    I got my last purse second hand, too. A great solid black, kind of on the small side, but perfect for me. Was a D&B and I swear looked hardly ever used :)

    1. Isn't it great finding used items that appear like new? Love that!

  11. You earrings are lovely and love the magenta pearls too. Great finds on Ebay, your new purses are so cute. I love the trees in the Springtime too. We have lots of trees in our yard with white pedals, pink pedals, and lots of light green buds. I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family!
    Everyday Inspired

  12. Hi Val,

    Your earrings are very pretty. Super idea to buy your purses online. I hope you had a wonderful Easter. xo


  13. Dear Val,

    I have never tried powder make up, I usually use the cream variety from the Body Shop - not sure if you are familiar with this brand. They are 100% natural and do not test on animals (dear to my heart). I like the soft colour of your blush!
    Your earrings are super cute! Love the colour on the right :)
    have a great week,

    1. There is a Body Shop near me in a shopping mall. They must be an international brand. I should check it out! Animal testing is horrible.

  14. Her earrings are very pretty!! I love the magenta!!!
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  15. Oh, I love these wonderful earrings. The clutch is also beautiful.
    Kind regards, Synnöve

  16. OMG - This post hit home at every point! First I was loving the earrings, then I was thinking of how much I love Ebay and your new finds, then you hit me with mineral makeup {my fave!} and then WINE! I love you ;D

  17. The earings are so cute!
    Please check out my blog too at Miss Tangerine, I'm hosting a GoodGoodsChina giveaway with 11 winners :) -> Enter here! :)

  18. shades from deep magenta through delicate lilac passing through delicious purple are really in this spring!

    I just found mineral make up my self and it is truly awesome!

  19. such pretty little earrings - love all three. and the wine looks delicious ... the stain only adds to the appeal :)

  20. wow i definitely agree with just buying the refill. more eco-friendly~ so sad it is hard to find that type of service for brands.

    thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment! :)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  21. LOVE the pair of earrings in the middle, Val!
    Thank you for the tip on the mineral makeup.
    I've been a Bare Minerals user for years for all the reasons you mentioned, but always like to try something new.
    I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  22. Hi Val, love your earrings, they are so pretty. I hope you had a really nice Easter. We stayed and home and had a quiet day, it was pretty nice. We're up for some really nice weather this weekend I hear. I hope you have more of the same up in MA.

    I love powder makeup....I use Clinique and use their powder foundation, loose powder and powder bronzer. I don't think after using powders, I would ever go back to liquid.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  23. Ohh mineral makeup. I've always wanted to try it. It sounds like such a great product. I'm definitely going to try it now.


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