Saturday, April 21, 2012

This Week's Blog Post

Magnolia Inspired Necklace Giveaway
Blogging friend Lisa asked for a magnolia inspired necklace for a giveaway on her blog. I love how it came out! Gorgeous!

Custom orders are so fun since they usually have me working with something I have never worked with before. In this case it was purple pearls!
If you would like the opportunity to win this piece, stop by Lisa’s blog here.  The drawing will be Monday night April 23. Lisa's blog shows her stunning photographs which I am sure you will enjoy!!!
Birthday Bouquet

Jim gave me this beautiful bouquet for my birthday.
Bucket List Item 2
So I crossed off another item! Let me preface this by stating that I am in no way a violent person. I do not even think it is smart to own a gun for protection! However I have always been curious about what it feels like to shoot a gun!
So some friends and I went to the Manchester Firing Range in NH for some shooting fun. Here I am shooting an uzi machine gun!  Luckily there were no injuries and everyone had a good time!
This was a romantic moment between Jim and I. He is showing me how to use a 9 mm. There is a particular thumb placement that felt really strange to me.

Luckily there were 3 men in our group, all with experience! Otherwise this may have been a bit challenging for us ladies as far as loading, proper usage of the weapons, etc. We were showed how to use the guns in the lobby but we did not have a professional with our group when we were playing.
Here I am with an MP5 machine gun. When we were being showed how to use the machine guns I was a bit horrified. Surprisingly they were easier to handle than the handguns!
I am happy to check another thing off my list. Just like jumping out of a plane, this is something I do not care to do again!!!!
New End Studio
I received a wonderful surprise in the mail from blogging friend Gloria of New End Studio! This handmade pin reads “bravo” which I love since I adore theater!!!
Gloria is a mixed media artist who creates ACEOS. I love the humor here. This would be fun to put in guestroom.
This wishes theme ACEO is so sweet!
Stop by Gloria’s shop for more unique pieces or her blog here.
I wish eveyone a great, fulfilling week! Thank you for stopping by! ~Val


  1. Miss Val, you are killing me! :)) Machine guns? Every week you coming with some extream sports, like a Pandora's box :)) Admire that. And the neckless is delicious, especially photographed by Lisa. I would cut my hand off to make such profesional photos. Well, keep practising then...

    1. Thank you Siga! Your photos are beautiful as well as the words you pair with them. So full of thought!

  2. A you went to the shooting range Val. Very cool, I'm glad you had a nice afternoon and got to cross off another thing on that list of yours.

    I love your custom necklace. Purple is my favorite color so, I can never argue with anything that has purple in it.

    Hope you have a great week.


  3. Girl, now you've got some street cred shooting guns like that,woohoo!
    I feel much the same as you and yet...I'd like to fire a gun too.

    Your necklace looks so rich and almost edible. I love the lustre of it.

  4. You know what, I have always wanted to go to a shooting range too. Great pictures of you! I love the flowers ;o) The items you got from Gloria are fantastic! I love her creations ;o) Have a great weekend!

  5. You always create such beautiful pieces. Love the colors in this one. And going to a firing range...mighty brave. I've seen it in lots of movies, but never knew someone who actually went. Kudos for trying something new!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. It is definitely gorgeous Val!
    I wore mine while I was in Boston this weekend, and was asked by 2 complete strangers about it.
    One was at a restaurant, and another in one of my favorite stores on Newbury St.
    I asked both to e-mail me, and I would "send" them to you.

    Thank you so very much, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY my Friend!!

    1. Thank you for the referrals Lisa! I love hearing feedback of customers receiving compliments when wearing something I created. :)

  7. Sounds like you've had quite a great week! You go for shooting that gun. I agree- wouldn't ever want one in my house, but there is a certain appeal to shooting one.

  8. You won something ;o)))) When you have time, come to my blog please and give me your address ;o) Happy Day ;o)

  9. Look at you shooting a gun! I bet it was not easy but I am so happy you crossed it off your list! I don't I had the gun to shoot a gun :/

    The necklace for the giveaway is beautiful and I signed up and keeping my fingers crossed :)

  10. I love the purple pearls too, it made a nice necklace. Your flowers are beautiful! Shooting a gun looks interesting. I hope you had fun while trying it out. I always enjoy Gloria's blog, and her artwork is amazing. Lucky you to receive such a nice gift.
    Everyday Inspired

  11. Wow, you've got guts! I don't think I could handle target practice, and knowing my luck it would find some insane way of ricocheting back at me haha How was your aim? Did you hit the red part in the middle?

    1. The handgun spits the shells back at you! It is very disturbing. My boyfriend said I was hitting the paper target. He may just be saying that to make me feel good. I honestly could not tell where the bullet was going! LOL

  12. You always have nice pics!!! i loved how the first bracelets end! really cute ones dear!

  13. That there is one beautiful necklace. And you are indeed a multi-faceted gun slinging, creative beading type of girl.

  14. Congrats on checking off another item off your bucket list! I've shot guns before, just in inhabited land (and without ear muffs!), the way you did it is much cooler!!!

    Love the necklace you made, going to check out the giveaway!

  15. Beautiful necklace!!!
    Have a good week!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  16. That is a beautiful necklace, Val! Must check out the giveaway :)
    I've never held a gun before (they are prohibited without a licence here), but I can imagine that it is not as easy as it always looks on TV!
    So...did you hit the target? ;-)

    1. It was not easy! Supposedly I hit the target, but I could not really see where the bullets were going! It was quite stressful. :)

  17. Hi Val,

    The necklace is beautiful! Wow! You have one impressive bucket list. I can't imagine what's next. I love what sweet Gloria made you :)


  18. Your jewelry is fantastic and adorable. Sooo beautiful !
    Kind regards, Synnöve

  19. I love that little heart!!! and Happy B day!!! i guess u had a lovely time :)


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