Saturday, May 19, 2012

This Week's Blog Post

Custom Lanyard
A customer asked me to make a purple celestial lanyard which will be a gift for someone who loves purple.
I opted for these color tones which will make the lanyard more wearable with different outfits as opposed to Crayola purple!

My lawn boasts all sorts of pretty weeds. Before mowing over these beauties I wanted to celebrate them!

I think this is buttercup which we used to put under our friends’ chins to determine if they liked butter as a child. I feel strange saying we used to do this so please let me know if you did this with your friends too so I do not feel so weird!
These purple things are fascinating with their oddness.
My favorite lawn weed is this sweet little white flower. I can count on the weeds to continue visiting me throughout the summer!

Super Moon – May 5, 2012
I hope you all had a chance to observe the super moon on May 5! It was quite a sight! There are so many amazing photos from around the world of this celestial wonder from the evening. These are all published on
This is my favorite. A simple photo of the moon with the ocean!
rosebuds in Los Angeles, CA
Rio de Janiero, Brazil
St. Petersburg, Russia

It is amazing to think we all enjoy the same celestial beings!

Dark Shadows
Johnny Depp and Tim Burton did it again! Another fun flick! I did not read up on Dark Shadows before seeing the movie and found out the day of that this used to be a television series (soap opera style) from 1966 – 1971. This must have been the beginning of insane, supernatural writing for soaps.
Anyway I do not want to give away any of the plot but if you love Depp and Burton this is worth the expensive theater ticket! It is not scary, but somewhat creepy with a whole lot of funny. Great 70s music in this too! Alice Cooper is such a rock phenomenon, never aging.

Have a great week! We are actually having perfect weather this weekend in MA. So wonderful! ~Val


  1. oooh i love the moon! thanks for sharing the different country's moon! i definitely miss it! but moon is one of my favorite things~ :)

    thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment! :)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  2. Hi Val,
    Beautiful lanyard and you are right with the muted purple it will go with a lot more then a bright purple would have. Missed the moon I was inside beading, love these shots of the moon though. The Dark Shadows series was on TV when I was in Germany as a young girl so I missed it then, but I do want to see the movie. Enjoy the beautiful weather and the weekend.

  3. Oh, you have such beautiful weeds! :-) Thanks for sharing the photos of the super moon because I too missed it. Super beautiful!

  4. Those are some cool pictures of the super moon! Enjoy your weather Miss Val!

  5. i did not see the mooon :(:(:(

  6. That purple "flower" is so cool...never seen one like it!
    And all the moon photos are stunning!

  7. Hello my friend ;o) Your custom lanyard is beautiful! Love it! I love your weeds too ;o) I wouldn't cut my lawn, if I had your weeds! LOL! We did the buttercup thing too ;o) I saw the super moon ;o) Gorgeous! The pictures you posted are amazing! I saw Johnny's new movie on saturday ;o) Great movie!! Take Care ;o)

  8. I feel sorry for your beautiful weeds! But, that's the life... I missed the supermoon, and anyways, don't have a nice telescopic camera, so decided to enjoy the photos you've chosen instead! ;)

  9. Lovely lanyard. I love purple too and you incorporated in a nice mix of purple beads. Your weed photos look like amazing flowers up close, and yes we did the flower under the chin too when I was younger (and that was a long long time ago). It was cloudy here in Chicagoland so we did not get to see the super moon. Those photos are amazing. I loved Dark shadows when I was young. It was weird, but funny. I have not seen Tim Burton's version yet but it does look like fun, and it has Johnny Depp.
    Everyday Inspired

  10. Your lanyard is so pretty - the little star beads are a lovely touch! We have lots of the little white flowers too!
    Your comment on my blog made me smile - the thing is, I'm so used to Sammy not touching anything that I completely forgot about "normal" behavior in other cats!!haha.
    have a terrific week,

  11. "Weeds" are often one of the prettiest things in my yard. ;) And yes, we always, always did the butter test with sweet little buttercups, you are not alone. :) We don't often go to the movies, I usually opt to wait for them to come out on DVD and watch them in the comfort of my own home. I did say just the other night though that I was toying with the idea of seeing this in theaters, there is no better combination than Johnny Depp and Tim Burton! :)

  12. I remember Dark Shadows so very well. I loved and laughed back then and know that I will do the same when I see the movie. Yes, Depp and Burton are a good team.

    Your laynard is amazing. Good color combinations.

    Sometimes weeds are prettier that flowers...can't figure that one out.
    Thank you for sharing it all.

  13. Oh Val, I saw Dark Shadows too, but... :-(
    Johnny Depp is amazing in everything that he does, and this was no exception, but I watched the television series, and actually have DVDs of the same. No comparison, but my daughter, who has not seen the originals, absolutely loved it..

    Your moon photographs are just beautiful. I missed it here in NY because it was quite cloudy. My favorite is "Rosebuds." So beautiful!

    I smile as I read about your buttercups, and although I'd long since forgotten, yes we did the same as kids!! Just last weekend, I too photographed, and then mowed, They are really all over the place here this year, but so pretty.

    You have a fantastic week ahead my friend. xo.

    P.S. Love the color of the oblong beads in the lanyard!

  14. beautiful lanyard as always! pretty colors, and will go with so many things! So funny that you were taking pictures of the weeds. My youngest and I were running around the yard taking pictures of ours about 2 weeks ago and had so much fun. Some weeds are just so pretty! I grew up over in the Pacific NW, and we also did the buttercup thing (I knew exactly what you were talking about before I finished reading the sentence :) We missed the moon where I am - too cloudy, but caught all the wonderful pictures from around the world (and is now one of my favorite Pinterest boards!)

  15. I love what you did with that lanyard- that can totally go with so many things! And I love that you celebrate weeds- they are pretty too!

  16. Hi Val,

    The purple lanyard has to be a favorite of mine, I love every shade and hue of purple, it is my favorite color.

    I know, weeds can be pretty can't they? I just wish they wouldn't grow so fast. Why is it they seem to grow so much faster then the plants we wait for blooms from each year? First thing to pop up in my garden every year are the weeds.

    I hope you and Jim have a lovely, long weekend planned. Have a great holiday.


  17. The lanyard is beautiful. I love the colours. I am sure your customer was thrilled! And yes, over in England we did the same thing with the buttercups! Don't feel strange ;-)
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  18. your pictures are so fun!! I still put the buttercups under my kids chins! who wouldn't want to know?

  19. I've been loving the "weeds" in the yard this year - such good photo opportunities! We've got buttercups and bluets in our yard, too, as well as loads of dandelions. :) And I definitely remember rubbing buttercups on chins (or in our case, noses)'re not the only one! ;)

    Ooh, and I'd really love to see Dark Shadows. I love Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, and it looks hilarious! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    Also, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I got a lot of nasty comments on my gay rights post, and I deeply appreciated everyone who agreed with me (and said so). Your comment was wonderful to receive - thanks for sharing, and for following! Hugs!


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