Saturday, July 7, 2012

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Custom Order
I love this one! The request was for pink rhodonite with crystals.
I have never combined crystals with gemstones before and I am amazed at how beautiful this came out. The Swarovski cubes have an AB finish which is a perfect complement to the earthy feel of the rhodonite. This one is a gift so I hope the recipient loves it!

Congratulations Stacy of Magic Love Crow!  You are the winner of the totally fun Wizard of Oz Monkey Moments magnet! Please send me an e-mail at  with your mailing address. J

Zorvino Vineyards

ZorvinoVineyard is located in Sandown, NH which was established by a married couple in 2001.

In addition to growing their own New England grapes, they also import from Tuscany, Chile and Northern CA.

It is not just a winery but also a function facility which holds weddings during all 4 seasons. Who in their right mind would want to marry outside in the snow? But people do!
The grounds are beautiful!

 I love the lamp post in the wine barrel!

We may come back with a picnic lunch one of these days and we can choose a bottle of wine to enjoy there!

 We purchased this sangiovese which was just bottled. Even though it was not aged, it was still delicious!

This sign was behind the tasting counter. I did not notice the naughty corkscrew next to it until uploading the photo!!!
 While I do not drink during my full time job hours, I have to admit that there is occasionally a glass of wine by my side when working on my jewelry business at night!
Garden Update
Since my last garden update my white roses started blooming.
Also these strange purple flowers with buds that are all intertwined. I never saw these before but know they are from bulbs my brother gave me a couple of years ago. They must be biennials?!?
My burgundy colored lilies started blooming.
As well as my orange lilies. I have tons of these which will be all over my gardens! Orange is such a happy, uplifting color!
My red roses are starting to do well (except this top bud which is on its way out).
Have a summery week! Thank you for stopping by! ~Val


  1. Hi Val,
    The necklace is lovely I like the crystals with the gemstones very nice. The vineyard is beautiful. I can understand people wanting to come there year round to get married. It would be a very nice place to have a picnic lunch and sip on some good wine.
    The flowers in your garden are gorgeous.

  2. Bom dia! que demais haha
    adoreei, e as imagens estao lindas!
    bom final de semana ;)

  3. O! Rhodonite! So soft and feminine; that necklace looks perfect for a wedding or lawn party. And your garden is lovely.

  4. Your flowers are looking beautiful. Love the corkscrew ;-)
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

  5. The necklace you have created is so lovely. I cannot help it, but when I think of wineries, my mind instantly goes to the episode of "Monk" where Adrien goes to a winery, enjoys a delicious glass of wine, and then notices some women stomping the grapes with their feet. He exclaims, "Foot wine!" and his trip is ruined because he's so OCD. LOL Glad you had a fun time.

    And I must admit, the white roses are my favorite!

    1. LOL! Monk is too funny! I have not seen that episode!

  6. A winery wedding sounds so great! (but not in the snow!) A picnic there sounds like a great idea too :)
    Your flowers are so pretty. That purple one is quite interesting and I don't think I've ever seen a burgundy lily...very cool!

  7. Oh it is great that you did not have to give up wine with your new diet! LOL I like the addition of the crystals - very nice! and your garden is lovely as always, and roses are stunning!

  8. Beautiful necklace. I like to mix up beads with crystals. What a great winery. How cute it was opened up by a married couple. Love your garden, as always. Have a great week and rest of the weekend.

  9. Hi Val, your garden is looking so pretty. I love your new necklace, I agree, the combinations are so pretty. A girl can rarely go wrong with some beautiful pink in her jewelry wardrobe.

    You and Jim visit the nicest places. I don't get it either about the snow bird weddings but some people seem to love the white stuff, not me. My wedding was in December and we picked that month because of convenience with time off in Chris's job. I was praying it didn't snow let me tell you, cause it would have mucked everything up. When vow renewal time came around, we picked a beautiful garden destination in snow allowed!!! I guess it is all a matter of preference but I know that you and I feel the same about the white stuff. LOL

    Have a good week, stay cool.


    1. The white stuff is terrible! I am glad it did not snow on your wedding day. That would be worse than rain. At least with rain, the guests will still be there!!!

  10. Hi Val ;o) I am sorry I am behind in coming around to your blog! I am behind in everything, again! LOL! I will e-mail you, right after, I have finished commenting! Thanks so much! I am so excited! I really love the necklace! Great job! The winery is stunning! That naughty corkscrew was too funny! Love it! Your garden it looking beautiful!! Take care my friend ;o)

    1. You are welcome Stacy! I hope you enjoy your new Oz treasure!

  11. The gemstones and crystals is a lovely combination. I am sure the necklace will be loved by the recipient. That must have been so much fun to visit a winery. It looks beautiful and such a nice place to spend the day. You are so lucky to have such beautiful flowers in your garden. The purple one is very cool looking.
    Everyday Inspired

  12. there will be no working during drinking hours? hahahahahahha that's soooo funny!

  13. I love crystals with an AB finish - the necklace in soft pink has a wonderfully nostalgic feel to it and is so pretty! Lucky recipient :)
    The vineyard looks and sounds charming. The sign is too funny!!

  14. Nothing wrong with a little sip of wine to ease the inspiration....

  15. Love the crystals with the stones! It is surprising to put them together. Love the sign and your roses are beautiful!

  16. really sweet necklace and pictures:)


  17. i am amaze with that necklace! looks good!

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  18. Hi Val,

    Your pink necklace is a beauty! The winery must have been a fun visit. I adore all your beautiful flowers.


  19. What a beautiful winery. They are always popular for events and weddings. And it sounds romantic to marry in the snow but I'm sure it's crazy!

  20. What a cute necklace ;) Nice colour!!


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