Saturday, November 10, 2012

This Week's Blog Post

Snowflake Frames
I added these steel frames this week! They are beadable snowflakes in 3 sizes including 3.75 inches, 4.5 inches and 6 inches. They have 6 sides but 2 are shown here since these would be cool to tie together in the center with wire to create a more elaborate ornament!
I am thinking they are not just holiday pieces but could be used to create cool light catchers, wall hangings and even elaborate pendants!  Available at Miss Val’s Creations in packages of 20.
Nevins Public Library
This is the library in my town that I am showing off this week!
It was built in 1883 in honor of David Nevins, Sr by his family.
It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Jim and I think there is some sort of dragon on the roof but we could not be completely sure! There is definately a ferocious kitty coming out of the corner!

Mr. Nevins and his wife Eliza are buried here. There is no cemetery, just a couple of bodies with a  stunning monument!
Its grounds have some great old trees!
The original building has beautiful stone details and stunning stained glass windows.
Have a wonderful week everyone! It luckily sounds calm weather-wise so hopefully those in NY and NJ who were hit again with last week’s storm can start to get back to normal again. ~Val


  1. What beautiful details on the library! The windows are gorgeous. I made tons of those snowflakes for about 6 years straight and never once thought to use 2 at once for more spikes OR to use it for something other than a snowflake-what a great idea!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Miss Val :-)

  2. Those snowflake frames are great! I can imagine making pretty decorations with them :)
    Wow, what a wonderful library your have. And it is located in such beautiful grounds! I would spend many many hours in there :) Lucky you!
    have a pleasant weekend,

  3. Great idea Val! The pics of the Library are fantastic

  4. I love old building...and the landscaping is cool too.

  5. Those are some amazing trees. I really like those snowflakes jewelry fittings. :)

  6. I really enjoy your little virtual tours. The library is a beautiful building.

  7. Old buildings have some great features and character, the spiral glass window is very pretty. TFS

  8. Hi Val, those snowflake frames would make really pretty lights. Your town library is really lovely, they don't make them like that anymore do they? A shame too, old buildings are so beautiful.

    We are doing so much better in NY....gas is finally getting back to normal in my area. We were in quite a state over it last week but this week all is pretty much back to normal in my house. Have a great week val....


  9. Wow what a nice Library building!! Those are some amazing trees as well.

    I've been crocheting snowflake ornaments lately ;)

  10. Those snowflake frames are cool! I love old buildings and those old trees are amazing! Have a great one ;o)

  11. it's always so cool to see wonderful places you go to! so much to do @ where you live!

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  12. Cool snowflakes! They'd be fun to decorate in all different colors!
    That library is very beautiful! What a great tribute from his family!

  13. Neat metal frames! They inspire many crafty ideas....
    I love that library too- the grounds look so lovely!

  14. Love the idea of the light catchers, Val!
    They would surely make the long winter a bit more colorful.

    The library is beautiful, and looks very old. I love the wonderful detail on the windows.

    Hope you are having a great week!

  15. boa tarde!
    que maximooo, adorei esse post haha
    beijos, bom feriadao!

  16. yeah to make shiny stars with lights or something!!! great idea!!

  17. Your library is magnificent! I love the details. Your snowflakes components look like they'll be really pretty when put to use. You also have some really great ideas for using them.


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