Saturday, May 4, 2013

This Week's Blog Post

Random blog post time!

Vintage Beads

I paired these graduated vintage plastic beads with olive green jade. I have always loved the color of jade and it shows up so beautifully with the white beads.   
I made matching earrings too to make a pretty summer set! This is available at Miss Val’s Creations.


Periwinkle is a lush ground cover. My dad gave me a bunch of them from his yard last summer so this is my first spring with the plants! 
They produce a sweet purple flower and have tons of new growth showing. 
He has plenty more so I will get some more this year! 
Over time they will grow in beautifully along the foundation. Right now it looks a little sparse!

Corn and Jalapeno Pizza

This was so delicious. Jim thought about trying jalapenos on our pizza. Then I had to chime in because I love corn with my jalapeno! 
So this baby has red sauce, mozzarella, mushroom, corn and jalapeno. It may sound a little odd but it was to die for!!!


This handsome fellow was on my baby Eastern Redbud outside my office window one morning. The photo was taken through a dirty window and a screen. 

The tree is starting to bud. It is a gorgeous purple pink before the leaves start to show. Cleaning windows is just another task on that long list of unpleasant chores!

Jury Duty

So I had to report for jury duty on Tuesday. It was scheduled in Salem, MA. This is the famous town where witches were hung many years ago. In reality they just had their period or were a little mentally unstable! This town is not fun to drive in or out of. With my GPS I still made multiple wrong turns. Then coming out the GPS could not pick up a satellite. So not fun!!!

Then I was panicking because I was 15 minutes late after dealing with the cluster f**k of this town, then parking in a garage, then asking 2 pedestrians where the courthouse was, then jogging  a little, then entering into the incorrect court building. Finally I got there and was not penalized!!! They stress being on time or you may be turned away. That would mean being rescheduled!

Luckily I was not chosen as a juror.  The cases were unpleasant so I immediately thought guilty on both so I would not have made a good juror. I would much rather seen people in the box who can be 100% impartial. Not easy to do!!!

Thank you for stopping by! I wish you all a wonderful week ahead!  ~Val


  1. Beautiful creations you made!
    Love periwinkle, have some of them, not many because my hubby is too precise with the lawnmower.
    Would love to have a piece of pizza now, it's afternoon and we didn't have lunch yet cause we were working in the garden till now.

  2. wow that white with green really is stunning! I love that! and the pop of red from your cardinal ... I've been seeing them as well and the color is just striking! glad you didn't have to repeat that drive to Salem! I did get picked last time, and had to sit in court all day .... not fun.

  3. Hey Val, your necklace is really cool and retro, love it. That is also such a popular style these days too

    I have never seen periwinkle ground cover, it is very pretty and looks like it is growing well for you.

    I went to Salem many years ago, Chris and I loved it....of course, we didn't have to go there for jury duty. I do remember though that it was right before Halloween and we really done up for the occasion. Glad you missed out on being picked, hopefully you don't get called again for a while. I was on a malpractice jury in 2010, it was interesting and in the end, we found in favor of the doctor. I think the injured guy was pretty ticked off but, what can you do I guess. Have a great week.


  4. that necklace is "groovy", lol. it really is lovely. flowers are finally starting to bloom around here too...late because of the freaky weather. and the pizza? I love pizza, but I think I'll pass on this one...the jalapenos you know. lol

  5. I've always loved the term "periwinkle," probably because it has "wink" in it which sounds so friendly!

  6. The jade does look absolutely beautiful against the white. I must remember that. The periwinkle looks wonderful too. Have you had to do a lot of work to your flower beds since you put the red mulch down (was that last year)?

    The corn and jalepenos sound delicious. I had this omelet today that was so good - baby portobellos, jalepenos, some fancy cheese (delicious)! And it helped open up my sinuses. lol

  7. I love how those beads go from smaller to big to smaller again, and the color combo is lovely too!

    Ah!! that reminds me of the time I was called for jury duty! no fun at all...

  8. The periwinkle looks so pretty. It'll look amazing when it covers the area. Loved your story of your jury duty. How many of us have turned up at places like that??

  9. O, that set is so cute!! So very mod, and good enough to eat. Speaking of eat, save some of that pizza for me!

  10. I love your necklace and earring set! It looks real 50's to me! Very cool ;o) I am hungry again with your pizza!! Seriously, my mouth is watering!!! LOL! The periwinkle looks beautiful ;o) I have some too ;o) Sorry about the screw around you had with Jury Duty! Glad you weren't picked! Love Mr. Cardinal ;o) Have a great week my friend ;o)

  11. so much to see here this week, but the necklace and the pizza were my favorites. you did the jade so much justice by pairing it with the while. beautiful! and the pizza looks so yummy! everything you mentioned made me say "ohhhh yeahhhhh!" it is so nice to look outside and see the flowers and trees starting fresh again this Spring(it's finally here!!!)! We have a Mama and Papa Cardinal that fly around the yard all their coupling and their colors. Glad you got out of jury duty, especially since they were unpleasant. Being on a jury must stick somewhere in your head the rest of your life. Thanks so much for sharing the photos of your week, Val :-)

  12. Val, jury duty sounds like a horrible experience :( Thankfully we don't have that over here.
    LOVE your necklace! I love the graduated beads!
    The cardinal looks so pretty! Glad you had your camera ready :)
    have a lovely day!

  13. ooo jury duty... Being a student, I don't have to worry about that just yet... wonder if being a grad student makes any difference. I have too many opinions to be a good juror. BTW, I just realized that you had a blog, how silly of me...I love the graduated beads. :)

  14. Ugh! Jury duty! MA grabbed my son during final exams week for jury duty, and he is only a student there. Luckily he was not needed, but did not know that until the night before, after he had rearranged some of his exams. :-(

    Love this necklace, Val. Perfect for summer.

    And the pizza???? Oh my goodness, this sounds so delicious! A bit of wine and that pizza, and I'd be happy as can be!

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  15. Beautiful necklace and earrings!!! I love that color combination, is very elegant!!
    Have a good week, dear!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  16. Hi Valerie, Your necklace is stunning The color combo is gorgeous together.
    Love the periwinkle. I usually plant it in pots and here in Texas it really takes the heat well. It will be gorgeous filling in the foundation cover.
    Oh my gosh your pizza looks so yummy it's close to lunch and now I am hungry~~
    I can so relate to the jury duty, trying to find the courthouse and so on. I have been called several times in the last few years, but was not picked.

    Love the cardinal pic. I love this bird and the beauty. When I see them they always remind me of my grandmother because she loved cardinals. Thank you for sharing and also for stopping by and your kind comment.
    Have a creative day.
    Hugs, CM

  17. What a fresh colour combination; simple and gorgeous!

    Your pizza looks intriguing; I may have to try something similar...thanks for the idea.

  18. omygaaa corn and jalapeno pizza? ah dear I LOVE YOU.

  19. so cute beautiful necklace!
    and pizza looks good!


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