Monday, September 23, 2013

A Bit of Randomness

Pink Pearls
I have been wanting to add colored pearls to my eyeglass chains and lanyards for a while. Until now I just had white, ivory and silver. However a customer who has my silver pearl lanyard contacted me about a pink pearl one. 
So it was time to start adding pink! The next color I have on order is beige. Then I am thinking a green after that since green always seems to be a hot color! 

This wine came highly recommended by a couple of employees at our favorite wine store the Wine Connextion
It is from the Michael David winery in California which also makes a couple of our other favorite labels being Seven Deadly Zins and Earthquake.
Freakshow is a cabernet and we were not disappointed! The label is quite entertaining too. 
Very P.T. Barnum!
Emmett Attempting to Be Brave
My kitties are indoor cats since I am a little over protective. 
So Emmett got curious enough to venture out. 
He greeted is buddy Jim.
But as soon as I closed the door behind him, he freaked out! Mommy help me!!!
That was enough unknown for that little guy!!! 

A Dragonfly
I took this dragonfly photo a while back and thought it sucked since he wasn't a very colorful critter. But then when I cropped it I thought is was a bit cool. 
I love dragonflies by the close up sort of freaks me out. I think it's the legs!

Thank you for stopping by! I have a great week! ~Val


  1. The pink pearls are beautiful!! Awww....Emmett :)
    Sammy is allowed onto the terrace, but only with my supervision! What a cool photo of the dragonfly!
    have a great week :)

  2. The colored pearls are great! And that bottle of wine is so cool! Glad it tasted as good as it looks :)

  3. Hi Val,
    The eye glass chain is very pretty in pink soothing to the eye. Cats are funny to watch when they are getting brave to do something for the first time. That is a very pretty shade of orange on the dragon fly.

  4. Val, the glasses chain is so pretty! More colors will surely excite your customers.
    Freakshow~I will certainly be looking for that. We have a joke about that word in this house, so my husband would get a good laugh if he came home to that one day. Definitely worth buying for the name and the label! Oh yeah, and the contents ;-)

  5. Oh, I've gotta try that wine!! LOVE the name!

    Those pink pearls are really beautiful, Val. Such a wonderfully soft color.

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  6. I love colored pearls, and using them for your eye glass chains is such a great idea. What a nice addition for your shop. That wine looks like fun, I am going to have to check that out.
    Everyday Inspired

  7. can't go wrong with pearls! always good, always classic .... and your lanyard looks gorgeous! loving the freak show :) and love you're adventurous kitty! what a cutie

  8. Hello Miss Val! I do like that wine bottle. Looks like a great candidate for repurposing into something else after the wine is all gone.

    Your cat is so funny! My cat is a wuss also and that is fine by me ;)

  9. love the pink pearl lanyard creation. cute little kittie, we've 3 indoor cats and I am happy they do not miss the outdoors, won't venture out even when the doors are open. wild wine bottle.

  10. Funny story about your kitty :)
    That wine label is amazing. I am sure you spent quite some time studying it!

  11. Emmet is too cute, I like being overprotective too! That dragonflies has hairy legs! but the wings are cool. Hugs Miss Val!

  12. Hi Val,

    The pink pearls are so pretty, I love them. I have always loved the different colors, great to see you creating with them. Your cat is a riot, I think my dogs are the same, they would be happy with me outside with them but if I were to shut the door, they would freak out. Mommy, where are you going........ Have a good one.


  13. If my cat had been an inside cat maybe he would still be around. There was no keeping that guy in the house though :)
    Love the pink pearls

  14. Pink pearls, beautiful! Freak show? Very funky! Glad you liked the wine! Your cat is so cute! I would have been crying for mommy too! LOL! Love your dragonfly picture! He looks like he is smiling! Take Care, hugs ;o)

  15. i haven't seen a dragonfly forever. brings back memories cuz i used to play with them when i was a kid.

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  16. Pink pearls are awesome. I just love pearls any color. :-)

  17. What a creative wine label, and one of the most colorful I've ever seen! Not that I've seen many, haha. ;) That's too funny about the cat, and cool shot of the dragonfly--close-up shots of bugs are fantastic, aren't they? Jordan's taken a few good ones, too, and it's so neat to see insects and spiders so magnified through the lens of a camera. :)

  18. O wow, that lanyard is gorgeous! What rich, beautiful colours. And aww, poor Emmett :)

  19. The pink pearls will be lovely for whatever you make! And the wine label is awesome and I may have to seek out that winery. And cats, they're somethin'!

  20. The pink pearls are lovely. Your kitty's very cute I have a house cat too he ventures out sometimes but never far x

  21. This is an awesome dragonfly photo.

  22. That dragonfly is AWESOME. I have actually held one before and it's a magickal experience. Take a breath and try it!


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