Monday, September 9, 2013

Stuffed Portabella and Earring Studs

Earring Studs
Studs are back!!! I used to make earring studs which were a great seller. 
I also have a large selection for myself since I love the simplicity of them (and of course I just love gemstones). 
I stopped making them because I was using sterling silver posts and was having a problem with receiving too many damaged posts. 
So this time around I am using surgical steel. 
This is actually more practical since more people can wear the steel. I am selling them in sets of 4 and have two different sizes (8mm and 10mm). Available at Etsy.  

Stuffed Portabella
Jim came up with this amazing idea for stuffed portabella mushrooms! 
I didn't have the camera out during preparation since I had no idea he was creating a masterpiece! Here is what he did if you are a mushroom and quinoa fan.

He started the quinoa on the stove which would be part of the stuffing.

Red bell pepper and asparagus were tossed in olive oil along with curry powder, salt, pepper and dried chives. Then added halved cherry tomatoes.

He baked the mushrooms with balsamic and olive oil to get he cooking started.

The quinoa and vegetables were combined and seasoned to taste since quinoa itself does not have a lot of flavor. Feta was also added to this (what an amazing inclusion this was)! 

This was put on top of the mushroom along with sliced fresh mozzarella.

Then it was baked further until the cheese was browning. It was kind of a lot of work but absolutely delicious and well worth it!!! There was still one left in the fridge 2 days later which was still perfect so it keeps well too.

That dish that the  mushroom is on is china. I have been going through my basement purging all sorts of stuff since I have been in my house for almost 5 years and have things sitting down there that have never been touched! 
I was actually going to donate the china since I am so not fancy! Nor is Jim. If we entertain, it is casual. However, Jim suggested just using the dishes. Why not? So I am eating my morning oatmeal off china now. Love it! 

I actually adore the set with its simple silver design.
The tea cups and saucers did get donated. Since I am American I want a mug of tea, not an itty bitty cup of tea. 

Well, thank you for stopping by. I hope you are having a great week! ~Val


  1. ha! agree ... tea needs a mug! and great idea to just use what you got! not much is precious in our house! That portabella looks simply delicious! YUM! and I love that you make studs .... great idea. And bravo for using surgical posts ... most people leave posts in for days, so completely makes sense to use surgical steel.

  2. The china is lovely -- you're absolutely right to use it and enjoy it!

  3. The earrings are cute!!! -and that portabella looks sooooooo delicious;)

  4. your studs are great, thanks for suggesting surgical posts

  5. The earring posts are adorable, Val! I like wearing simple earrings most days. The stuffed mushroom looks delicious!
    I use my good china at weekends :)

  6. When I first read the heading, I thought it said "Stuffed Portabella Earring Studs" (didn't see the "and")so I figured that was what you named this particular style of earrrings! LOL
    LOVE the earrings! PERFECT in their simplicity and letting those colors do all the talking. The mushrooms sound delicious! Mushroom/feta/balsamic....oh. yeah. I really like that china~simple and pretty and Jim is right~use it!

  7. the studs are so cute!

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  8. Surgical Steel doesn't tarnish either, so that's always nice.
    I don't like mushrooms, but that DOES look like a masterpiece. It looks awesome! My hubby loves mushrooms, but he's the only one in the family that does, so I don't prepare them much.
    The china plates are really pretty. I'm not fancy either, but I'm glad Jim suggested you keep the plates. =0)

  9. Your stud earrings are so pretty! I use the surgical steel as well and really like them.
    YUM! I'm craving stuffed mushrooms of my favorites!!!

  10. I always think you are so lucky to have a man that cooks! Thanks for your kind words!

  11. OMGoodness, Val, I WANT THAT MUSHROOM!!!!
    It looks beyond delicious.

    I love the ball earrings, and I so agree that their simplicity is their charm.

    I wish you a wonderful week ahead!

  12. I love the studs! Excellent having them in sets of 4!!!
    I am so hungry again Val! You always do this to me!!! My mouth is watering from looking at that mushroom, seriously!
    Excellent you are using the dishes! I have a set my mom has gave me and I was thinking of getting rid of them, because you have to hand wash them and mom said, when it comes time, just use them and throw them in the dishwasher! Who cares if the design wares off! Enjoy them! And, she is right ;o) Hugs ;o)

  13. The studs are gorgeous and your dinner looks amazing!!! Could Jim just come and visit here to make me stuffed mushrooms too please?

  14. The earrings are so pretty. I'm not a fan of mushrooms but your dish looks very tasty x

  15. Lovely earrings!!! nice post!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment, dear Val!
    Have a good week!!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  16. Those earrings are so simple and cute, I hope they do well in your shop! And isn't it just so satisfying to weed through your belongings and clear out what you don't want and need? I just did that the other day with my closet--I didn't even think I had much to get rid of, but I ended going through a lot more than I expected. :) Hopefully your purging has been successful as well!

    Also, I think it's a swell idea to use the china every day. After all, who says it has to be reserved for company? An everyday meal is quite a good enough occasion for china dishes in my book! ;)

  17. Love the earrings! They're very simple, yet make a statement, which is my style exactly!

  18. Hi Val, I really like the earrings, they are very pretty and I'm really glad you are making them again so everyone can enjoy them.

    Well, I think it is awesome that you are using the china, keeping what works for you and giving away what doesn't. If you don't use the teacups, then good, you have saved some space.

    I really am getting like that since moving, trying to live the way we want to, not what everyone else does. Case in point, our dining room is now my studio and even though we have an eat in kitchen, we never use it, we eat every night in front of our tv, on the coffee table so we can watch our favorite shows. Honestly, I don't need a kitchen table 24/7, we just don't live that way, we're pretty casual but I do want one for company or for visitors so we're getting a really nice fold away set. The chairs and everything fold inside this table and it just sits against the wall, you wouldn't even know looking at it that it is a table. This way, I can have a table when I want but don't have to deal with it the rest of the time.

    Enjoy your oatmeal each day on your pretty china.


  19. beautiful studs! and the surgical steel a great idea; my chef is going to try your chef's stuffed portabellas and I think it a great idea to use your china-I grew up in the bring out the best for holidays and guests, I chucked that tradition and use the best daily. And I'm Canadian but grew up in a large immigrant community, lots of English with their teacups, once old enough I chose to drink my tea from a mug too-so much more sensible ;-).

  20. So basically when you guys come to NC, all I need is to have some portabellas on hand and your Jim can do the rest? This dish sounds so amazing, and yes, this is something I would totally eat!

  21. You are so creative. Your jewelry is beautiful. Your portabella dish sounds amazing. I've never had quinoa before. I bet it's get in your recipe.


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