Monday, October 21, 2013

Anniversary, Spaghetti Squash and A Black Onyx Necklace

Black Onyx Necklace
Here is my latest necklace. 
I used a pretty link to create the focal point. Available at Etsy.

So Jim and I just celebrated our 3 years of dating anniversary! Woohoo! He is my best friend and my rock. The fact that he can put up with me makes me know we will be together forever (since I won't let him go). We make each other laugh, read each other's mind and finish each other's sentences. It is a beautiful thing!
Anniversary Bouquet from Jim
I gave him this adorable card with a quote from a Lumineers song "I belong with you, you belong with're my sweetheart". 
This is from The Staggering Truth on Etsy.  

Spaghetti Squash
I thought I never ate spaghetti squash before I met Jim but when I mentioned it to my mom it turns out I was wrong! My parents grew it in their garden when my brothers and I were young. She tried to pass it off as spaghetti. Apparently this did not go as well as planned!!!

Well now I love this squash. We have taken advantage of the season twice. Once was simply red sauce and mozzarella.
The other was a Pinterest inspired dish shared by Whole Foods. A Mexican take on the veggie!
For the filling we heated up black beans, canned tomatoes, jalapenos and corn. We added in to taste chili powder, dried cilantro, dried green onions and pepper.    
Of course shredded cheddar jack to top it off!

If you have never tried spaghetti squash before it can be really fun to work with! Once halved they need to bake in the oven at 375 F for approximately 50 minutes. Then the cooked toppings can be mixed in. It is totally low in calories too! I would love to try an Asian take on it treating the "spaghetti" like noodles. 

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you are having a fabulous Fall season! ~Val


  1. Happy 3rd Anniversary! What a beautiful bouquet!
    The necklace looks very elegant :)
    Yes, I tried spaghetti squash before and I love it. I actually used it for a faux pasta dish, just like your mom did!

  2. Beautiful necklace, onyx is one of my favorites! Spaghetti squash too! Interesting recipe. ;)

  3. I had spaghetti squash for the first time this year and loved it. I just did the traditional red sauce our first time too, but I love the idea of a Mexican style!
    And your black necklace is beautiful...and versatile too.

  4. Lovely black necklace at the top.
    That squash has my mouth watering! Looks yummy.
    Happy 3 years to you and Jim!!! Congrats, and I hope you enjoyed the anniversary.

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both :-D

    Love that onyx is such a great stone!

    The squash sounds really delicious...YuM!

  6. Happy Anniversary Val! what a beautiful necklace, and that dinner looks so yummy!

  7. beautiful necklace! I love SSquash and happy 3rd dating anniversary...

  8. First off, you've created a very beautiful necklace! It's very classy. Happy Dating Anniversary! And that recipe for spaghetti squash looks really good. I've only had spaghetti squash once and it's something I pushed way back in my brain. lol But this recipe seems to be full of flavor and textures. Yummy!

  9. A very Happy Anniversary to you both! You sound like a perfect match for each other.

    Ok, I am going to give spaghetti squash another try. The couple of times I've had it, I really, really did not like it, and there are not many foods I don't like. The Mexican take on it looks pretty yummy to me. :-)

    Love this necklace, Val. That little drop on it is so striking, yet so simple.

    Wishing you a great week!

  10. Hi Val,
    Love the necklace Onyx is one of my favorite gemstones. Happy Anniversary to you and Jim. I love spaghetti squash it is delicious with just a little butter or margarine and parmesan cheese too. I am going to have to try the Mexican style it looks so yummy.

  11. Very elegant necklace!!!
    Happy Anniversary, dear Val!!! nice post!!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  12. Happy Anniversary ;o) Ok, I have to ask a question, are you guys chefs??? Maybe chefs in your spare time? Amazing food again! Lucky I just ate ;o) LOL!
    Love your necklace!!!! The drop in the front is beautiful!
    Hugs ;o)

  13. Hi Val, first of all, happiest of anniversaries to you. I'm glad you and Jim made time to celebrate your special day. When you find someone special like that, never let them go.

    Your blog always makes me hungry when I visit, you make the best looking, most appetizing food .

    Love the black necklace.


  14. Hi Val! I love the necklace and the recipe looks delicious. I'm your newest follower :)

  15. Happy anniversary! Lovely bouquet!
    I would love to taste your delicious looking squash dish. Love squash, especially butternut.


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