Monday, November 25, 2013

A Random Post

Onyx and Copper Necklace
I played with the Wubbers to create this unique focal piece!
You can see the square, triangle and circle shapes created by the pliers. I worked 4mm black onyx beads onto the wire to add to its fun.
Available at Etsy

So winter is really not my thing. One positive aspect of the season is great jackets which I scored 2 of this year! This Guess number is fabulous!!! It skirts out at the waist and has great leatherette and zipper details. 
Then there is this fun Columbia jacket for the dreaded snowy times. I am confident it will keep me warm when the temperatures become ridiculous. The fuzzy hood totally rocks!
Jim's sister lives in Florida and has a banana tree! That is where this bunch is from. They are much smaller than what you see in the store. See the 2 little bananas on the right? Poor things, they never made it.
I guess they grow vertically and a bunch of bunches are all attached. It is cool how perfect they grow from its stem. Now I just have to wait until they turn yellow. They must be delicious!
We dream of living down there were we can grow our own fruits and vegetable and enjoy flowers all year round! Most important will be to have a mango tree.

Boot Bracelets
My boot bracelets have been featured in the most recent issue of the Jewelry Making Journal
Thank you for stopping by! For those of you celebrating, have a fabulous food filled Thanksgiving! ~Val


  1. Looks like your having fun with those new wubbers! Great necklace, and boot bracelet ... I see lots of people making these this year :)

    How fun to be able to grow bananas in the backyard! I miss my SF house where we had an herb garden year round and a Meyer lemon tree! Too cold here in CT :(

  2. Brrrrrr ! Looks like you are all ready for winter ;) love your boot bracelets and congratulations on getting them published! !!

  3. Wow~the contrast of the copper and onyx is great, as is your wire design!
    Your jackets are fantastic~almost makes you want the cold weather (that is now here). Almost.
    A banana tree/mango tree/citrus tree in the yard would be a dream!!!

  4. Wow, that necklace is so unique and eyecatching! Very artsy :)
    You look adorable in the fuzzy hooded jacket! I'm dreading the freezing temperatures below zero too...
    What a dream it would be to live in Florida! I love mangoes!!

  5. this is fabulously designed with your Wubbers! Jackets (canadain mark) like yours with fuzzy trimmed hoods are causing quite a stir here...seems to be anyone you must MUST own one!

  6. Hi,Val:
    The necklace looks very modern with that fresh copper elements in contrast to the black onyx.
    I love the 'boot bracelet' too-very nice idea!
    Your Winter photos are charming.
    Warm Greetings

  7. Your boot bracelet is great! What a funny idea to wear bracelets down there but why not. It's very decorative!
    I think your are ready for the winter season. Lovely coat! First snow over here today.

  8. Wow, I love the boot bracelet! I wonder if I could get that trend rocking in the UK? ;) Loving your coats as well, I have two similar ones - the Stylish One and the One for When It's Too Cold for Style to Matter (though it helps that it's still a cute coat!). Chrissie x

  9. Love your Guess coat! And congrats on having your boot bracelet featured!

  10. i like your snow coat. and your slick boot bracelet. :)

    enjoy your thanksgiving and your family-grown bananas, too!

  11. You look so cute in your coats! Love them both! The second one looks so cozy ;o) The necklace is so cool! Great job!! Very funky ;o) I bet those bananas are going to be good! I love bananas ;o) Congrats on your boot bracelets ;o) Happy Thanksgiving ;o) Many blessings my friend ;o)

  12. I like the necklace. It's fun to play with new tools! We haven't got any bananas but we have plenty of oranges and lemons in our garden!

  13. Great necklace, Val! I love how unique it is. And the jackets - I love both of them :) Happy Thanksgiving to you. Hugs!

  14. Very creative necklace!!! you look so pretty, dear Val!!!
    Have a good week!!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  15. You look gorgeous rocking those jackets Miss Val. I like them both but specially like the first one. Last year I finally bought a winter coat that I liked but really here in CA I hardly get to use it :(

    I bet those bananas will be ready to eat before you know it. Will you make a dish with them or eat them just like that?

    Congratulations on the feature of your boot bracelet :) It feels great when you are recognized doesn't it?

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving! We will be off to San Diego and then we will cross the border over to Mexico.

  16. I love the copper with the black, Val, and the boot bracelets????
    What a neat idea, and so pretty too.
    Like the Guess coat, but LOVE the fuzzy-hooded jacket!!

    I wish you and Jim a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. Love your random post! Also really loving the boot bracelet. I've never seen them before but they are so clever! I'm not looking forward to the winter right now. As I'm sitting here with the laptop watching the news, I see our forecast for tonight and tomorrow - up to 12 inches of snow! It's so fun living in the Lake Michigan Snowbelt!

  18. Your new necklace creation has that funky, artsy vibe. Love it! I bet those bananas are delicious too. Love both coats too. I'm in need of a coat. Honestly, I "borrowed" one someone gave my mom that she doesn't like for herself but won't give to me. lol I get lots of compliments and it feels great, but I still need my own. I'm hoping to look for a coat over the holidays. It's cold and rainy here. Need stylish protection. :-)

  19. These bananas are sooooo cute! I never seen these before!

  20. i'm loving that copper on the necklace.

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG
    the STYLE Fringe BLOGLOVIN

  21. Hi Val, love the boot bracelets, what a fabulous idea. The necklace as well, all the shapes are so pretty. I'm right there with you on winter but your new coats are really pretty.

    We have two banana trees in our yard, as well as an orange tree. My smallest banana tree is too small yet to produce anything but the big tree was producing a nice amount of bananas this year, it was fun.

    You need to get to Fl one of these days, I know you would love it. I hope you had a wonderful turkey day with your family.


  22. Love your coat.
    The jewelry looks cool
    I'm thinking it would make a simple white shirt look fab.

  23. It's not cold enough here yet for jackets - we have a very short winter - but your Guess one looks fabulous! Enjoy it!


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