Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Pearl Necklace Set and A Life Update

Pearl Necklace Set
I'm loving the vintage feel of this set. The freshwater pearls are bold averaging 10mm round. The enamaled flower is on an antiqued bronze base. So I used some vintage bronze beads I had along with pewter for some mixed metal fun. The earrings are on stainless steel ear wires suitable for most sensitive ears. This set is available at Miss Val's Creations.

Life Update
The yard is continuing to bloom! How cute is the natural animal print on this rhododendron's petal?
I'm feeling very settled in my new place. This self employment thing feels amazing! I love to be able to run errands in the middle of the day!

This looks like a form of azalea. It's flowers are quite lazy and delicate looking.
Ivy is something I've always loved. This yard has tons of it with shiny, big green leaves! 
However, it's sticky tentacles are creepy.
This other ivy sticks differently, directly from the branches and has super huge leaves!
This shrub is covered with blooms!
It's vibrant color is a perfect complement to the weathered cedar wood!
Here is another sticky plant that attaches itself to the deck each summer.
It will be flowering very soon from its fuzzy bulbs!
I most share this discovery with any popcorn lovers out there! We learned that harrisa is an amazing spice addition to it!!!
Harissa is a Moroccon spice that combines paprika, garlic, cumin, coriander, caraway and cayenne pepper. Recipes do vary for this spice concoction but this is what we used. You can see its spiciness in the big red flakes!

I'm still trying to get into a groove each day. Now I understand what those who work from home mean by distractions. It is easy to be sidetracked by chores and such! Not to mention getting into Game of Thrones. Jim was already caught up through the current season but I had to start from episode 1. What a great naughty show that is!!!

Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy your week. :)  ~Val


  1. Glad you're feeling all settled in! I'm looking forward to feeling that way myself in a month or two.

  2. Love your pearl set with this wonderful enamel flower! It's beautiful!
    Your garden is great, spring is great!
    My husband is also an addicted fan of Games of Thrones ;) But the new season isn't available (translated) yet over here.
    Have a lovely week and don't let yourself be distracted ;) Strange, I am almost never seduced to do the chores *haha*.

  3. Hello,Val:-)

    The necklace is fantastic! I also like the vintage touch of it.Very beautiful focal nicely composed with the natural ,freshwater pearls,which are always fashionable,no matter the trends,no mater the age of a person ,who wears them.

    The colors and shapes in the next photos of Yours are incredible,I almost felt the smell of the flowers,also of popcorn,which I like very much.
    -All the Best to You-

  4. (i'm sad GOT is not on this weekend. i'm afraid i might have withdrawals). :)

    love your necklace. very pretty combination. and your yard is gorgeous!

  5. Love the pearl jewels! And your lovely flowery garden :D
    I never got into GOT, watched the first episode but it didn't appeal. I am liking Vikings though!

  6. I am so glad that you are getting all settled in, Val, and enjoying self-employment!
    Your yard is so wonderfully colorful. We have some of "that" ivy too, and yup, it's definitely creepy. Kind of reminds me of a bug or something.

    What a great necklace this is, So perfect for summer.

    Have a fantastic week ahead!

  7. Another lovely jewelry set! I can only imagine the amount of distractions that can be had working from home. I see on the HGTV channel when people are looking for home offices, they try to find a spot away from everything else, especially if both people work at home (i.e. SAHM and another at-home job).

  8. What an amazing yard you have! I would be sitting out there all day munching on popcorn, lol! I LOVE the pearl set!

  9. Your yard is so incredibly beautiful as is your necklace. I am loving the look of it. . .your jewelry is stunning, my friend. Hugs to you!

  10. Ooh, spicy popcorn! Now that's an idea! You sound very settled. Glad you are happy and enjoying life.

  11. love your necklace, we use a lot of Harissa but never thought of adding it to popcorn but will now. Your garden is so gorgeous and those suckers are a bit creepy :-)

  12. This necklace is so so amazing, love it a lot :))) Gorgeous garden. Happy Monday doll xx

  13. Hi Val,
    It has been a while since I have visited you, so I was a little lost when I read that you have moved and are now self employed, wow that is quite a milestone. The necklace is gorgeous I love the big beautiful pearls you used. The flowers in your yard are beautiful. I love ivy too and the yard of my new place is full of English Ivy, all green and variegated. I also have a hedge row of Star Jasmine that smells glorious in the evenings and early mornings.

  14. Beautiful necklace! love that focal and so romantic with the pearls! Glad to hear you're settling into your new home and self employment! and yes, LOVE Game of Thrones (completely addicted to that one - ha!)

  15. the pearl set is lovely but honestly I love looking at the beautiful flowers more B-). No reflection on your work of course

  16. Beautiful necklace! I love your garden, too. I'm not good at gardening but I appreciate looking!

  17. Love the focal flower in your new necklace! And your real flowers are even more beautiful! So glad to hear you're settling into self employment nicely :)

  18. The flower in your beautiful necklace is a perfect segue for more pics of your yard. I'm drooling . . . (: Am a GOT addict myself. Watched the first season and read the 5 books one right after the other. Enjoy your self employment! And, yes, distractions are a major . . . well . . . distraction. But the commute is great! LOL!

  19. Such a pretty necklace. The floral focal gives it a pop of color great for summer!

    All of the flowers and ivy in your new yard look great. The animal print petal is pretty cool! Glad you snapped a shot of that to share. =0)

    It can be really tough to find a schedule for working at home. It's something we do struggle with all the time. But you'll get into your own groove soon enough.

    Have a wonderful week!

  20. That necklace set is very pretty I love that blue flower and the colors. I am glad to hear that you are settled into your new house and self employment. Enjoy it!...don't get distracted too much :)

  21. That necklace is Gorgeous, Val! It has a great vibe to it and looks like it could be retro/bohemian/elegant depending on the wearer and her style. What a wonderful necklace!
    The yard in bloom is beautiful and it sounds like you are really enjoying this new change in your life.

  22. That necklace and earring set is so pretty!
    I love your yard girl! It's so pretty! So much to look at! It must smell so yummy ;o)
    Thanks for sharing that spice! I love popcorn, but try to stay away from butter!
    Big Hugs and great to be hearing from you ;o)

  23. Oh, I forgot! I LOVE Game Of Thrones!! It Rocks!!! ;o)

  24. Very smart adding the blue flower to the necklace. I like the pop of color it adds.

  25. Ooh, I love the turquoise flower pendant with the white pearls! So fresh and summery!
    I love all the flowers, especially the rhododendron with fun animal print :)
    I've structured my day, so that chores and such are done on designated days only. Otherwise I wouldn't get all my work done!

  26. Gorgeous photos and the color so fresh and vibrant! I love to paint my garden and seems like it is such an endless source of inspiration for me.

  27. Just when I think I found a favorite piece of yours, you post another one! I do love this one so much! The enamel flower is perfect in every way. It compliments the pearls and the blue color is so pretty.

    And your flowers are just beautiful!

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  29. that pearl necklace looks very in style :)

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