Monday, May 12, 2014

Moving and Ecig Lanyards

Ecig Lanyards
These were a custom order for a customer who recently quit smoking after 50 years. Kudos to her! She transitioned to the currently popular e-cigarettes. I had no clue people used lanyards for ecigs!

She request a swivel clasp on the end which attaches to the ecig ring. The rings are a piece that is available so I'm now considering adding these lanyards to my inventory. I love the idea of making a woman feel stylish while she is working on becoming a healthier person!

My House
Everything happened so fast! I just moved to Jim's house over the weekend. I didn't realize how much stuff was coming with me! So it will take some time to get organized. My new office is slowly coming together.

I will miss this cute little place where I lived here for about 5.5 years and loved it! 
It looks so tiny but it actually has generous rooms inside. I took photos back in September because I had a feeling I would be putting it on the market when everything was dead outside. Luckily my realtor was able to use them!
The kitchen has these great slate blue tiles that I love!
One of the 1962 house's best  features is this opening between the kitchen and living room. The rooms are separate, yet together!
Lot's of light and gleaming wood floors!!!
My orange bathroom got many compliments. It's so happy!
My sanctuary!
A sweet spare bedroom. 

My favorite room was my office where most waking moments were spent. 

I wanted to post this memory so it can be viewed many years from now. :) I'm done proving strength and independence to myself.

Oh, how I will miss this house! 

As always, thank you so stopping by. Have a fantastic week! ~Val


  1. That definitely sounds like you'll miss it a lot! It's such a cute house!
    I have never heard of Ecigarettes before! The pink lanyard is GORGEOUS :)
    Hope you get all your stuff sorted and feel at home quickly at your new place!

  2. Hello,Val:-)
    Beautiful and elegant lanyards. I'd wear them with pleasure,of course,if I used the e-cigarettes....I still smoke the usual ones,and have been thinking of giving it up.
    Your house is in the real 'Scandinavian style' : either for the external,or internal looks.
    I love it for space and the 'minimalism' of the setting.Nice colors and beautifully furnished.
    I think-easy to clean,easy to use,cosy to live in.
    -All the best to You-

  3. In my case it would be a nightmare moving to another place. The more space you have the more stuff you get. But you did it. Great! Wish you all the best in your new home!

  4. the laynards look great, and your house was cute, but it's off to a new adventure for you. :0) I love the orange bathroom! I suggested that we paint our outside trim orange, and hubby thinks I fell off my rocker, lol

  5. that was a beautiful home. i hope you will 'nest' into jim's place, too. :)

  6. Gorgeous pieces & what a lovely home. I hope you have the same in your new space with Jim too :) Have a wonderful week dear girl Xxx

  7. Those wood floors are beautiful, Val! I've never seen an orange bathroom before. It is cheery. =0)

  8. I can see why you'll miss that charming house. But best of luck in your new one! Post some photos when you get settled in, okay?

  9. What a sweet house this is, Val, and I can surely understand why you'd miss it.
    Congratulations on your move, and a wonderful new chapter.

    Have a fantastic week!

  10. Very nice house, very cozy, but you are now moving on to new and exciting adventures! I know how you feel about leaving it. Before I remarried I had the cutest apartment. I did all the decorating myself and was a comfy home. My kids lived with me for a couple years but most of the time, I lived alone. Five years later I still kind of miss that time, and I find myself looking back at my pictures too. You'll probably do the same. But after all that is said, look at the both of us now, we are running our own businesses and living our dreams! Best of luck to you in your new home. Be sure to share some pics, especially after you "girl up his place." That's why my husband said I did to him.

  11. Wow, things are moving so fast! I love the new pieces you created. Custom orders are fantastic. You already know they're going to be loved. I love your home and I know you'll miss it. I'm glad your realtor was able to use your photos. Gorgeous space!

  12. Congrats on your move, Val! That is a pretty house, though. I think I'd miss it too. We have been on the ecigs since January and are feeling much better. I like your idea of the lanyards!

  13. Your home was lovely and you are an ace housekeeper :-) congratulations on your move...

  14. Oh Val ~ your house is so sweet ~ and your love of it shows in the pictures you took. You will carry those 5.5 years of memories with you no matter where you are living. The e-cig lanyard is cool, and a whole new line of inspiration!

  15. Good idea posting those pictures yes you will want to remember that charming house, very neat kept! Good luck on your new house!

  16. love that house! I agree with Christine - it shows that you loved it. I wish you all the best in your new home

  17. what a wonderful house, with so many memories! glad you got them on film. I did the same with our last house and go through them from time to time. Nice to have! But enjoy the life ahead of you - a wonderful new chapter ;)

  18. Your old place looks very nice. I am sure you will enjoy your new one.

  19. I can see why you will miss your little house! Very nice home! I love the layout and I love your colours ;o) Very sweet!!! It's hard to find a nice home like that!
    Congrats to the lady who quite smoking! Interesting way to use your lanyards! I think you should put them in your shop!
    Big Hugs and post pics when your move is done ;o)

  20. Love the pink lanyard. I had no idea these could be used for ecigs either, but they're definitely worth adding to your shop. I see these more and more these days.
    Glad you got all moved. Now comes the organizing...yuk! Best of luck with it all :)

  21. Your house was beautiful, and I am sure your new space with Jim will be just as wonderful! Enjoy your time setting up your new space. I love the pink lanyard, I did not realize those ecigs were that popular :)
    Valerie Everyday Inspired

  22. You'll be so glad you have these pictures! Now you get to make new memories!

  23. Happy new home! What a delightful house you had! I actually thought you already lived with Jim... big changes going on I guess! Hope you will enjoy your new home and the beautiful pink flowers.

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