Sunday, June 29, 2014

Joseph Carr Winery and New Jewelry Findings

New Findings 
I've been adding new jewelry findings to my shop in recent months. I try to look for items which are not as easy to find online. 

Those kidney ear wires are sterling silver filled and the screwback earclips are solid sterling silver. I've also added some antiqued finishes which are popular for that vintage look. I've come across some cool brass and copper wires to make findings and do wrapping. 

I also added copper and brass cuff bracelet blanks (not shown). They can be stamped, textured, painted, soldered and more for custom cuffs!

Josh Wine
One of Jim's favorite wines is Josh Cabernet Sauvignon. So we recently went to BJs Wholesale to see what wines they stock. Well Josh wine was at the door when we walked in. So Jim says, "there's Josh" meaning the wine. Well an employee said "here is Josh". The actual "Josh" was right there for a tasting to promote this tasty goodness. The timing could not have been more perfect!  
His actual name is Joseph Carr which is the name of the original Napa County winery which also creates delicious bottles.  
Our signed Josh bottles.
The Josh Winery is called Josh Cellars in honor of Joseph, Jr's dad whose nickname was Josh.  The wines are described as "bold and expressive, but unassuming and approachable". I would describe them simply as delicious! We brought home signed bottles of the cabernet savignon and merlot. Merlot is not something we typically drink but when we tasted it, we agreed we needed a bottle of it! 

In Massachusetts you don't need a membership to the wholesale clubs like Costco and BJs to purchase alcohol. I'm not sure about other states, but if you have one of these stores nearby but don't have a need for a membership, your state may have a similar law. The prices are much lower than traditional liquor stores!

Feeding the Critters!
Wildlife provides us with plenty of entertainment. We typically have wine and popcorn each day while sitting outside (as long as weather permits).  
So we give the leftover popcorn to the other residents of the property. They love it! The chipmunk is always a riot to watch as he tries to stuff as much of the popcorn in his cheeks as he can! 
Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are having a beautiful summer! ~Val


  1. How serendipitous and fun to have met Josh himself! And screwback earrings, wow -- my Mom had some of those from the 1950s. I always found them to be awkward to put on. The world's best argument for getting your ears pierced instead, LOL! I didn't even know screwbacks were still being made.

  2. Your little critters are so cute! We have on that likes to run across the deck. I swear it is just to torment Bubba! I love wineries! They are so much fun. The last one I went to was in Pennsylvania when I was visiting my daughter. A great way to spend and afternoon.

  3. What serendipity (meeting "Josh")!!
    That must have been really surprising. :-)

    I love your little critters. We have A LOT of chipmunk families this year, and I just love watching them stuff their little cheeks with the goodies I leave for them.

    Have a wonderful week, Val!

  4. what a great experience to meet Josh :)

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  5. Cool to meet the "real Josh"!! And lucky you for taking home signed bottles :)
    Haha, that is too cute about the chipmunk :) I leave plenty of seeds/nuts out for the animals that visit my garden as well!
    have a great week, Val!

  6. This is really cool that you got to meet Josh. The chipmunk is super precious, love that!! Have a great week :) xx

  7. Those fancy copper wires look interesting! We don't have chipmunks in the UK but they look really sweet. I hope you got Josh's autograph!

  8. such cute critters! and looks like you guys are having a lot of fun wine shopping :) we always enjoy it - especially when it is in CA! ha

  9. How cool to meet the owner and get some signed bottles!
    That chipmunk is SO cute!

  10. My mom had screw back earrings! I bet a lot of people are really going to enjoy the findings you added to your shop ;o)
    What a wonderful day with the wine! So much fun! Great photo ;o)
    I love chipmunks ;o)
    I have never had popcorn and wine? I must try ;o) LOL!
    Big Hugs ;o)

  11. The chipmunk is too cute! How lovely!

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  13. Looks like you tasted some amazing wines.

  14. What a cute "Josh" story! My kids would adore that chipmunk in your garden. So cute!

  15. I absolutely love your earrings, they're very special!


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