Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ring Bases and Fried Plantains

New Ring Bases
These ring bases are sterling silver. They have a hole on each side for wire wrapping. There are a lot of possibilities with these neat findings! Available in my Etsy shop in both size 6 or 7.

Jim cooked me some plantains! Mmmm!
They need to be super ripe, black...close to rotteness to be most delicious! It took 2 weeks of waiting for them to be ready after buying them.

The skins needs to be sliced first and then the flesh peeled out. 
It is not simple like a ripe banana! Then slice them to desired shape/size.
He fries them in vegetable oil which is how his Cuban roots cook them.
Cook until golden brown, turning over once. We are using the awesome, huge tongs from Woodent it be Nice on Etsy!
While these are not pretty to look at, they are like fried candy!!!
Fried on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside. 

Johnny Depp
This is just a happy bit about Johnny Depp. We all like to hear about favorite celebrities being grateful to their fans. He has been in the area lately since he is playing Whitey Bulger in an upcoming film. 
Depp in character - not his most attractive role.
They were filming at a local pub this past week and used Jim's work parking lot for the trailers and such! Well when Mr. Depp arrived, he stopped the car to shake hands with the regular people. What a guy! Did Jim meet him? No. Like me, he does not care for crowds. Of course Depp attracts large crowds and security. It is fun to hear about and see the bits on the news with the sitings. 

Thank you for stopping by! Have an awesome week. ~Val


  1. Hello,Val:
    Deep fried 'old bananas' sounds great:-))
    You had the 'attraction' in the city:-))
    I do not even know,if I like Depp's films.
    They are strange.He seems strange too:-))
    -All the Best to You-

  2. That Plantain looks good! I thought they were bananas. Interesting how similar they are.

  3. nice that he's a good guy. :)

    i've had fried plantains in a cuban style restaurant before. they'd have to 'grow' on me. :)

  4. I LOVE fried plantains, and have not had them in a very long time.
    Going to have to do something about that!!

    Have a wonderful week, Val.

  5. Like Lisa I love them, but haven't had them in ages! So hungry for them now :)
    Another celebrity sighting in your area! Honestly I wouldn't have recognized Johnny Depp if you hadn't pointed it out :)

  6. I love plantains, so yummy!! And its so so so cool you saw Johnny Depp, haha. I love him, been a favourite actor since I was a child!! Looks un-like himself there, haha. I hope you have a gorgeous week doll xx

  7. believe it or not i never tried plantain ever. i should ;) it's so cool you saw johnny depp!

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    the STYLE Fringe BLOGLOVIN

  8. Struggling to get to blogs now that summer is here, but I am glad I made it at least one more week to see this delicious banana treat! I will need to try this!!! mmm mmm good! and same for Johnny...mmm mmm mmm mmm MMM!

  9. I've never tried plantains before, but they look really great fried up like that! Maybe I'll give them a try this summer.

  10. I've never had plaintains, fried or otherwise. I'll have to give them a try some time. And I love JOHNNY! hahaha. but his movies are a bit bizarre. :0)

  11. I wish I could try your delicious dish. And I would like to have a cooking husband ;) That must be heaven ...

  12. I love Johnny Depp! That's so cool he is in your town.
    I love plantains. Being a midwestern girl I had never had them until I met my husband, who is from Haiti. They are a staple in his country, and we eat them when they are green and very ripe.
    Everyday Inspired

  13. That ring looks like fun! I can just imagine the designs with this one :) and those plantains look so yummy ... LOVE those! I'm with Jim on crowds, but it would be fun to meet Johnny - always been a fan

  14. Those ring bases are cool! You should make some Val ;o)
    And, you got me hungry again! I shouldn't read your blog, before going to bed! LOL! My brother always talks about plantains. I should try them!
    What do you mean,the skins needs to be sliced first and then the flesh peeled out?
    Johnny is in your town!!! I really shouldn't have read your blog before going to bed! LOL! I would have jumped him! Who cares about his fiancee! LOL! He still looks cute bald!
    Big Hugs ;o)

  15. Back in the day I would have braved the crowd for a glimpse of a celebrity, but not now. It's exciting just knowing I might be near one now! I've never had plantains but would like to.

  16. Never tried plantations. Love Jonny Depp! He was filming here a few years back and my friend was trying to talk me into stalking his hotel. It didn't work though. I was too chicken.

  17. Nice ring base. I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

  18. Yum! I love fried plantains!

  19. Love plantains fried or mashed! Not too many Cuban restaurants in Seattle so I may just have to cook some of these!

  20. I love plantains my Mom can do a lot of sumptuous dishes with it.
    And I love Johnny Depp too
    he is so cool.

  21. Hi Miss Val! I love fried plantain in a little butter drizzle some condensed milk and sprinkle cinnamon yum yum oh and a glass of milk! That was my cravings all thorough Sophia's pregnancy!! During Xavi's cravings was tamales and home made flan!

    By the way yum yum about Johnny Deep...but in that character he looks like Nicolas Cage :(

  22. Johnny Depp. Wow! I love fried plantains. I've had both kinds and I love them both for different reasons - the ones fried and sweet (very ripe) and the other ones that are salty (green). I have one of those tostoneras to make them flat, but I haven't tried it in such a long time. Maybe this summer?


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