Sunday, July 27, 2014

Unisex Eyeglass Chains, Eyeglasses and A Yard Update

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Unisex Eyeglass Chains
I've added 2 more styles of unisex eyeglass chains. I tend to struggle with men's items since I question if something is too girly or not! I was shocked that one of each sold within 24 hours! 
These are available in my Etsy shop. However I'm currently out of the crazy horse stone now since I ran out of the beads. They are on order as well as a couple of other stones that I think will be perfect for the unisex chains!

Some of you noticed my new photo! The time came that I needed to fill a prescription. I knew this was coming and I was starting to get headaches. The prescription is extremely mild but is making a huge difference for me when working! Reading glasses were no longer cutting it.
I had Lasik surgery in June 2013. However my eyes were really bad so there was no possibility of 20/20 from the procedure. I could have gone back for enhancements later but did not want to go through that stress again.

Needless to say, I knew I would be wearing glasses again. These are only for working. My other day to day activities don't require glasses so I'm still super happy with the results....and no contact lenses EVER AGAIN!  I picked out the least expensive pair of frames available and love their boldness.

Yard Update
A snake left its skin behind on the steps in the yard.
What awesome texture these creatures have. While Jim protects me from spiders, I have to protect him from snakes!!!

The hostas are dangling their flowers.
Three bunnies grazing together! I took this photo through the screen door so I would not interrupt their feast.
Thank you for stopping by!!! Have a beautiful week! ~Val


  1. Congrats on the sale! Love that crazy horse jasper - one of my favorites. I like the new glasses on you and so glad to hear that the surgery has had positive results! cute bunnies, and cool snake skin - love the patterns in the skin!

  2. Lookin' good in your new specs! And love those bunnies!

  3. I love those glasses on you, Val!!
    I have some really bold ones for reading, also. Just like the look. They were hard to find though. Seems like everything is all about those tiny little glasses with wire or no frame.

    Your little bunnies are adorable!!

  4. Love those eyeglass holders... and those cute little bunnies, they're eating up everything ;)

  5. Those are great eyeglass holders Val, Red Creek Jasper or Picasso Jasper would also be a great stone to use for a unisex holder. I think you rock those glasses. The snake skin is cool, but it would have freaked me out knowing one was that close to the house. The Hostas are beautiful and the bunnies are adorable.

  6. Hi Val!
    The neutral colours of the lanyards go with everything, so no wonder they sold fast!!
    I think it's great you only need to wear glasses for work - you chose a stylish pair. I know my next one will be similar :) I don't mind spiders or snakes, but I do mind mosquitos...
    How cute...a bunny family :)

  7. Congrats on the quick sales of you new lanyards!
    Yikes on the snake (glad it's only a shed!), but the bunnies sure are cute :)

  8. Some people have lawnmower, you have bunnies. A lovely alternative!
    Glasses suits you!

  9. So gorgeous doll, congrats on the sale too. Those bunnies are so sweet :))) x

  10. haha. . .I was laughing about you protecting Jim from the snakes :) I am like him and have an extreme dislike for the creatures - just the thought of them make me squeamish!

    LOVE and I mean love your eyeglass chains! If I wore glasses than I would buy one in a heartbeat.

    Happy Monday to you!

  11. The snakeskin is a really cool find.

  12. I like the glasses...bigger seems to be "in" right now. I didn't know hosta's flowered, how pretty.

  13. Congrats on the quick sales! You've got some winners! Keep making them ;o)
    I love your bold glasses! I might have to get some new ones in September. I want bold ones too ;o)
    Snake skin, cool ;o) You made me laugh about Jim protecting you from spiders, and you protecting him from snakes! LOL! A good couple ;o)
    Garden is looking great ;o) Love those bunnies ;o)
    Hugs ;o)

  14. Love your picture of your new glasses!!! Its great that you are having such quick sales! I enjoyed your yard update. The photos are so pretty, even the snake skin. Where I live we have rattle snakes so seeing the skins on the ground make me just a little, a lot nervous!

  15. What fun yard photos! I always try to take photos through the glass or screens too so I don't interrupt the wildlife. I like them to feel secure in my yard. The flowers are beautiful and the snakeskin is so cool! I love snakes, it's earthworms I'm deathly afraid of. Strange, I know.

    Your glasses are so cute! It's amazing how a change like wearing glasses can cure headaches.

  16. If a found snake skin anywhere near the house i would be so scared.
    Those glasses lookd fantastic

  17. Congrats on the sales! I think having items for men or that are unisex is a fabulous idea. It's often hard to shop on Etsy for men things. You did great! Love the glasses. But not the snake skin! Had I seen that skin, I would have been looking over my shoulder and checking out my surroundings for days. Eeech!

  18. Great product! Follow for follow? Please let me know.

  19. I'm loving the look of those new eyeglasses! They fit perfectly on you and frame your face well. The eyeglass chains look uber cool too. Anyway, those bunnies grazing on your yard are so adorable. How I wish my yard would be visited by some of those cuteness as well. Hahaha! Thank you for sharing! More power to you and your crafts!

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes


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