Sunday, August 24, 2014

Black Onyx Earrings and A Life Update

Black Onyx Dangles
Black onyx is always a classic! These pretties are accented with sterling silver. Available in my Etsy shop.

Life Update
The summer flew by as usual! The house became really quiet as Jim's parents headed back to Florida after being with us for the summer. It was tons of fun getting to know them since I hadn't spent much time with them before.  

We will be staying in Massachusetts for a little while longer (not sure how long that is) before relocating to sunny, palm tree filled Florida. I know...we have been back and forth on this a bunch of times!  I'm certainly not looking forward to shoveling snow again. Ugh.

I got a cool task light!
It has a magnifier on top when I need it. The arm is quite flexible and can be moved all the way to the table.
I've wanted to treat myself for a long time with one but it is now a necessity in my new work space with the daylight becoming less and less each day. Forgive my messy work table. It was a super busy week with product orders arriving!

There has been a baby hawk in the neighborhood driving me crazy. It cries to mommy for food. The cry is a horrendous sound!
I think that is the baby in the tree and the mom flying behind it. This seemed to be the baby's favorite perch to cry from. 
We have a really good repuation in the neighborhood with the birds.
So good that even the nervous cardinals have joined in on the feasts we provided.

There are even some red winged blackbirds!
There has been talk of a shortage of honey bees but they are extremely happy here enjoying the nectar of the mint flowers! The mint has been covered with these happy little creatures.

One of my sweet customers sent me some of her handmade envelopes that are just the right size to fit my eyeglass chains! How cute are they? She does not have an Etsy shop but is seriously considering opening one.
Thank you for stopping by! I hope your summer was fabulous! ~Val


  1. Hey Val, this summer has flown by, but I have to admit, I am ready for fall/winter ;o)
    Yes, I like shovelling snow! LOL! But, I feel for you. Sometimes, it can be a lot to do ;o)
    Your earrings are so pretty! Very classy ;o)
    Love the new lamp! I was looking at the same one, but got a different one, without the magnifying. Didn't know if I would use it for my painting?
    I love your bird pictures! You are a good mommy ;o) Everyone is happy ;o)
    Very cool about the baby hawk! I can imagine the cries!
    We have had a lot of bees this year too! Which is excellent!
    Love the gift of the handmade envelopes!
    Big Hugs and have a great week ;o)

  2. Happy you had fun with Jim's parents ;o)

  3. Redwing blackbirds are one of my favourite birds -- how nice to see them in your yard!

  4. well, if you know the snow won't be forever, i'm sure you'll make it through another winter. :) love your happy yard!

  5. Relocating to a sunny place sounds like heaven to me! Autumn seems to be early this year over here. Those envelops are supercute, I'm a big fan of pretty packaging.

  6. I'm with Marieken...would love to relocate to somewhere warm :)
    That's a lot of birdy activity in your garden - must be fun to watch! Glad your plants are keeping the honey bees busy. We really depend on these creatures!
    The earrings you made look very classy :)

  7. Lovely earrings, black and silver always look good together.
    I love your photos of the cardinals, they're so colourful and seem terribly exotic to me (in the UK) I'd love to look out my window and see something like that :D
    It does sound like heaven to be able to relocate to Florida, you lucky things!

  8. pretty earrings Val - love onyx! I bet it is quiet around the house with just the two of you now. and really great light - I could use more in my studio for sure!

  9. Hopefully you guys move to Florida before the snow is here, then the following time you see snow hopefully a few years down the road you will be happy to see it again!

    Those are really nice envelopes.

  10. Hi Val! I have been thinking of you lately - it's good to stop by for a visit :)

    Your envelopes from your friend are so pretty and are such a nice addition to your jewelry. And those birds are just wonderful! I never tire of watching the pretty creatures.

    Have a lovely week! Hugs

  11. The earrings are beautiful. Love the simple yet elegant style. Poor baby hawk! At least he will grow up soon and won't be so annoying. You certainly do have a yard for birds! They love you.

    The envelops are beautiful! I hope she opens up a shop, I'm sure she will sell a lot of them.

    Yuck for winter. Not looking forward to it. They say we are in for another bad one. On the bright side, we work from home!

  12. Those earrings are beautiful, Val. Not sure I''m using the correct term here, but the "ear wires" are striking (the little flat area on them). I think it really adds a beautiful touch to the earrings.

    I was just thinking about shoveling/snow/cold this morning, as I noticed that not only are the leaves changing very quickly, but they are beginning to fall too. I do not ever remember this happening this early. :-(

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  13. I love earrings that can be worn with about anything...these black onyx fit the bill!
    Florida sounds way better than shoveling snow :) But those cardinals might be worth sticking around for!

  14. very pretty doll. I hope Florida is fun for you, sounds much better than snow or bad weather. Have a great week xx

  15. Your magnifier looks amazing. I have been looking into getting one for my jewelry making I do on the side.

  16. Love your little animal farm. It's super cute :)

  17. hi darling, I have a bracelet with onyx, which would go great with these earrings.

  18. The earrings are lovely
    and those envelopes from your customer are cute.

  19. Those earrings are beautiful and the new task light looks so cool! I lived in Florida for a year (I'm in Chicago now) and it was the best winter ever. :) I hope you can get down there after this one so it's officially your last night shoveling snow.

  20. Nice earrings, dear Val!!!
    I hope you are well!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  21. Those earrings are beautiful.stunning
    Have a great weekend


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