Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happy Fall

New Ear Wires
More new earring wires! These have a 22kt gold plating over sterling silver. They have a beautiful matte finish with a color close to 14kt gold. Available in my Etsy findings shop.

Blog Feature
A special thanks to bloggy friend Libby of Artistic Expressions by Elisabeth for doing this sweet blog feature on my business!

Libby is super creative in so many ways. She is also an amazing photographer! Check out her blog and youtube channel for how to's and more!

Happy Fall to everyone! This is the 1 season I will miss when we eventually relocate to Florida.

I'm enjoying a dogwood out of the office window that is full of red leaves and berries.

There is also an evergreen shrub there too with red berries!

Bargain goodies
I got myself a much needed new shredder a couple of weeks ago! It kicks butt!
I almost bought one the same brand on the Home Shopping Network. I've never purchased anything through them before but stumbled on it while channel surfing. I was so tempted but found one just like it for the same price in a local store! I haven't tried putting a CD through yet but it eats credit cards quite nicely.

I found a Columbia fleece for $20! It will likely be worn around the house in the cold months since it is much warmer than a sweatshirt.
Ok, so it is boys size large and has a label inside for me to put my name in case I lose it on the playground. Hehe!
Then there are my cozy warm slippers for only $10!!! I've been enjoying these. I was going to look for booty style for extra warmth but could not resist the price and cushiness of these.
I also tried these vermicelli rice noodles. This was a new kitchen thing for me! They have 0 nutritional value but I love them anyway!
On the package it says they can be fried to make the crunchy noodles which I have only had in restaurants before. I will be attempting to cook them that way next time!

Ok, enough babbling. I hope you are all enjoying the season change if you are experiencing one!

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great week! ~Val


  1. So I see you are ready for winter. What about your plans moving to Florida?
    I sometimes use these rice noodles too and I like them.
    Have a good week. Enjoy fall!

  2. love the second pair, interesting noodles, enjoying some of your vegetarian shares :-) I love the Evergreen berry.

  3. Clearly you are getting into warmth for Autumn! Enjoy your new fleece and slippers, they rock!

  4. I am loving yur fleece and slippers! And they were such gret deals :)

    Beautiful pictures, dear Val - thanks for sharing. Hugs to you!

  5. my favorite earwires - leverbacks. looks like you've been doing some great shopping - and enjoying yourself :)

  6. Definitely a season change here! 33 degrees this morning, and I had not gotten the winter coats out yet. You can bet I fixed that today!

    I love these ear wires. Very delicate.

    With your fleece and those wonderful slippers, it looks like you are all set for the change of seasons.

    Stay warm, and have a wonderful week ahead, Val!

  7. Finally catching up a little on blogs. heehee
    I love that zippered fleece jacket. It looks so warm. As I am at my mom's (due to the bathroom project) I find myself wearing the same things in different orders at work each week. The temps are changing and I need to find warm things like this to keep me cozy. What great prices! And I love your visions of fall. :-)

    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

    p.s. Thanks for the shout out. :-)

  8. Hi Val!
    enjoyed reading your interview and I feel the same about some of the goodies that I sell too! Btw, it is not unusual for me to buy Tshirts in the kid's department...;-) I'm wearing almost the same outfit as you - grey fleece, jeans plus my woolie house booties!!! Those pops of red in your garden look so pretty!

  9. I always hate it when I loose my stuff at the playground! And I love the view you have from your office.

  10. I love finding things I can wear in the kids section :) I found a great pair of sandals for the river in the boys section last! And there's nothing better than warm, comfy slippers!

  11. I love the earwires at the bottom, great shape! That reminds me I need some new slippers too, my old one's have holes in them :D
    Great post on Elisabeth's blog!

  12. Hey Val ;o) The season is changing around here ;o) You made me laugh about the tag in your fleece jacket! LOL! So cute! Your slippers rock! I love them! Great post my friend ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  13. Nice shredder. A good shredder is always important.

  14. The colors of Fall...they do not get any better! That last hurrah before the grey.
    The name tag in the Columbia jacket made me laugh, but what a bargain! And the slippers too! You will be nice and cozy during another New England winter.
    Loving those ear wires! I always make mine with that extra curl too :-)

  15. and P.S. Nice blog feature about you :-D

  16. You are going to love Florida! I've been to Gainesville, Tallahassee and Miami. Loved them all. I just purchased some fleece jackets to wear with leggings around the house. They feel so good when it gets cold. You got some great things. Love those earrings.

  17. Nice photos!!! I love your fleece and slippers!
    Have a nice day!!!:)))

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  18. Great post those earrings they are awesome

  19. Love the warm slippers
    and I think I also need a shredder.
    The earrings look wonderful♥

  20. I would really miss the fall colors if we were to move to a warmer climate. I do think it's a nice swap though to be able to see palm trees everyday!

    Love the jacket. I'm so glad you won't have to worry about losing it on the playground!

  21. Funny! That is a strange combination of new finds :) Those red berries look stunning!

  22. Congratulations on the feature! I like the color on those slippers, shredding credit cards ah? that's a nice one! Greetings Miss Val enjoy fall season!

  23. congrats on y our feature~ happy fall :)

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