Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 Oscars Fashion

New Stone in My Shop
This is named tigerskin jasper.
Pictured is a unisex eyeglass chain. I also also made ladies eyeglass chains and lanyards with this beautiful brown stone!

2015 Oscar Fashion
There were many gorgeous gowns this year (and many not so gorgeous but I will keep it positive). 

Here are some of my favorites.

I love this one! Of course this showed up on worst dressed lists. Scarlett Johansson in Versace. 
Reese Witherspoon in Tom Ford.
Behati Prinsloo in Armani Prive. I did not know who this gorgeous lady is but found out she is a Victoria's Secret model so of course she will look great in anything.
So classy is Cate Blanchett in John Galliano.
Always stunning is Lupita Nyong'o. She is wearing Calvin Klein.
Here is Gweneth Paltrow in Ralph & Russo.
I watched most of the nominated movies this year and was excited to see Birdman receive best picture. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel is right up my alley in terms of movies I love so it was great seeing its multiple wins!

Eddie Redmayne (best actor) was phenomenal in The Theory of Everything. I hope we see him in more amazing films in the future. I feel the same about his co-star Felicity Jones.

Julianne Moore (best actress) has always been a favorite is mine. She has been quite a risk taker over the years. Although Still Alice was terribly depressing, she was brilliant!

Thank you so stopping by. Happy movie watching if you are looking to catch up. ~Val


  1. have not seen any of the movies nominated and did not watch the oscars. did peek at some of the highlights on msn. LOVED reese's dress - my favorite - although she's a big proponent of asking women about their acting and not their dress. :)

  2. I see you like slim fitting dresses. I like the ones of Jennifer Lopez, Rosamund Pike and Lupitas too.

  3. Tigerskin jasper is such a beautiful stone, love seeing used for an eyeglass chain; practical art!

  4. I love your necklace. So pretty and fabulous earthy color. I love neutrals. Love your Oscar picks! Ours is pretty much the same. I loved that turquoise necklace on Cate Blanchett. Oscar winning movies DO seem depressing and sad. HAHAHA

  5. I haven't seen the Oscars but I always enjoy your picks :) I think the emerald green one is fabulous!
    Love the earthy tones of the jasper!

  6. I really liked Scarlett Johansson's gown too but I think that huge necklace/scarf thing detracted from it.

  7. Great overview of frocks here! I do love Tom Ford...always. Behati looked know she's married to Adam Levine, right? Mmmmhmmm... I should really have seen more of the nominated films (The Imitation Game was the only movie that remotely appealed)...

  8. Gorgeous gowns, but it's something about the simplicity and classiness of the black gown that I love.

  9. I love the new stone in your shop! Nice earthy colour! I love looking at all the gowns ;o) Scarlett Johansson did look stunning! Big Hugs ;o)

  10. such a lovely necklace Val! that stone is beautiful!! The Oscars always make me think of you :) and agree that Grand Budapest Hotel movie is one to watch and a favorite. Hope you're staying warm!

  11. I love Cate Blanchett's simple black dress paired with her beautiful necklace!

  12. I agree with you about the dresses except Scarlett Johansson didn't need the big green necklace. It spoilt it a bit.

  13. That's is what I watch for in Oscar's
    the gorgeous gowns.
    I love Nicole Kidman's strapless gown.
    It is not in here but it really looks good.
    Reese's gown is lovely too.

  14. Lovely necklace!!! and beautiful dresses!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!:))))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  15. The tigerskin jasper is a nice earthy tone. I like the name of it!

    Beautiful dresses. All of them. I didn't watch the whole show, only parts of it here and there.

  16. That necklace isv so beautiful
    Stunning gowns

  17. me gusta mucho el vestido de Reese Witherspoon

  18. I have not seen any of those movies! I love watching all those gorgeous dresses, and Cate Blanchett always looks gorgeous.

  19. Don't know how Julianna Moore would be in real life, but she gives her characters style!


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