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Chronicle Appearance and Massachusetts State Symbols

So I got the clip! Unfortunately I couldn't embed it, but it can be found here:

Segment on state rock, mineral, gem and fossil.

An ad plays first (of course) then I come in at about 2:30 on the counter underneath. 

I was happy with how they edited it! 

Massachusetts State Symbols
Massachusetts may be a small state but we are second to Texas with the most state symbols! It was entertaining to learn them all. Yes I have lived in MA my entire life and never knew we had a state gem, let alone all these other symbols!

So many quirky things I learned like Dr. Seuss was from MA (how awesome is that?). That there is a state cat (tabby). The cute little ladybug is our state insect. So much more too as seen below.

designation of residents - Bay Staters

flower - Mayflower
tree - American elm
bird - chickadee
Game Bird - wild turkey (my parents get flocks of them in their yard)
horse - Morgan horse
insect - ladybug 
fish - cod
reptile - garter snake (one of these got in the pool last summer!)
dog - Boston terrier (makes sense)
cat - tabby cat 
marine mammel - right whale (this is a little funny since whales do not live on land in the state)

gem - stone (now I know)
fossil - dinosaur track (interesting)
mineral - babingtonite
historical rock - Plymouth Rock (where the pilgrims landed)
explorer rock - Dighton Rock
rock - Roxbury puddingstone (this is pretty cool looking)
soil - Paxton Soil Series 
shell - New England Neptune
building and monument stone - granite

song - All Hail to Massachusetts by Arthur J Marsh
folk song - Massachusetts by Arlo Guthrie
poem - Blue Hills of Massachusetts
glee club song - The Great State of Massachusetts
polka - Say Hello to Someone from Massachusetts

muffin - corn muffin (love these)
beverage - cranberry juice (we have cranberry bogs)
bean - baked navy bean
berry - cranberry (again, bog city!)
dessert - Boston cream pie (makes sense)
cookie - chocolate ship cookie
donut - Boston cream donut (makes sense)

district tartan  - Bay State Tartan
colors - blue, green and cranberry

sport - basketball
inventor - Benjamin Franklin
children's book - Make Way for Ducklings
children's author and children's illustrator - Theodor Geisel/Dr. Seuss
artist - Norman Rockwell
heroine - Deborah Sampson I probably learned about this woman when I was young but don't remember. What an amazing person!

ceremonial march - The Road to Boston
Patriotic Song - Massachusetts (Because of Your Our Land is Free)
ode - Ode to Massachusetts
folk dance - square dance
folk hero - Johnny Appleseed
blues artist  - Taj Mahal

Vietnam veterans' memorial - Worcester Vietnam Veterans' Memorial
peace statue - orange peace statue
Korean War Memorial - Charlestown Navy Yard Korean War Memorial
Southwest Asia War Veterans' Memorial - Worcester Southwest Asia War Veterans' Memorial
MIA/POW memorial - Massachusetts National Cemetery MIA/POW Memorial

Anyway, this list will surely keep growing. There is currently a push for Aerosmith's Dream On to be a state song. I saw them live while in high school back in the Dude Looks Like A Lady days! 

It appears that if someone feels a symbol is lacking, with enough push, can create a new official symbol! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing our long list of symbols and it inspires you to check out your own local symbols what you may be unaware of! 

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  1. What a great report! Congrats! It is so great to finally hear your voice. You look gorgeous on TV.

  2. as is often the case, my connection isn't fast enough to play the video without horrendous stops and starts. but that's a slew of symbols you've got!

  3. Hi Val,
    Great article, congratulations on being featured. Now when I read your blog I will hear your lovely voice. Wow Massachusetts has a lot of fascinating symbols, this makes me want to look up what all is represented in my state.

  4. You did so well and look so great! I like that they mentioned your blog -- may you get many new customers because of it! The whole clip was very interesting actually. I had never heard of puddingstone before, for example. I hope to visit Boston someday. When my ancestors first came to the New World from England, they lived in Boston. Then they wound up in New Jersey somehow and after that went to Upper Canada as United Empire Loyalists.

  5. How lovely to see you, and what a great report; glad they showed your blog!

  6. oh how awesome is that! loved watching the segment, and so fun to see you in action in your studio :) congrats on the feature (and hope you get lots of traffic from this one!!)

  7. Wow, Val, this is all fantastic! The news segment was excellent. I like how they edited it as well. You look fabulous and I finally got to hear your voice. :-) I think we could all use some healing stones about now with all the stuff going on this season. Wishing you continued success with your business!

  8. Great info, Val, and you know after having lived there for 10 or so years, I knew very little of this.
    I hope you've had a great weekend!

  9. It was interesting reading all the symbols you have and to see you on TV (or at least in the clip!) You looked great and very calm - I would've been shaking like a leaf!

  10. That is awesome,
    Great post dear

  11. I had to watch it twice, as I didn't want to miss anything you said. It was so great to see and hear you :)
    Also, interesting about the puddingstone!

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  14. It was great to see you on video and hear your voice! What great exposure for you! And what a fun list :-)

  15. This is so interesting! Now you've got me wanting to research my own state.

  16. HaHa Val! You learned so much about your State and so did I! This was so interesting!

  17. me ha parecido muy interesante la cronica

  18. Nice. Such interesting facts. Thanks for sharing.

  19. OMG, Val! Congrats on the feature.
    It was so fun to hear your voice in the clip! I got to put a voice with your face. =0)
    And you're right - they did a really good job on the segment. It was fun to watch. And this is a great post full of awesome Mass. info.

  20. How fun to get to see your clip! You did a great job!
    And who knew there were so many different symbols for the states!

  21. Oh Val, I LOVED seeing you and hearing you talk :) Now I can put a voice to your face. Your part in the video was wonderful and the jewelry pieces that they showed were lovely!

    Have a great Sunday! Hugs!

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