Sunday, March 29, 2015

Custom Orders and Some Sushi

I had a couple of more fun custom orders this past week.

This skull lanyard was made for someone attending an upcoming Monsters of Rock cruise.
These skull are creepy and perfect! I have silver ones on order for 4 additional ones I will be making!

These hand stamped tags went to a jewelry designer for creating canine jewelry.
I look forward to seeing what she creates with them. I also stamped a dog ID tag but since it has a phone number on it, I will not be showing that on social media!

I also added some sweet new sterling silver bead caps to my shop this week.
Veggie Sushi
I came across this recipe from Sweet Potato Soul for sushi made with hummus. I have never heard of hummus in sushi before so of course I had to try it!
For veggies I used zucchini, carrots, raw cabbage and arugula. So delicious! 

Jim usually handles the roll making part but I was alone for this one. These were the only photo worthy pieces. I should have taken pictures of some of the others that totally fell apart! Luckily that did not affect the marvelous flavor.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! ~Val


  1. like the skull jewelry. :) and the handstamped items are just plain cool.

  2. Congrats on those custom orders!

    Your sushi looks great, I've made some for the first time and fortunately, they tasted better then they looked, especially the first ones. Did you make the hummus from scratch? And thanks for introducing me to that blog, I'm always on the lookout for good vegetarian recipes :-)

  3. I love handstamped jewelry. The disks look great!
    So does the vegie sushi!

  4. Yum! Your sushi looks so delicious, Val, and I just love those little hand-stamped pieces.
    Perfect for a very special furry friend.
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

  5. Wow stunning.
    That first piece is lovely

  6. I'm particularly loving the handstamped pieces! And the veggie sushi looks and sounds delicious. You're a step ahead of me. lol I made the roasted sweet potatoes yesterday. Total yum. Today I tried a homemade ramen soup. I'll post that about that one. I haven't eaten it yet. LOL

  7. well that sounds perfectly delicious! veggies with hummus - of course! Love the lanyard ... will make for a perfect addition for their cruise

  8. The handstamped tags are great! Those silver bead caps look so cute!
    Must check out the alternative sushi recipe :)

  9. Lovely pieces! Veggie Sushi sounds interesting!

  10. Those jewelry pieces are cool! I love hand stamped jewelry. So beautiful That sushi looks delicious Val! :D

  11. Nice custom work! Monsters of Rock Cruise...I would enjoy being a fly on the wall for that :-)
    The hummus sushi looks delicious!

  12. There are lots of things I haven't tried hummus being one of them! Barely yesterday I bought spaghetti squash I am going to attempt a recipe! Doggy tags sound fun!

  13. Cool, ghoulish skulls! Oh I love them. And you are also working with a dog tag designer? That sounds like fun! Awesome bead caps too. When I use to make jewelry, the right bead cap could make all the difference and your are beautiful. Great humus sushi. Would never have thought of that but it looks delicious. Can I have some of your energy? Big hugs!

  14. Your tags are lovely! I hope you get to see the finished pieces. The sushi - as I already told you - looks amazing!

  15. you have a lovely blog! :)

  16. A Monsters of Rock cruise would be so kind of music :)
    And your tags are so cute.
    I've never had sushi, but that sure does look tasty!

  17. son preciosos, y me encanta el sushi

  18. The skulls are wicked cool! And, I love the stamped tags!!! The sterling silver bead caps are pretty ;o) The veggie sushi looks so good! Hugs ;o)


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