Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Wooded Garden

This is a work in progress so it does not have a put together look yet.
This is the back corner of the garden that is wooded and grass does not care to grow. When I started cleaning it, inspiration showed up. 

First I bought 2 small holly which I love in winter. They only need 6 hours of sun a day and I think they get just about that. I had back luck trying to keep holly alive in the past so I am trying again. They need to be watered when it is not winter. Diligence is my problem!
Then Jim and I came across this Sedum Rupestre (Angelina) below. Neither of us were familiar with this plant but thought it has great vibrant color and softness! What sounded interesting is that they turn orange in winter. We shall see! People use these as ground cover, as filler and in rock gardens. We have sort of planted them on their own.
Lastly here we have 10 hostas that were growing along our front walkway. We were not fond of them there. The sun fried them and whoever planted them did not properly remove the sod first so there was grass growing through them like crazy!

Jim did an awesome job spacing them out. I like when a garden is not cookie cutter with patterns and such. I do the light duty work, he does the heavy duty work.
I read hostas can be moved during full leaf time by just cutting them back. I know I did a totally messy job but will manicure them some more before winter. They probably won't grow again until next year but we think they will be much happier in their new location. In the fall I am going to cover them with mulch so any grass left in them hopefully will not grow back next year.

In the spring we will get a huge mulch delivery which will really make this section attractive. Flower bulbs will go in this fall too so summer should be pretty and this area should fill in lushly!

While working in the area, Jim unearthed an old patio like situation that was half buried under dirt and moss. Judging by its shape it probably had a dog house on it.

A couple of the pieces have a cool mosaic look so we will repurpose them when we decide how to  use them best.
It kind of looks like we just buried a body in the yard since it is a rectangular shape.
Next we will be planting a magnolia tree in front of our living room window. We had been talking about what we wanted there but had not come to a decision. 

Then talking to our landscaper neighbor, she asked us if we wanted her young magnolia tree! She planted it a couple of years ago and it is still small but has decided over time it will not work in the spot it is in. So we are gladly going to take it off her hands and all of the neighbors will get to enjoy it when it flowers.

I hope you have enjoyed this peak at our newest garden area. I hope to be able to show a beautiful update next summer when it all comes together! Thank you for stopping by. ~Val


  1. Great idea to plant a magnolia tree! They are so lovely when in bloom!
    I like evergreens as well. We have boxwood but holly is pretty alternative :)

  2. haha! laughed at your 'burial' site. :)

  3. Looking so nice, Val!
    So about the did Jim like digging those out????
    We moved a bunch of them a few years ago, and oh my goodness, the root system!!! I had every garden tool we own in use, just trying to get them out. The good news? I actually just started hacking away at them, replanted where I wanted them, and the following year, it was like it never even happened. They came back beautifully!

    You have a great weekend!

  4. You guys have been busy - and the yard is looking good :) too bad you don't live closer as we continually get 'volunteer' seedlings from our japanese maple. we just toss them, but we'd happily give them away!

  5. Really nice post! Hope you have an amazing new week.


  6. Well you did a great job! It's exciting how everything will turn out.
    Have a nice week!

  7. I love magnolias, I hope the one your neighbour gave you will grow in your garden!

  8. I am sure it will turn out magnificent. Magnolias are so beautiful when in full bloom. Happy new week, Val.

  9. Your garden will look beautiful once all the plants are settled and the mulch is in its place. Minus the buried body of course lol! your flowers and plants always look dogs and the sun ruin my garden :(

  10. It looks like you've been having fun! I saw your Angelina and think I have one of those - I'll have to see if it turns orange this winter....:D

  11. I love magnolia trees! And any flowers that come back each year like bulbs :) I'm not the greatest at gardening, so I want the work I put in to stretch Your space is looking great.

  12. I love magnolia trees. In the spring when they are in bloom, they are so gorgeous and smell so good! Your garden will be very nice after all you've done!:)

  13. Planting a magnolia tree is such a great idea! x

    Have a great week,

  14. Wow Val!!! You guys have done a lot! Looking amazing!!!! I like gardens that aren't cookie cutter either!!! Great find with the stones!
    I have to tell you, last year, we had to get rid of our Magnolia tree. She was about 12 years old. They are prone to get a certain bug, that basically destroys the tree. The leaves turn black and it has like a moss yucky droppings allover it. Which is the poop from the bug and bees are attracted to it. One big mess. You can pay lots of money for spraying, but it's not just one spray, you need a lot of spraying over time! So, I am just letting you know!!!! I think it's more prone to older trees. But, since we haven't been getting "cold" winters, with lots of snow, many of these bugs haven't been dying off!
    Will e-mail soon! Big Hugs!

  15. So jealous you guys have a big garden to play in. I looove sedum it's a gorgeous ground cover :D

  16. Sounds like you are having fun with your new garden. I hope that everything thrives as planned! I also hope you did not bury any bodies in the garden, lol!!!

  17. Val, as one who does not have a green thumb at all, I am learning SO MUCH from you! There's so much to take in account when it comes to plants: sunlight, watering, climate etc. I love the research you are doing and I love how you & your hubby are working on these things together. You compliment one another, which is always nice. Your yard is going to be gorgeous! That was very nice of your neighbor! Magnolia trees are so fragrant. Keep us posted on how everything turns out.

  18. I think you'll like that holly bush. They are very hardy. We had one back when my kids were little and it got really big. We would take an annual picture of the kids in front of it every holiday season.

    Your new home is so nice!

  19. You have done a great job! I am sure it will look lovely when completely done, your little paradise :)


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