Saturday, December 17, 2016

A White Picket Fence

Some people think the America dream is dead. Not for us! We got our white picket fence.
We went with a classic New England style with black hardware that complements the house beautifully. The asphalt walkway will be replaced with something attractive in the spring by our talented concrete guy.

Here is a before from the street. You may remember this rose garden we planted in the summer. We created this garden area knowing the fence would be installed right behind it.
So there aren't many roses left so it is hard to get the idea of how pretty it will be. Our land is so not level so the fence goes up and down where the land goes up and down!
So now the massive shrubs are in the backyard. I am really looking forward to spring when the roses come back and rhododendrons bloom! 

Don't mind our mess here. It was leaf pick up time and the concrete guys still had stuff at our house. It is cleaned up now but right after clean up it snowed and weather has gone downhill since so I haven't taken any better photos.

A before from the back. You can see the old nasty concrete around the foundation too that is all brand new now. The asphalt here is part of the same walkway by the gate so that will be changed out with something pretty too.
The fence fell apart last winter and Jim used his talents to hold it together with some wood and a screw gun! As you can imagine, I was really wanting to replace it.
Our backyard really feels bigger now. The pictures don't quite show the openness but it is there now. Vinyl does not rot so I am happy about that!
The concrete guys' stuff again there!  

We are going to dig up the rhododendrons. 

You may notice a little black trim now on the shed that is not in the before photo. I am working on making it cuter. Hopefully in the spring it will look as I envision.
We may keep the 2 huge burning bushes there though. The rhododendrons surround them now. I would like to save the rhododendrons by transplanting but they are quite tall and ancient so we are not sure how that will go.
We have all winter to think about what we want to do now.
Well that is our last major project for 2016! Now for a hopefully quiet winter. 

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  1. wow what a change! but it really does open up the yard and let the sun in!

  2. Your new fence looks great, Val!
    Houses over here rarely have fences, we have hedges :)

  3. You know, I've always liked white picket fences and that is a BEAUTIFUL one! They were much more common in the 50s and 60s, I remember and I regret their decline in modern times. We had a white picket fence in front of our house made of alternating thicker pickets and thin ones. My Dad constructed it. He worked at the municipal hockey rink at the time, so he collected all the abandoned, broken wooden hockey sticks over course of the winter and in the spring, used them for the thin pickets on our fence. He was a resourceful guy, lol! And talk about the "ultimate" Canadian picket fence, eh?

  4. It's really starting to come together Val :D Looking forward to seeing what your concerete guy does with your paths.

  5. Val, you are doing such beautiful things with this wonderful home.
    I just love white picket fences, and this one is just perfect.
    Have a very Merry Christmas, and a bright, beautiful New Year.

  6. You are a busy girl! I like the new fence. Enjoy it!

  7. The new fence is beautiful, Val. You did a great job with everything, it looks wonderful. And will be even more wonderful when everything is in full bloom. Happy holidays, Val.

  8. White picket fences are the cutest. Love it :)

  9. Val!! You made me laugh with the up and down! LOL! I'm still laughing! LOL! Your fence is beautiful! I love it! Well done! It adds something special! Everything you guys are doing is such an improvement!!! Looks amazing! Big Hugs! Merry Christmas!

  10. A white picket fence is the American dream und you made it become true in your home! Great! It looks so neat and beautiful. Happy holidays!

  11. Am loving the changes you are making,so awesome

  12. Val, I love your white picket fence! I've always loved them :D I find them so charming. I love the improvements you guys are making. It's really coming out nice! I know it's making you happy :D

  13. Love the new fence! I can't wait to see your yard come spring. :-)


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