Saturday, May 12, 2018

A Bit of Charleston 1

I am still around! Social media has been on the back burner as Jim and I start getting serious about relocating to a warmer climate. There is a lot of planning and research involved so we will see! I am going to try and keep up with blogging during this time.

We headed to South Carolina to browse neighborhoods but then worked some fun into that trip by stopping in picturesque Charleston.

Here I am sharing one of my favorite things about the city, its iron work.

This place is a feast for the eyes.
Everywhere you look there is a nook or detail that commands your attention.
Residents are required to maintain a certain look when renovating so there is quite a cohesion when strolling the streets.
Some are more simple and others very ornate.
I learned watching a local PBS show This Old House (not sure if this airs across the country) that they have a school for the various trades needed to keep up with renovations in Charleston. These Boston guys have been working on a house down there and showed the students working on gates. So fascinating and an amazing trade for these young folks!

As you can imagine I have tons of photos to share. So I will be back with more!

Thank you for stopping by! ~Val


  1. Had enough of winter, eh? I love wrought iron too -- and what beautiful examples of it in your photos!

  2. It was so nice to see you here today, Val, and what an exciting time for you and for Jim.
    Charleston is really a beautiful city, and I look so forward to seeing more of your photos here.
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Oh I thought I was the only one who fusses about the iron work details...
    Good luck on your move
    and yeah sometimes blogging takes a back seat for our
    family and life.
    If you still remember me,
    I took a two year vacay from blogging
    I just got back two months ago and it is nice to see most of the people
    I was following are still here, including you Miss Val.


  4. I love wrought-iron gates! These are really pretty. Good for you for re-locating to a warmer place :)

  5. Val!!! So good to hear from you! I was wondering what happened to you!!! LOL!
    What a beautiful area! I love wrought iron as well! The photos you showed of it are amazing! Wow!!
    Big Hugs!! (Crossing fingers for you and your hubby, on your journey!)

  6. oh how cool! it reminds me of our trip to Savannah where we walked residential streets just to soak in the architecture. the care they take to their homes! I love all the ironwork

  7. Gorgeous! Relocating somewhere warmer will be so nice. Might need to get a new wardrobe ;)

  8. So lovely to see your photographs here.

    All the best Jan


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