Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pottery Class is Almost Over!

Our last pottery class is April 4th.

This little bowl came out perfectly. I love the detail near the base.

We made some random free hand dishes by rolling the clay and imprinting it for texture. The color did not come out as anticipated.

We have learned a lot, such as not dropping your pieces in the glaze like I did with this one! It messed it all up! I left it this way for the kiln since I thought it would be interesting....which it is!

The screw up created some neat texture!

I'm looking forward to the next class. My plate should be complete. It is totally even....shocker! I also have a bowl/plate (not sure which to call it) coming out of the kiln which hopefully looks cool glazed.

I have 2 more pieces to prep for their first firing too. One is a vase which is not that great, however I'm hoping to tool it in a way that it will be useful! My intention was to create an in between sized vase. I have a large crystal one perfect for the beautiful bouquets Jim gives me. A week later though some of the flowers have passed their prime and I need a smaller vase to transer the healthy flowers to so I can continue to enjoy the bouquet. The only other vase I have is a bud vase. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I love this stone which is natural fossil stone. It is a wonderful earthy tone! Available at Miss Val's Creations.


  1. Your pottery pieces look great! There are no such things as screw ups!! I wish I had the time to take a class! Someday! Keep up the good work

  2. you did a great job in pottery class! i love the rectangular plate with the texture, but they all came out amazing. Those earrings definitely capture the feeling of those pieces.

  3. Great work Val, love all your pottery pieces. You must be having lots of fun! I did a little bit of it in highschool. The earrings are very pretty too!!

  4. I love the texture on the booboo one. It's gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful piece of art!!Love these earrings!!



  6. Love your pottery creations! I think you did really great with them! Those earrings are awesome too!

  7. Gorgeous pottery pieces! I'm loving the bowls. Goodness, they're so beautiful. Everything is! That textured tray is definitely an eye-catcher. I can see it as a centerpiece with some fruit or dried reeds or something to that effect. It is lovely. :) Also sounds like you've been having a great time!

  8. Your pottery creations looks amazing!! Maybe you should think about getting a carrier in pottery too!

  9. such neat pottery and that's so great you can make earrings - i never would have thought of those in a pottery class! lovely.

  10. OoOo I love your pottery pieces, especially the textured plate! Isn't that such fun? We have a little studio in our town that teaches pottery and I know they are always busy! It's so much fun to do.

  11. ohhh beautiful peaces!!! congrats!
    hello Val, how are you?
    thnaks for visiting and I'm sorry to take so long to come here, to your blog. in fact my time is being ocupied with so many other things... I'm going nuts! :)
    But I see that your blog is still full of nice stuff. Loved the card for Easter. Lovely!!!
    well I got to go now. Leave you with a big kiss!

  12. love the texture of your pottery,and the one that had a waffle - like texture. Did you find the pottery class theraputic ?

  13. Thank you all for your wonderful comments! ~Val


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