Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Latest Etsy Purchases!

I found the cutest things on Etsy for my nieces and nephew for Easter!

These are I Spy Bags made by Kimberly of KNH Designs.
The kids have to find the items listed on the card within the window!

Photos are on the back for the little ones!

The oldest who is turning 9 this month, has a more difficult version. In addition to the items listed, she must also find 11 individual white treasures that are not listed....tricky!

Visit Kimberly's shop at or on Etsy. She also makes wonderful quilts, blankets, hooded towels and more. Such great gift ideas!

Also this week I received a fun crocheted scarflette from Maria of 365 Bags.

This is 10 feet long and can be wrapped in a variety of ways for a unique look. Maria also makes these in other colors!

She makes adorable accessories. I love her hats!!!

This flower headband is perfect for Spring!

Check out Maria's shop on Etsy. She also has a blog.

So the last pottery class is Monday night. :(

I love how my plate came out. I have no shame in admitting that it came out perfect...uniform and level! The glaze is super funky! The first glaze did not take all the way since I handpainted it on. I like the look of it though so I just put a coat of clear on top of it!

This other piece came out cool. It is a plate/bowl....somewhere in between!

I have 2 more pieces that were being fired that hopefully look great! I used a stamp around the pieces which created a cool design! My fingers are crossed! Thank you for reading....Until next week....Val :)


  1. How cute is that I spy bag! Great for traveling! I will heart her shop, thanks for sharing.

    Miss Val do visit my blog if interested in a giveaway of moncy3 stationery!

  2. You are an awesome, Aunt, Val! I love those pillows!!! You find the greatest items!

  3. Very nice all these things!!I love them all!!



  4. Congrats on your purchases, love the crochet shop!
    And your plates came out really good, too bad the class is almost over! Seems you had a lot of fun!!

  5. Cool finds on Etsy! What a novel idea. Love your pottery.. sounds like you had fun making it!

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my etsy shop in your blog. I am glad you love your flower scarf. I love all of mine. Thank you for including other items from my etsy shop.

    I really love the I spy bags too.

  7. Your pottery is fab. Isn't it fun to do something outside of your normal creative vein? I actually embroidered last night, and found it kind of. . . thrilling!
    And I want an I spy bag!

  8. Very pretty finds! Love your blog! :)


  9. Thank you for all your wonderful comments. ~Val

  10. I am LOVIN your pottery Miss Val!!

  11. Cool stuff! And when you finally visit Germany you have to come over to have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee with me:-)

  12. I left you a little present on my blog


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