Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pretty New Items!

I made a couple of new items this week! This bracelet has sweet little garnet pebble beads and multi-faceted citrine and peridot. I love this little toggle clasp that was crafted in Bali. It is the perfect size for a delicate design.

Fun stone notes:
Garnet is associated with health, removing negativity & awareness.
Citrine is associated with intuition, comfort, protection & mental awakening.
Peridot is associated with warmth, friendliness & understanding.

Not much is happening in the garden world. Things are between blooms!
My Rose of Sharon survived the winter with no problem! This shrub is only a couple of years old and produces variegated leaves and very pale pink flowers. I am waiting patiently!

This shrub is called Pinky Winky. Yes I purchased it partly because I love the name! It is a form of hydrangea which produces really neat blooms. Pictures to follow when the blooms arrive! The several feet of snow which sat on it over the winter did affect the plant but it seems to be bouncing back.

Thank you for reading! Be back next week! ~Val


  1. Hi Miss Val, well I would buy that plant too with that pretty pinky winky name! :) can't wait to see pictures...hope you're having a smooth weekend!

  2. I think garnets are my favorite stone. They just seem to radiate warmth.

  3. Lovely jewelry! Can't wait to see the pictures of the shrubs in bloom!!

  4. Miss Val - love the color combination in your jewelry set :) and I love the name pinky winky - I wouldn't have been able to pass that up at all!

  5. You make beautiful jewelry!! You are so talented!! Jewelry making is so stress relieving.

  6. Oh what beautiful jewelry--wow!! And I love the pinky winky--what an adorable fun!

  7. Love the bracelet and earrings! And can't wait to see what the pinky winky looks like blooming!

  8. Lovely silver shanks on your ear rings, garnet is always a favourite of mine.
    Good luck with the garden.

  9. Ahhh, I love garnets! One of my favs but unfortunatly sooooo expensive. Lovely pieces!

  10. hi Val! how are you, my dear friend?
    I loved the new creations. very nice colors.
    big kiss :) bye!

  11. I like the information behind the stones. I didn't know that about them. Thank you for sharing.

    I like the plant with the pinky winky name too.

    Also, you have been summoned. Please check my blog. :)


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