Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Earrings Winner Annouced!

The winner of the pretty pearl dangles is Claudia! Congratulations!!! I hope you love them!

Jim and I went to the Nashoba Valley Winery last weekend!

Massachusetts wine is not really our thing, but wine tasting is always fun!!! Plus, California is 3,000 miles away and Tuscany even further!

The weather was wacky that day but fairly decent when we were at the winery. The place is beautiful and relaxing. We sat under grape vines here as we sipped the wine.

In addition to wine they make spirits and beer. Jim did try some brandy which he discreetly dumped on the ground. We need to stick with wine! Next we will be checking out a nearby winery in New Hampshire for some more tasting fun! This is a wonderful place to hang out. We saw families there, people having picnics and a wedding shower. They have a fancy restaurant on site and also host weddings!

We also attended a super fun friends' wedding! It was an opportunity to wear this amazing vintage necklace that belonged to my Great Aunt! It is 4 strands of graduated AB crystals!!! I look high in this picture, but trust me...I wasn't!

The camera did not pick it up too well but here it is in all its glory! The largest bicone is 12mm wide!

I also inherited a great 4 strand necklace of graduated costume pearls that I am dying to wear!

The garden is coming along!

This is the side of my driveway. When I purchased the house, this was just weeds, dirt and some unattractive grass. In an effort to reduce my mowing activities and live more green I have created tons of work for myself digging up this area, mulching, planting and putting up a fence. It is coming along!!! I purchased boxwoods, wegelia, euonymus and red roses for this area and the rest is flowers and plants which people have given me! I imagine that 5 years from now this will be a very lush area!

New this week is this fun dog lanyard!

Available at Miss Val's Creations.

Have a great week! I intend on having my next 2 giveaways when I reach 200 "likers" on Facebook and 100 sales in my Artfire shop! ~Val


  1. Thank you so very much Miss Val! I've never gone wine tasting before I should ah! That sounds relaxing.

    You two are a cute couple! ;)

  2. Hi Miss Val!!! Very doog, allways is good to know new experiences! Have a nice week! :-)

  3. What a beautiful place to go with your husband. Beautiful crystal necklace. :)

  4. Hi Val,
    What a beautiful necklace! And it looks gorgeous on you. And how fun to go wine-tasting!! Also, your yard looks so beautiful!

  5. Congrats to the winner!
    Sounds like your had a pretty good time at the winery I LOVE your great Aunt's necklace, it look great on you!

  6. What great pictures, and a happy weekend! I love that necklace, but I would be so. . . tempted. . . to cut it apart! Ah!

  7. Wow, that vintage necklace is so beautiful and it looks stunning on you! Also looks like you guys had a good time. :D Brandy is so strong, you really have to sip it in tiny bits to not be overwhelmed by the taste, and often it really is too much trouble, so I don't blame your Jim for discreetly dumping it (hahaha!). The dog lanyard is really cute. :)

    Thanks, by the way, for visiting the farm blog! I was so giddy to get your comments. :D If you do swing by Walden, I hope you get lots of pictures! I've always wanted to go there. :D

  8. Wow those necklaces are beautiful! I always fall in love with them but feel that my neck is too non existant and makes it even look that way more so I end up buying them and never wearing them..

    The wine tasting date looked like fun, I'm not much of a wine drinker but I think it would be a fun adventure to do !

  9. Love that vintage necklace Val, just beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed the wine tasting, I know what you mean, not my thing either really but still, pretty cool to do atleast once and I"m glad you enjoyed it. Besides, a day with your husband is pretty wonderful.

    Your creations are as usual, just beautiful.


  10. Beautiful necklace!!!It looks so nice!!!



  11. Wow ~ LOVE your jewelry!! So glad to have come upon your site! Have a beautiful day!

  12. Love the doggy landyard, very cute :)

  13. Val, wonderful picture of you with your vintage necklace, will be looking forward to pic with the pearl necklace too. Looks like a good time, wine tasting is so much fun!~Linda

  14. Hi Miss Val, thank you for your visit and comment on our blog. Beautiful necklace you have there.


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