Thursday, May 26, 2011

Loving Spring!

I made these pretty rosary beads for a First Communion happening this Sunday!

The lucky girl's birthstone is amethyst, hence the purple Swarovski crystals! I adore this cross. It is such a gorgeous piece of sterling silver. Her mom requested a matching bracelet too. The little crosses are so sweet!

My wegilia has pretty little flowers!

I have 4 of these which I bought through the mail 3 seasons ago and they are flourishing. Still clearly babies though! I originally had 5 but after attempting to move one, it died. :( I am a huge fan of variegated leaves which is why I needed these plants!

Some of my irises have opened!!!

I have a wondeful old neighbor who is quite a gardener. He is overwhelmed with irises and lilies and gave me tons of bulbs last summer which I planted. It is much more special when someone gives you flowers from their garden and then you get to enjoy them.

Remember last week's bouquet? The lilies opened up beautifully and took over!!!

Don't forget to enter the pearl earring giveaway in the post below! The lucky winner will be drawn Sunday 6/5/11. Link here.

New this week is a red agate and carnelian necklace.

I have always loved the look of striped agate! This is available in my shop!

I have to sign off with this picture of my housemates. They are never looking at the camera at the same time!!! Love the scary eyes!!!

Thank you for reading! ~Val


  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty - cats, flowers and jewellery!

  2. Lovely post Miss Val full of pretty flowers! I like the shot of the cats too! Hope you're having a great Memorial weekend!

  3. The rosary beads are very pretty. One of my students had her first communion on yesterday.

    I absolutely love those gorgeous lilies. What a pretty color!

  4. The rosary is so pretty! What a treasure for a first communion! Your flowers look great... Spring is so uplifting! Pretty kitties too!

  5. Lovely rosary-she's a lucky girl! It will be something she treasures for a long time, I'm sure. Love your flowers too!

  6. Those flowers are simply gorgeous! Lucky you! And the cross set you made is adorable. I bet is going to become a precious heirloom

  7. Oh my gosh, the rosary and bracelet are SO beautiful and special!! It must have been so special to make them...exquisite! And I love the little crosses.

  8. Your jewelry is beautiful as always Val. I love your sweet kitties, looks like they have quite the life. Enjoy your garden, it is looking beautiful. This is such a fun time of year isn't it?? Always new blooms emerging. Enjoy. Have a creative day.


  9. Your irises are lovely! They are may favorite flower :) I had a really warm week and mine bloomed about a month early (and all completely opened in 3 days when I normally get two week's worth).

    I love your housemates. Mine just moves as soon as I go to hit the button on the camera... so I have a lot of blurry shots :)

  10. Your jewelries are beautiful as always ...Beautiful flowers too!



  11. Everything is so beautiful, Val. That rosary is simply gorgeous. <3 Your flowers, too! Don't think I've seen such gorgeous irises before---you should be so proud! I hope lots of butterflies will be visiting you and your lovely blooms. ^__^ (Love your kitties, too. Give them snuggles for me!)


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