Friday, July 8, 2011

Silver Needle Agate Necklace Giveaway!

Since I reached 100 sales in my Artfire shop I figured it was time for another giveaway to celebrate!!!

This fabulous necklace is up for grabs! These nuggets are called silver needle agate. The markings are so pretty. Its color is a silvery blue with light brown markings. The average width of each is 13mm!

Between these nuggets are 6mm sun quartz beads that accent beautifully. When deciding to use the quartz, my thought was coming up with a complementing color which would create a necklace that can be worn year round.
The length is 17.25”. The strand is finished off with this cool sterling silver hook and eye clasp.

You may enter up to 6 ways.
1. follow my blog.
2. like my Facebook page.
3. follow me on Twitter.
4. blog about the giveaway.
5. link to the giveaway on your Facebook page.
6. link to the giveaway on your Twitter account.

Please leave a comment on this post on the ways you are entering and leave your e-mail address in case you are the lucky winner! The winner will be drawn on Sunday July 24th the old fashioned way with names in hat. Good luck!

I feel a need to mention my new kitchen toy! Have you ever done something the same way forever since it was the way your mother carried out the task? This was the case for me with lettuce washing. My mom would always wash it in a colander and spread it out a towel to dry. Of course Jim commented on this since it is apparently strange! So I picked this OXO salad spinner from since it had great reviews!

I love it….just rinse the lettuce in the colander that is inside and put it back in the bowl to pump the spinner until the lettuce is dry!

I wish I bought one of these many years ago since I eat a lot of salad!!!! Thank you Jim! I purchase only organic lettuce now after learning more and more about the disturbing chemicals in our food.

I experience days with stomach discomfort which I am starting to believe is from the chemicals. Now with the organic lettuce I have actually been feeling better. It is worth the extra money! I have also switched to organic apples since apples are now the most pesticide ridden produce on the market! Ugh!

Have a great week everyone! I will be a taking a couple of much needed days off over the weekend!!! ~Val


  1. That agate is awesome. I follow your blog and fb already but discovered I wasn't following on twitter yet hhhhmmm! Now I am.

    I'm with you on the organic. I've been struggling so much lately trying to find out why I feel so bad all the time. Tried Gluten free, didn't make a difference for me. I joined my local CSA (community supported agriculture) to try to get the highest quality locally grown and often organic produce.

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  3. This necklace is gorgeous .. I love the marking on the nuggets

  4. Hi Val, beautiful necklace...please enter me in your giveaway, I just followed you on twitter.

    100 sales on Artfire...congrats to you. You have given me some new hope for my site there, after my vacation I think I will work on my shop adding items...this is good to hear.


  5. Val it's so beautiful! I love it! Congrat.

  6. Beautiful necklace. Awesome new toy. I love both of mine. I bought two, lol!!


    I blogged about the giveaway on my blog and Facebook. :) Enjoy your time off. I'm with you on the Organic lettuce and apples!!

  8. Love the necklace. Was already following your blog and fb. Now I am following you on twitter.

    Those salad spinners are great tools!

  9. I follow on gfc.

    Love the necklace! Thanks for the chance.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. Hey, Val, gorgeous Necklace!!! I do follow you on FB and I follow your blog!

  11. Congratulations on your 100th sale!Beautiful necklace Val. I've never heard of silver needle agate - what a gorgeous stone. I sell at the local farmers market on Saturday mornings. I love that I can do my grocery shopping and sell my jewelry at the same time. All of our vendors are local growers. Its wonderful that we can get veges in winter, but when they are in season - local is the way to go!

  12. Congratulations on your 100th sales Miss Val!~

    Count me in this giveaway!

    1.I follow your blog
    2.I like your facebook page
    3.I follow you on twitter
    4.I shared on FB

    I like that salad spinner...I hate washing lettuce! Hope you are having a nice break :)

  13. beautiful necklace ! Probably goes with everything !

  14. Oh Val, what a beautiful giveaway!!! The necklace is gorgeous!!!

    And I didn't know that about apples...It looks like I'll have to start buying organic too!!

  15. Love your salad spinner!
    I'm a follower of this blog :)

  16. .....and following you on twitter (@piccoladonna)

  17. Hi Val, wanted to thank you for once again leaving a comment on my blog. Congrats on 100 sales!!! YAY!! Cool necklace.
    Strawberrys also retain alot of the pesticides, I know there are a few other fruits that do too, just can't remember what at the moment! Glad the spinner & organic lettuce is working good for you!

  18. Beautiful necklace!

    I have the same salad spinner and love it!

  19. What a beautiful necklace! 100 sales on Artfire seems to be amazing. We've tried Artfire but couldn't catch up with to many venues. And as long as we have been there, just nothing happened.

  20. What a nice giveaway!

    1. I'm a FB follower.

    2. Twitter too.

    3. And I'm tweeting the giveaway.!/walkinthewoods1/status/92185947604660225

    Best wishes everyone!

  21. Hi Val,
    Love the necklace the color of the gemstones will go with just about anything.
    I folow your blog

  22. I posted about your giveaway on my blog.

  23. I shared this post on facebook


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