Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Getaway!

First I would like to mention my blogging friend Claudia. I won these darling pencils!

She wraps pencils with scrapbooking paper for a custom look! They came all wrapped up! This set is called "Office Lady".

The pencil were sewn up in paper! I always love the look of sewn paper!

Check out her shop at Etsy ! Claudia makes all sorts of darling stationary and stickers. Visit her adorable blog here. I enjoy reading about her sweet family! I love these:

Last weekend, Jim and I had our first weekend getaway! We spent 2 nights at this historic charming Inn in Portsmouth, NH.

The Sise Inn was built in the late 19th century right in the downtown area! We did not take too many pictures this time we we took tons on our previous day visit.
This is my favorite since it looks like a postcard! The sky was perfect for taking this photo.

At Prescott Park free plays are performed. They happened to be performing The Wizard of Oz when we were there. These plays are free to the public....just bring chairs or a blanket and enjoy!

We just stopped by and watched a little of the play. The organization did a wonderful job!!!

Here is some street art in part of the street art museum that we missed last time. The cat one reads "He might look scary but he is my best friend". That piece has such a sweet vibe to it.

We came across this neat serpent in a garden created with a rock formation.

Another garden we walked by was so sweet. The plants were labeled by a rock with the name of it handwritten like this one.

This garden had little "critters" in it for children to seek out. Very cute!

The city was in bloom!!!!

A perfect weekend with my man!!!

If you have not entered the giveaway for this silver needle agate necklace click here for the rules of entry!

It was a busy week for sales! Here are some of my newly posted items:

I love the blue lace agate and sea "opal" glass for summer wear!!!
Thank you for stopping by! ~Val


  1. It looks like you had a fantastic weekend. I love the street art and the inn looks lovely.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me just how many ways there are to craft. I love those pencils. Very cute!

    Congrats on your weekend getaway. It looks like you had a very wonderful excursion.

  3. Beautiful getaway. Love Claudia and her lovely crafts!! She's so talented. So are you!!

  4. Free plays performing! that is awesome. Sophia has never watched the movie wizard of OZ so it's in our list! She would have loved watching the play!

    ~Thank you Miss Val! :)

  5. Your weekend pics look fantastic - the place looks lovely and very romantic!

  6. Wow, what a perfect getaway!! and I love your friend's pencils--how adorable and your jewelry too!!

  7. your new pieces are beautiful - and your trip looks like it was simply luxurious.

  8. I love how those pencils are wrapped up! adorable :-)

    Love the photos from your time away.

  9. Indeed a really cute packaging... and all those beautiful flowers!

  10. i love the sewn envelope!
    ooh the places you've been made me wanna have some special time with my boyfriend :)


  11. What a beautiful weekend you had! As always, you make me want to pack up and whisk off to wherever you've been. :) I love the new jewelry and your giveaway piece. The blue lace agate is very lovely for summer and look, it's the colors of the house you were staying in on your weekend giveaway! :D Those pencils you won are darling; you can never have too many pencils around! Congratulations. :D

  12. gorgeous photos!! loving your jewellery pieces..stunning :)

  13. That sounds like such a cool place! (My maiden name is Prescott!)I love the cat art and the free shows are just the right price!

  14. Beautiful vacation pictures! Glad to hear you had a good sales week. How's your weather where you are? It's been amazingly HOT in Rochester, NY! ugh. It really hinders studio time. Almost ready for fall to be here!

  15. Hi
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

    Kisses from Portugal


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