Sunday, July 24, 2011

Winner Announced and Lilies are Blooming!!!

The winner of the silver needle agate necklace is Kristi Bowman! Congratulations!!! I hope you love your beautiful new necklace!!!

My lilies are in bloom! So many colors!!! These orange lilies are from my parent’s garden which they gave me a few years ago.

My neighbor gave me tons of bulbs last summer when he was cleaning his garden.

So I planted them and waited patiently until this summer to enjoy them.

I love the variety of colors!

I also love their hardiness since I have been so busy this summer and have not spent time gardening. Hence a lot of weeds out there!!!

I made these sweet dangle earrings for my hairstylist. I gave her a fabulous pink cats eye necklace with a super large butterfly pendant for Christmas and she just requested matching earrings. I would love to make these for my shop but since the cost of silver is still out of control they would be too expensive. I like to keep my prices affordable to everyone!

New this week is this adorable set. The focal piece is of carved bone with a beautiful nature scene. Available here!

Thank you for reading! Until next week!!! ~Val


  1. Oh wow, I won I won!! Thank you Val!

  2. Congratulations Kristi on your win. I love Lillies and yours are beautiful and so are both pair of earrings and the necklace.

  3. Flowers are so beautiful Val!

  4. Congrats, Kristi!

    Val, these are some gorgeous lilies. I have one day lily remaining. I think they were confused with the seasons.

    Your stylist will definitely love those earrings. Your work is always beautiful!

  5. Congrats to the winner!!!! Val, your flowers are gorgeous and so is your bling!!!!

  6. Your lilies are beautiful (mine seem to get attacked by bugs)
    Congratulations Kristi

  7. Congrats to the winner! Happy week Miss Val

  8. those earrings are so sweet! you do lovely work. thank you for visiting my blog :)

  9. Ooh - your lillies are beautiful!

  10. Miss Val I am glad you made a comment today I caught that on the spelling compliment/complement! thanks :) It is tough out there I tell you I will not survive!

  11. Oh wow, congratulations to Kristi!!! Such gorgeous lilies and I adore your creations!!


  12. Your lilies are amazing. I love all the colors and textures. Enjoy your beautiful garden!
    Everyday Inspired

  13. your day lilies are beautiful - such an amazing array of color - and what a sentimental garden.

  14. Congrats to the winner - and the pics are gorgeous - our flowers are in a devasteting state due to the endless rain we are having here:-(

  15. Lilies are some of my favorites :) We have orange ones growing wild in our road ditches...makes the drive so pretty :)
    Love those earrings!

  16. Congratulations Kristi!!
    These are wonderful photographs Val, and your jewelry creations are amazing!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  17. I love day lilies, too, and yours are gorgeous! We moved across the country a few months ago, and I really miss my lilies that I had back home! Have a great weekend!

  18. what a great giveaway! congrats to Kristi!!

    Also, love your photos of the lilies! Ours have already bloomed, and lost all of their pretty petals, until next year! :]

    The silver and pink earrings are gorgeous!!!!


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