Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Day in Boston Part II

First I would like to thank two of my blogging friends for doing features on me!

Check out Claudia's blog Titled Moncy3!

Here is Kristi's blog Titled Kristi Bowman Design!

Thank you guys! I really appreciated it!

Now for Part II of my day trip to Boston with Jim. Here are some cool photos of the architecture.

I love the Brownstones. We were driving when I took this one so it is not the prettiest. I love the heavy black iron fences and window cages!

This sweet atrium is right on the water where couples can be married!

I love the old streets like this!

This photo is of the North End Italian neighborhood.

I hope you enjoyed this look at Boston!

New this week is this neat jewelry set.

The vintage beads and findings were taken from strands of old jewelry that had belonged to my Great Aunt. I love the antiqued bronze flower bead caps! The graduated white beads offer a great contrast to the findings! Available at Miss Val's Creations.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great week! ~Val


  1. I love the wrought iron in the first picture and all the black in the others :) Makes it seem very modern. And the narrow streets make it seem historical! Great combination :)

  2. Thank you for taking us on a tour of Boston I have enjoyed looking at the pictures. I love historic cities with the mixture of the old and new. It says to me that we must not forget the past while looking to the future.
    What a neat necklace it is very pretty, the first thing that came to mind when I saw it was old street lights.

  3. Beautiful jewelry. The trip to Boston looked fun!

  4. I love to see the architecture of older cities. Great photos!
    Everyday Inspired

  5. Boston looks beautiful, that picture of the North End Italian neighborhood looks right out of a movie.

    Can't wait to receive my little parcel! Thank you so much Miss Val! Hugs your way!

  6. Awesome pictures of Boston!!!

    Love your newest set, very elegant and yet simple.

  7. Wonderful photographs of Boston Val, and I love the necklace and earrings. Perfect with a little black dress!

  8. Hi Val, love your pretty jewelry set, looks so clean and fresh.

    Your pictures of Boston bring back such fond memories for me when I was living and working there...I beautiful city.


  9. Oh how awesome and I love your beautiful new set!


  10. Really interesting architecture -lovely jewelry!

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  12. The necklaces for the boys arrived and they are truly beautiful!

    I am so excited because my nephew will be in my house today after school and I will give it to him then! I know for sure he will love it...therefore Xavi will love it too because he idolizes his older cousin :)

    I don't really know how your shop works but let me know where to leave feedback I will be delighted to do so!

    Hope you are having a great day!

  13. Nice re-working of your Great Aunt's necklace/beads! Looks like your trip to Boston was fun!

  14. oh, I love walking thru small old towns and cities. I'm originally from Buffalo, and love walking the streets and looking at the old houses, especially the Frank Lyold Wright houses.

  15. I've never been to boston, would love to go :)

    Its so special making things from items that people you care about have worn!

  16. Just stopping back to say thank you for your kind words Val, and hoping that all will be well for you and your family this weekend.


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