Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Day Trip to Boston - Part I

Jim and I took a ride to Boston last weekend for a great day! He has been wanting to take me to a restaurant in the South End named The Beehive. Their jazz brunch goes until 3pm! I guess people sleep later in the city.

We shared a carafe of 14 Hands Cabernet Savignon. Wine at noon on a Saturday is a wonderful thing!

This fabulous painting was next to us. It looks like these cute kids are sharing their first kiss in the Fall. I love the untied shoelaces!

The musicians were next to us too!

This fabulous chandelier was above us!

Outside The Beehive is this tunnel sculpture. One of the things I love about cities is the random art and sculptures that are placed for the public to enjoy!

Then we drove over towards the harbor and scored finding a parking garage for $10 all day on the weekend!

This cool tunnel is part of the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park.

The Tall Ships come to town once a year but I believe this one is a city fixture.

We squeezed our way through the Farmer’s Market. I was shocked how inexpensive the produce was!!! The same pint of strawberries I saw in the grocery store that morning cost a third less at the Farmer's Market!

Boston’s North End is the Italian neighborhood with amazing restaurants. This is a residential section that is lit up at night.

There is a Feast every weekend here in the summer. I feel bad for these residences!

We walked over to Fanuel Hall which is bascially a Tourist Trap and a great place for people watching. There are tons of shops and street performers. It reminds me a lot of Covent Garden in London so maybe it was fashioned after that.

We watched this guy balancing on a ladder for a little bit. It was anti-climatic so we left!

Boston would not be Boston without a monument to Paul Revere!

It was a warm day so the water parks were in use!

The children were loving it (and I think the parents too)!

Next week I will post A Day Trip to Boston Part II which will be architectural photos.
New this week is beading wire in bronze and gunmetal finishes! Available here!

I hope you enjoyed this peek into Boston! Have a great week! ~Val


  1. This looks like so much fun -- lucky you :)

  2. Hi Val, what lovely photos. My husband and I used to live in Boston many moons ago. It is such a fabulous city, I still miss it.


  3. Looks like you had a lovely time :)I love the chandelier


  4. Love your pictures of Boston. I had a chance to go to Boston a few years ago when I was visiting in Mass., but ended up going to Plymouth instead, no regrets I had a great time. Looking forward to seeing part 2.

  5. Thank you Val to post photos from places I don't know, really is so interesting and beautiful!

  6. Wow, Val--what a fabulous time you must have had!!!


  7. What a fun trip! Thank you for sharing Boston with me! I've never been there, but after reading your post I feel like I did :)

  8. I lived in Boston for several years, and it such a wonderful city! So full of life, and I just LOVE the North End, especially on weekends during the summer when they have the Italian festivals. Such a good time!

  9. What a wonderful trip! The restaurant looks so fun and all the outdoor activity makes me wish I lived in the city!

  10. Lovely photos! It looks like it was a nice day trip with lots to see.
    Everyday Inspired

  11. You and the hubster always take great day trips! I know you had a great time from the photos. :-)

  12. What a fun weekend!! Glad you had a great time. The pictures are fabulous. I love Farmer markets. :)

  13. Lovely trip, Val!
    thanks for visiting!
    big kiss :)


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