Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gloucester, MA

I just want to show off my latest jewelry set first!

These coin shaped beads are brown lava stone which is really unique with its natural voids! These are complemented with mauve crazy horse stone. The set includes the necklace, bracelet and earrings available at Miss Val's Creations.

Jim and I took a ride along the Massachusetts coast last weekend through Ipswich, Manchester by the Sea, Magnolia and Gloucester. These are towns I never visit but Jim has spent a lot of time in so he was able to show me around! Gloucester is the fishing town where the true story The Perfect Storm is based. That was the intense movie with Mark Walhberg, George Clooney and other great stars! This is also where Gorton's fish sticks come from.

This is the Fisherman’s Memorial Statue sculpted of bronze in 1925 by Leonard Craske. The inscription reads “They that go down to the sea in ships.” 1623 – 1925

The Gloucester Fisherman’s Wives Memorial is a mother with 2 children waiting for their dad to come home from his fishing trip. This was sculpted by Morgan Faulds Pike. Amongst the statue are donated walking stones with inscriptions written to loved ones working as fisherman or who have passed on.

We walked up to late maritime artist Fitz Hugh Lane’s home (1804-1865). This cool statue of him sits by the old home.

We strolled through Rocky Neck Art Colony which is charming with little homes and shops decorated with lots of flowers and plants. Fortunately, some flowers are still blooming in October! There is a bee still pollenating!

This colony is set in a charming cove.

The same beautiful shrubs were here that we also saw in Maine, although with less blooms!

This place Latitude 43 has a really cool restaurant and bar. We just hung in the bar and shared a seriously large plate of nachos!

I love seeing cool things like this solar compactor! The bottles and cans get their own bin too. I do believe if we all make an effort we can improve the environment we live in.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great week! ~Val


  1. Your necklace is very pretty I really like the lava stone beads. Wow Gloucester, MA is a very nice little town full of history.

  2. Thanks for sharing your adventures to Gloucester, MA. What a great place to visit!! Now, I'm craving their fish sticks. :)

  3. Hi honey! the volcanic rocks are beautiful. muack

  4. I love walking thru little villages to see what surprises I find. and that necklace is really cool.

  5. I love the lava necklace! Looks like your adventure was a lot of fun and full or great sites.
    Everyday Inspired

  6. absolutely great pictures!
    Come and visit my blog as well, I'm waiting for you.
    Please follow me :))

  7. Thanks for sharing Miss Val, that second picture is beautiful.

    All the sculptures are great but the wives memorial is very touching full of love and hope for their loved one!

  8. First, thanks for following me on Google+, love it and hoping more talented people like yourself join. I put you in my Artfire Circle. Love the Lava Stone jewelry set! Thanks for sharing those amazing pictures and looking forward to following your blog and seeing more...

  9. What beautiful photographs these are Val. I was in Boston this weekend, and it was wonderful!
    I love these beads. Very unusual, and very beautiful.

  10. Hi Val,

    first of all, I love your necklace. Those stones are so pretty and unusual...they actually make me a bit hungry as they remind me of chocolate, I love them.

    Thanks for sharing your trip, I think this is definately a town I would like to visit.


  11. Your necklace is beautiful! and thank you so much for the amazing tour!


  12. Love your new jewelry set...awesome beads!
    And what fun the statues :)

  13. You're really talented, that jewelery set looks awesome!

  14. Val you jewelry made with lava stones are awesome!!! And always nice to read about your interesting trips!

  15. ohhh I love the necklace and the flowers! Lovely place!!!

    thanks for your visit, my friend, and I have great news on the blog. Come see it! :)))

    big hug, dear!

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